Baby Noise or Barking Noise


Written by Colin Seal

02/15/2012 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Barking Dog Noise or Babies? What is worse? The noise of a crying Baby, or the noise of a Dog Barking? But remember, you should only use A barking Dog Collar on Barking Dogs; - Not on Babies!!!!

Barking Dogs and the Vuvuzela

The results are in!

In a recent survey, researchers in the Journal of Social, Evolutionary and Cultural Psychology confirmed that the whining of a child is the worst sound, followed by the Vuvuzela in a close second place. But where did barking dog noise come in? Check out our Bark Collar blog here.

The barking of dogs came in the top twenty and got beaten by whining babies, and the Vuvuzela (Think world cup – Long droning horn sound, got it?)

The difference is that you may only hear babies cry or the Vuvuzela in certain situations, barking dogs can go on all day and it is usually not noticed until someone has just had enough.

Knowing the stats is of little comfort if you are subjected to the noise of continuous barking dogs. It will most definitely not help if the neighbours are also complaining and possibly making threats. We know why people blow a Vuvuzela but why does a dog bark?

What do barking dogs want?:

We know that a dog communicates through barking. We often hear that it is dogs within the neighbourhood that have started off a 'round' of the dog barking. But if you live next to someone who has a low tolerance for barking dog noise - it really doesn't matter to them where the barking started.

A Barking dog could be saying that they are lonely or bored. Boredom can also lead to a destructive dog. Lengthy walks and quality playtime can be a good idea.

One message from a barking dog can be “I am scared”. Panic-based or protection based(guarding)barking can often become a nuisance e.g. children on skateboards people walking their dogs or people tapping on the fence can set a dog off.

Barking dogs can also be the result of owners spoiling them. We all like to look after our dogs and often spoil our dogs to a certain extent. If the dog gets the idea that they can bark to get what they want - to be let inside or to be fed... They will continue the behaviour that gives them a reward.

How to stop barking dogs:

We don't want to take the barking away altogether - we just want to control it and have it when it is appropriate. A barking dog collar is a good solution provided you get the right advice. One advantage is that the barking dog collar will 'correct' the dog and the owner can then use a reward to reinforce the correct behaviour and change a nasty habit.

The Outdoor Bark ControlAnother option is the Outdoor Bark Control. This sonic bark controller is used to deter nuisance barking up to 15m away. It's a silent, safe and effective sonic barking dog trainer that emits a safe, high pitched sound (inaudible to humans) every time a bark is detected.

Positioned outside or in a tree facing in the right direction and you won't hear a thing - but the dog will.

So, you decide - what would you prefer to live next to - a Crying Baby - A Vuvuzela or a Barking Dog... Personally, I think the researchers got it wrong just quietly.

Colin Seal from the Dog Line has helped many people with Barking Dog Collars to stop dogs from barking. More information on how to help Stop Barking Dogs can be found on the website.

Here for you and your dog,
Colin Seal