Bark Collar Hire - Hire a Dog Bark Collar then Buy.

stop a dog barking

You can hire a dog bark collar for a 2 week rental period (17 days to include the bark training) If you decide to keep the collar you hired, you can convert to purchase at any time.

It costs no more to hire the bark collar than it does to buy it. We use the rental fee and the deposit as part of the purchase price and you just pay the balance.

How can you hire a bark collar?

  1. Simply click on the product below - select the size of the strap for the bark collar for small dogs or Big Dog. 
  2. Choose how long you would like to hire the barking dog collar for We will always take the first 2 weeks rent and the deposit from the price of the dog bark collar.
  3. Select the deposit to add. Choose the refundable deposit 
  4. Click Add to Cart

Should you decide to convert to purchase the bark collar from the rental we will deduct the deposit and the rent towards the price.

We also allow time for delivery and 3 days extra training time - SO... 2 weeks rental is actually 17 days. Just to make sure you don't have to rush. 

Here for you and your dog,


Click here to learn more about renting a bark collar for dogs.

What if I want to return the bark collar I hired?

Your Deposit is fully refundable on return... Simply send the Barking Dogs Collar back to us with its complete packaging - you can either Upgrade to a different Barking Dog Collar (using the rent and deposit as part payment) OR you will receive your deposit back.

How Long will it take to stop my dog from excessive barking?

You should get instant results if you follow our training and fitting guide, which were made very easy for your dog to learn. What we are after is a change of habit and behaviour - remember though that in some cases, you will probably need longer than 2 weeks to achieve long-lasting results.

My Toy Poodle needed his bark collar on for a few days every 4 - 5 weeks... After he had an initial consistent training period of around 6 weeks.

We use the deposit and the rental fee 
towards the price when purchasing.
You Only Pay the Balance.

The Features of our Rental Bark Collar

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 6 Automatic levels - easy training bark reduction
  • Training 'Beep' with initial low stimulation
  • Shock absorbent housing - stops accidents
  • Waterproof - submersible and durable to take the knocks
  • Vibration activated - 3 detection posts for accuracy
  • Fully adjustable strap

Start your 2 week Bark Collar Hire today.

We give you 17 days rent-trial!

This allows for shipping and training the dog to stop barking. 


This offer is a great bark collar for hire options.


Deposit = $48.00
2 weeks rent = $38.00
17 days (3 Extra to train)
Total = $86.00 
(postage $12 = $98)

Balance to pay if purchasing is the price of the collar
We Deduct the deposit and the Rent.
Deposit is refunded if returned...
OR - convert to another product

Hire dog bark collar today and it will be delivered to your door with full dog bark training and instruction guide and our 7-day helpline for support. Call now or Click add to cart.