Rosy and Tyson’s Barking Success Story


Written by Colin Seal

05/14/2014 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

A successful solution to Rosy and Tyson’s barking problem.
Rosie S came to The Dog Line desperately asking for help regarding her 11-month-old German Shepherd named Tyson. The nuisance barking was so serious that her neighbours complained about it which risks Tyson to be given away. Rosy didn’t want to give him away and decided to come to us for help. This is their story.

Asking The Dog Line for Help

Woman CryingWe received an email from Rosy S sometime last April containing a desperate message for help. It was so heartbreaking that the situation was almost similar to how The Dog Line was started. This is the exact reason why I started The Dog Line and is what gets me through the day. The satisfaction of successfully helping other people solve their dog problems when nobody or nothing else could is one of the best feelings you could ever get when working with dogs and people.

The nuisance barking problem lasted for about a month before Rosy came to us. Tyson wasn’t sleeping at night and just kept on barking particularly when daylight savings has switched over. Rosy told us that the barking usually starts at around 6 PM and lasts all night up til about 1:30 AM. For most people, these times would be reserved for rest and recuperating for the busy day that has gone by which justifies the complaint. Personally, it would definitely be a problem for me as well but I can understand Rosy’s perspective on this matter and I’m glad that she came to us for help. She reported that Tyson could see the lights in the neighbour’s TV room and barks at any sight of the neighbours walking by or at any noise such as a garage door closing or leaves rustling outside. This is clearly unnecessary barking and can be solved with a little bit of effort from the owner.


Rosy’s Effort to Control Nuisance Barking

Rosy included a list of the things she has done to try and decrease Tyson’s nuisance barking or eliminate it completely. Some of these things will work for other dogs so the activities you can do with your dog to control nuisance barking depends. In Rosy’s case, none of these worked for Tyson.

  • Walking Tyson for at least 1 hour every evening. This used to be mornings and occasional evenings.
  • Playing every morning and evening with balls, frisbees and puzzle toys.
  • Early feeding. Only ended up resting a little then waking up energetic.
  • Putting on classical or smooth music and a lit candle.
  • Let Tyson sleep near Rosy so she can settle him down.
  • Training with toys and treats when he stops barking.
  • Walking Tyson twice during the night.
  • Walking and playing at 10 PM and 12 PM.

We have to give credit to Rosy for trying everything she can to try and solve the problem. The hardest she tried by far is walking and playing with Tyson at 10 PM and 12 PM which isn't very convenient for her or for anybody else. I could definitely feel how hard this was for Rosy but I knew how to help her solve the problem.

The Dog Line to the Rescue

Barking Dog Training CollarI must admit, it didn't take me a while to think that all Rosy needed was the perfect Bark Control Collar suited for Tyson to limit or eliminate his nuisance barking. Rosy even tried to ask if we sold Bark Muzzles but we told her we don’t because they are not comfortable for the dog and restricts them from barking when they need to; Dogs also pull them off which is a huge fight for them and may even injure themselves in the process. The bark collar we sold Rosy was the Barking Dog Training Collar which was suitable for Tyson’s current size. Approximately 3 weeks after, Rosy sent us a follow-up email. Read what she said below.

Hi Colin,

Firstly I would just like to say...
Bunny Thanks
It has now been approx. three weeks and our Puppy Tyson is like a new dog!
I wanted to email you earlier..but didn’t want to jinx it.
OMG.. thank you for giving us our LIFE and DOG back!
I must admit, we only put the collar on him at night... Within the first few minutes of putting the collar on him it went off once / twice he got a fright but after that...
He has hardly barked whilst it has been on him. I can count the amount of times on one hand… Also, knowing that it’s not being cruel makes it so much better and gives me peace of mind.
Now we all get a peaceful night sleep... Think he is also happier as he also rests and makes our time together soooo much more enjoyable!
We can actually go out to Dinner again without worrying about him at home... I’m so grateful for google and finding your website... After trying everything and almost giving up.
Have also passed your flyers on to neighbours and friends and colleagues... Everyone now knows of your helpline!
Ps. Wondering when do we stop putting it on him??

God Bless.. thnx again.. Rxx oo
Thank you & Kind regards,

Rosy S


I am so glad we were able to help Rosy and I hope everything’s going well and fine for her and Tyson. Our Bark Training Collars have all been handpicked to make sure that they are effective, safe and affordable for anybody in Australia. For Rosy's case, I recommended the Barking Dog Training Collar because of his size, his temperament and the problems Rosy was experiencing. Other dogs may require a different type of Bark Control Collar and we can help you choose which is best suited for your dog. Here at The Dog Line, we have Electronic, Citronella, Vibration and Ultrasonic Barking Solutions. You can even rent them if you want to test them out first. These emails make me feel so glad that I chose to help people who are in need of support with their dog problems. Keep them coming and let us know that we've done a good job! 

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