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Written by Colin Seal

12/15/2016 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Dog owners often have difficulty in reducing the amount of time and the reason why their dogs are barking excessively. Many have tried different solutions but with no success. Find out why your dogs are barking, how to lessen it and discover one of the best solutions for nuisance barking.

Prevent Nuisance Barking with Barking Dog Collars

barking dog collar for nuisance barkingThere are many different reasons for a dog’s excessive barking and one of the major reasons is that they were not disciplined enough to control it. However, no one should expect their dog not to bark because it’s their only form of communication. Dog owners should know why they’re barking and how they can minimize or even prevent it. By knowing the reason for the barking in the first place, you can then start to treat the problem in a specific manner. This article will give you the information about why your dogs are barking, how to prevent it and why using a Dog Barking Collar can be one of the best solutions for nuisance barking.

Top 5 Reasons Why Dogs Bark


When another animal or person comes near your fence, this often leads to the unnecessary barking because your dog has already claimed the area as his territory. As the threat gets closer, your dog barks louder. This is an aggressive type of barking which will be a problem especially when you often have friends coming over.


Dogs that are left alone for long periods of time would often want to get your attention by barking excessively. If you are working the whole day and you can’t play or walk with your dog even for an hour, then you can consider getting a dog walker to do it for you. If that is not an option that then providing something for your dog to get busy with while you’re gone will also help lessen the barking. You can try using a food-dispensing toy that comes in different shapes and sizes.


Some people are happy when they come home and are greeted by their dog’s barking and jumping. Most people think that this is how dogs show their love. But in a natural scenario, dogs don’t do this to members of the pack. Dogs who do this are trying to say something. This often requires some training if you want this activity to stop. This could mean training your dog to go to a spot and stay there whenever someone opens the door or a simple sit or bow would do.

Attention Seeking

Dogs often bark whenever they want something like food, going outside, playing or just to get your attention. Never reward this kind of barking. If you’ll reward them by giving them what they want, they will associate this to “normal” action. In order to prevent this, teach him other tricks to get what he wants such as ringing a bell tied to a door if he wants to go outside or moving the food dish if he’s hungry. Find other ways for your dog to communicate with you without barking.

Separation Anxiety

Dogs naturally have this kind of anxiety, especially when left alone even for a short period of time. They will often bark excessively and will exhibit other symptoms such as depression, destructiveness, and even inappropriate elimination. Usually, you will need the help of a veterinary behaviorist in order to treat this kind of anxiety because they will often need drug therapy to help them cope.

Why is Barking Dog Collars one of the Best Solutions?

bark control collarNow that we know some of the reasons why dogs bark unnecessarily, we need to be able to control or prevent it. Dogs must still be able to bark but our goal is to reduce or completely get rid of the excess barking. We’ve also mentioned that dog toys and some training are effective ways of curing this problem but it doesn’t always work. We have our day jobs to go to and dogs may get bored quickly with their toys. How do we take care of this when we are not around?

Bark Control Collars are so user-friendly, they are almost plugged and play or strap and play in our case. All you need to do is determine the best levels for your dog and it should work without your supervision. However, there are still some collars that need adjustment before it can be left on your dog for extended periods of time.
Barking Dog Collars work by detecting your dog’s bark through sound or vibration or both. When the bark is detected, the collar activates and releases a stimulation. The stimulation ranges from Static, Citronella Spray, Vibration and Ultrasonic. By using a Bark Collar, it becomes the bad cop and you remain the good guy in your dog’s eyes.

So which type of Bark Control Collar do you need for your dog? It depends on several factors. Your dog’s temperament, the dog’s size, and training level are some of the things you need to look at when choosing a Bark Collar. Here are the 4 types of Bark Collars that you can choose from.

Electronic Barking Collars

This type of barking dog collar gives a small and distracting “static stimulation” similar to the static from a door handle. It’s completely safe and won’t hurt your dog but annoying enough to do its job. These are the best type of Bark Collars that we can recommend as they take effect almost immediately. There are many brands and models to choose from and we also have a Rent-Try-Buy option without any extra cost. This is best for any dog size and temperament.

Citronella Spray Barking Collars

This type of bark collar releases a short burst of citronella spray that your dog can see and feel to distract his barking. It uses either sound, vibration detection or a combination of both depending on the model used. This is ideal for small to big dogs and is a good unit for all-round dog barking issues.

Ultrasonic Bark Control

This type of collar activates whenever it detects the sound of a bark. This will release a very high pitched and unpleasant sound that only the dog can hear. This is a mild solution and may only be effective with smaller breeds.

Vibration Bark Collar

This will release a vibration on random intervals so your dog does not get used to the stimulation. This is usually meant for timid dogs to avoid scaring your dog into the corner.

bark collar rentalWith the right information and training, you too can achieve success in preventing your dog’s excessive barking. You will not only be a good dog owner but also a good neighbor by eliminating your dog’s nuisance barking. You can stop your dog from excessive barking with the right barking dog training collar. You can even rent a barking dog collar if you are hesitant that this can help you with your dog’s barking problem. For more information on Barking Dog Collars, call 1300 THE DOG (1300 843 364) for a chat with our experts.

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