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  • Educator ME-300 Micro Remote Dog Training CollarEducator ME-300 Micro Remote Dog Training Collar
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    $325.00 //
    Product description:Introducing the smallest dog training collar in the market today! The Educator ME-300 Micro weights only 51.0 grams. Also uses very light and gentle safe static stimulation enough for smallest dog with sensitive temperaments. Click it to know more

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    Educator ME-300 Micro Remote Dog Training CollarEducator ME-300 Micro Remote Dog Training CollarEducator ME-300 Micro Remote Dog Training CollarEducator ME-300 Micro Remote Dog Training Collar
    Educator ME-300 Micro Remote Dog Training Collar
    Educator ME-300 Micro Remote Dog Training Collar

    Educator ME-300 Micro Remote Dog Training Collar

    AU $325.00
    RRP AU $385.50 Save $60.50
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    Educator ME-300 Micro Remote Dog Trainer

    The Educator ME-300 Micro Dog Training Collar is most advanced Dog Remote Training Collar for smaller and sensitive dogs in the market. It can reach up to 800m signal range coverage and both hand-held remote and dog receiver collars are fully waterproof and submersible which is perfect for outdoor training like at the beach or parks. It is 20% lighter, 20% smaller and 20% less stimulation compared to Educator ET-300 Mini.

    The remote transmitter was designed to float in water to keep from water damage if you drop it. Best for dogs weighing from 1kg and up with a powerful 2 hr quick charge li-poly batteries.

    To suit your dog's personality and sensitive temperament, you can fine tune and choose from the 100 levels of safe medical grade Static Stimulation levels like in TENS Machine. A safety feature which is the Lock and Set feature that will avoid from accidental adjusting the stimulation and over correction.

    Training using the Vibration only mode is best to use for reinforcing good behaviours or teaching new tricks. 

    To be more accurate, the remote transmitter has LCD display, a button for adjustable extra boost stimulation and remote controlled lost transmitter beeper and night lights in the receiver collar.

    What makes the Mini Educator ME-300 Micro a good choice?

    • • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
    • • Signal Range of up to 800m – perfect for training at the park or at the beach
    • • Fully Waterproof and Submersible Collars and Remote
    • • Floating Hand Held Remote Transmitter – Avoid water damages
    • • 2 Hour Quick Charge Li-Polymer Batteries – for continues training 
    • • Best for Dogs weighing 1kg and up – Tiny to Extra Large size dogs
    • • 100 Levels of Blunt Stimulation – Adjustable to suite your dog's personality and temperament
    • • Lock & Set Mode – Safety Feature to avoid over correction
    • • Vibration Only Mode – Best for training new tricks and reinforcing good behaviour
    • • Button for Adjustable Extra Boost Stim – Instant correction in overwhelming correction 
    • • LCD Display on Remote Transmitter –  for Precision Control 
    • • Remote Controlled Tracking Night Light (LED)  – to locate your dog easily at night
    • • Lost Transmitter Beeper – easily locate the lost transmitter
    • • Expandable to a Two Dog System

    What comes in the Micro Educator ME-300 kit box ?

    • • Educator ME-300 Transmitter
    • • Educator ME-300 Micro Receiver Collars
    • • Li-Poly Battery Charger
    • • Contact Posts to suit your dog
    • • Contact Post Removal Tool
    • • Test Light
    • • Lanyard
    • • Owner’s Manual

    In-Depth Features of the Educator ET-300TS Mini

    2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

    Educator provides 2 Year manufacturer's warranty for any factory defect of the units.

    Long Distance Training Up to 800m Signal Range Coverage

    The ET-300TS Mini is great for training your domestic and working dogs in parks and open fields up to 800m. The ET-300TS Mini is best for training domestic and working dogs for up to 800m away.

    Fully Waterproof and Submersible Dog Training Collars and Remote Transmitter

    To protect the internal systems of the kit for water damage and safety of your dog, both the Remote Transmitter and Receiver Collars are fully waterproof and submersible

    A Hand Held Transmitter that Floats on Water.

    You will not worry in going to the beach or the river while training your dog because the remote transmitter will not be lost or damaged by water because it floats on its own if you accidentally drop it the water.

    2 Hr Quick Charge - Powerful Lithium Polymer Batteries

    The Educator ME-300 Micro uses powerful Li-Polymer batteries that includes a 2 hour quick charge feature that allows more time for continuous training with your dog.

    Best Suited for Small to Extra Large sized Dogs

    The Educator ME-300 Micro remote dog training collar is best for small dogs weighing 1 kgs up to extra-large sized dogs.

    100 Levels of Safe Static Control of Stimulation

    Adjustable 100 levels of safe static stimulation that is medical proven that is similar to a Tense Machine that ensures dog safety yet enough for them to keep their focus on the training and correct misbehaviours. 

    Lock & Set Mode Safety Feature

    The Lock and Set Mode ensures the safety of your dog from higher stimulation that can be accidentally adjusted on the remote transmitter. With this feature turned on, the unit will be locked on the set level so your dog is kept safe from accidental or excessive stimulation.

    Vibration Only Mode for Training

    A Vibration Only Mode is included as a feature that can be used for starting the training so your dog can get familiar with the system. The vibration can also be used when the dog is fully trained and does not require a static stimulation anymore.

    Adjustable Extra Boost Stimulation Button

    An extra stimulation button that can be set to a boosted or a higher level than the normal stimulation can be used for a quick distraction. The Educator ET-300TS Mini is one of the few remote trainers with an Adjustable Boost Stim.

    LCD Display with Blue Backlight for Easy Control & Night Use

    An LCD Display equipped with a backlight shows all the settings and modes you are currently using. This allows you to easily set your levels and ensure that your batteries are charged. The blue backlight also makes it easy to see in the dark.

    Night Tracking Light – Remote Controlled

    A night light on the receiver collar can be used to track your dog while training in the dark. This night tracking light is remotely controlled by the hand held remote transmitter so you can flash the light or keep it on from a distance.

    Misplaced Hand Held Transmitter Beeper

    A beeper is equipped and can be activated remotely if you lose your hand held remote transmitter. This is a convenient feature if you have a fairly large property with lots of equipment all around.

    Available in One or Two Dog Kits

    The Educator ME-300 Micro is easily expandable to a 2 dog kit. Both receiver collars can have separate stim levels depending on your dogs’ temperaments.




    ME-300 Micro

    Correction Modes

    Static & Vibration

    Activation Mode

    Remote Activated

    Correction Levels

    100 Static Levels & Vibration Only Mode



    Dog Size

    1kg and up

    Receiver Dimensions

    2.0 inch x 1.4 inch x 1.1 inch

    Receiver Weight

    51 grams

    Strap Size

    3/4 inch x 30inch (ready to be cut off)

    Remote Transmitter Dimensions

    2.64” Diameter, 1.29” Thick 

    Remote Transmitter Weight

    87 grams

    Educator ME-300 Micro Training collar System Manual

    Educator ET-300TS Mini Manual

    Colin's Review

    "Fantastic unit... Easy and Acurate, I love the waterproof (floating) hand piece for durability. This remote gives a very smooth transition of Electronic 'Stim' using the dial. The 'Instant Boost' Level can be pre-set to give enough of a jump in 'stim' if needed in an emergency. "

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