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Written by Colin Seal

01/29/2022 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

What is the Best Anti Bark Collar?

The Educator Barkless Pro BP-504
Interview with Greg Van Curen, Director of E-Collar Technologies


Features of the Best Bark Collar (Click each item to discover more):

I spoke with Greg Van Curen, the director of E-Collar Technologies so he can personally educate me about the new and advanced features they have designed for the Barkless Pro BP-504 bark collar.

Now, a lot of people are asking what the best anti-barking device could be. So, today, I will tell you the features that you should look for in an excellent bark collar.

The Best Bark Collar Has Dual-Activation to Prevent False Correction

The dual-activation feature detects both the vibration from your dog’s vocal cords as he barks and the sound of his barking - before the bark collar will activate the correction.

This is really great to protect your dog from false corrections especially if you have other dogs around - another dog’s bark will not activate the anti-bark collar.

The Bark Counter is one of the Best Features of an Excellent Anti Bark Collar

The bark counter is commonly a digital or light indicator on the bark collar - it shows how many times the collar activated the correction - not how many times your dog barked.

This is a great way for you to know if you have set the right level of stimulation to train your dog to stop his annoying barking habit - especially if you are not home during the day.

For instance, if you see about 6 activations on the collar, this means that you have set just the right level of correction - your dog responds to it and is being trained accordingly.

However, if you see about 40 activations on the anti-bark collar, this means that you need to raise the stimulation level higher... and monitor your dog again through the bark counter.

Basically, if you are not always at home and you see a high number of activations on the counter, that means that your dog still throws his barking episodes - you’re still not safe from a nasty neighbour complaint about your noisy dog... or you’ll still get that knock on your door from a shire ranger.

So, it is best to get an anti-bark collar with a bark counter.

The Best Quality Bark Collar Includes Safety Features

Just like the Educator Barkless Pro BP-504, a safety feature can come as a 5-second delay - this is one of the advanced technologies a good quality stop dog barking device should have.

The 5-second safety delay feature means that as your dog barks, the e-collar will not deliver the static correction immediately.

Instead, it gives your dog a tiny bit of time to continue barking then activates the stimulation.

So, as your dog barks, it gives the appropriate stimulation then waits for 5 seconds regardless if your dog continues to bark. Then, it reactivates if your dog is still barking... and waits for 5 seconds again.

This technique has been proven to train dogs, on bark control, more efficiently than immediately correcting them every single moment that they bark.

This safety feature allows your dog to better understand that the static correction, or any kind of stimulation (from the e-collar), happens whenever he throws a barking fit.

Ultimately, this feature of the bark collar helps in training your dog in the best way possible without causing too much impression on his personality or temperament.

The 3 Sensitivity Modes of Barkless Pro BP-504

Having sensitivity options is one of the attributes of high-quality bark collars.

This feature allows you to set the anti bark collar on a level that adapts to your dog’s sensitivity or temperament. So, your dog can get properly stimulated by the e-collar - not too soft and not too hard, just right for the training.

The first level of sensitivity (low), is good for dogs who have less fur and are thin-skinned.

The second level (medium), on the other hand, is best for dogs who have normal fur length and are quite responsive.

Now, the third level of sensitivity (high), is great for stubborn dogs who often have thick skins and are naturally extra yappers.

So, to get the best bark training for your dog, go for an anti-bark collar that has a bark counter and offers multiple sensitivity options.

A High Quality Bark Collar Features Multiple Levels of Stimulation

Dog wearing best bark collar with bark counter - BP-504The multiple levels of stimulation or correction offer flexibility in training your dog to stop nuisance barking.

The Educator Barkless Pro BP-504 has 8 levels of static correction PLUS a tone-only mode.

If you have multiple options for correction, it will be easier for you to train your dog in the best and fastest way you can.

I strongly recommend starting at the lower levels first and identifying your dog’s recognition level - the level of correction that your dog responds to which basically stops him from barking too much.

An Excellent Anti Bark Collar Has an Automatic & Progressive Level of Stimulation to Efficiently Train Your Dog

This feature is also called the Auto Mode in Barkless Pro BP-504.

This is what basically trains your dog especially when you’re not around - as your dog barks, it delivers the correction at the lowest level… and as your dog continues to bark, the stimulation level automatically and progressively increases.

Then, the correction stops as your dog stops barking.

Also, as a safety feature, it resets after 10 minutes and goes back to the lowest level of correction - this is to avoid zapping your dog at a high level when he barks again.

This feature is really useful especially when you can’t figure out your dog’s recognition level - the correction level that he responds to and stops him from his barking episodes.

Basically, you can call this as the ‘smart feature’ of an excellent bark collar.

The Best of Educator Barkless Pro BP-504 Includes a Quick 2-hr Charging Time

2 hours is the minimum charging time of the Barkless Pro BP-504… Yet, the bark collar delivers maximum battery and bark training performance.

This is one of the qualities that you should look for when choosing the best bark collar for your dog - especially if it’s a rechargeable e-collar.

Plus, the BP-504 has a battery-saving feature - it goes to “sleep” if there is no barking activity in several minutes.

Remember, long-lasting battery life is fundamental to your dog’s bark training success.

Do you have more questions about Bark Counters and getting the Best Anti Bark Collar for your dog? Give us a call at 1 300 THE DOG. That’s 1 300 843 364. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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