Are Citronella Dog Collars for Barking Dogs Effective?


Written by Colin Seal

10/24/2011 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Barking Dog Collar Citronella for Barking Dog Problems
Do you have a dog that barks continuously? Are you looking for a safe, affordable, yet effective solution? Let's have a look at citronella dog collars for barking dogs, they may be just what you're looking for. Tell Your Facebook friends here...

Citronella barking dog collars to control barking dog problems

How Do Barking Dog Collar Citronella for Barking Dogs Work?

Barking dog collar citronella for barking dogs work by distracting a barking dog with a slightly irritating spray of mist in the face every time it barks. Go to the main blog here.

The citronella bark collar is fitted with a sound detector that reacts when it hears the sound of a dog barking by releasing a lemon-scented jet spray of mist.

The spray mist action trains the dog not to bark by working on the dog's sensory perceptions. The sound and smell of the spray, together with the sight and texture of the spray, all give an unpleasant sensation when the dog gets a spray of mist in the face.

Citronella Barking Dog Collar Features

Citronella dog collars for barking dogs are weather resistant and waterproof. The kit comes with an adjustable collar, fitted with an anti-spray unit, a lithium-ion battery, 1 scented citronella spray cartridge and 1 unscented citronella spray cartridge, plus an owner's training manual with full instructions.

The spray unit offers approximately 30-40 sprays per spray refill cartridge. The refill canisters can be purchased separately.

You can purchase rechargeable citronella spray for small dogs, medium dogs or large dogs. Citronella dog collars for small dogs feature a smaller collar for a snug fit.

With studies showing an 88% success rate, if you have a problem with nuisance barking, your problem can be effectively solved by using citronella dog collars for barking dogs.

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