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Written by Colin Seal

07/14/2010 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Grown-ups. and their surgically 'de-barked' dog - What a debarked!
What a great film, Adam Sandler, his family, and his childhood buddies, AND.. their dog - Who they had to have "surgically de-barked". On one level the film really took back to the time I spent with my friends in high school, the jokes, the ribbing and being in a team together and where we are as friends now - we should all get in touch with our high school teammates. make a comment below.

But I found one thing very disturbing and yet I was kinda glad that it was in the film to help bring it to peoples attention. Surgically debarking a dog - don't even consider it.. Go here for more product reviews at The Dog Line Blog.

The film featured a long-haired mixed breed dog.. A good family dog, medium-sized great with kids and lots of personalities. You know the type; you probably see 2 of them at the park each day and maybe one lives net door or just up the street.

I was glad he film pointed out how pointless it was debarking a dog -

  • The dog still barks and is just as annoying; ok the neighbours can't hear it but it still gets on the owner's nerves.
  • A burglar wouldn't be very worried about the noise coming out of a de-barked dog and
  • From what I understood they also hinted at how the dog might feel at not having a voice anymore.

They did say that the only choice they had was to Euthanise the dog or debark.. I wonder if they considered one of our Bark Training collars?

Hey! Mr. Sandler, you should have called us first.

And you know what? the reason they said they had to 'De bark' the dog is the same as what our team of consultants hear 20 or more times a week - 'Neighbours complaining' - 'Nasty letter in the mail' - 'A letter from the shire' or the 'Shire ranger knocking on the door' But you do not have to surgically remove a dogs vocal cords to reduce the bark/noise.. You need to train the dog to bark when it is appropriate, but how can you that if there is no-one home to monitor and reinforce the bark training?

Our call out - Her bark collar was not working - What?
I was called out to help a lady who said the bark collar she purchased from us was not working.. When i got there it took me 1.2 seconds to realise the dog had been 'debarked' - No vocal cords - just scar tissue creating a really horrid raspy sound - it's like finger nails on a black board.. It just sounds wrong. So, no vibration from the vocal cords to activate the our bark control collar and a noise activated collar was not any good either. Read more how barking dog collars work. Still a barking problem but no no way to activate a training collar.

Is it considered ethical in the industry?
I don't think you would find many vets in Australia prepared to debark a dog and perform the de barking operation. In a few words it's even frowned upon by the Austrlaian Veteriarian Assocition of Austrlaia. Legislation in some states requires a Statutary Declaration to confirm the dog is deemed a nuisance to the community and that all reasonable methods of retrianing the dog have been attempted. i wonder if they consider one of our static bark training collars' reasonable' compared to Debarking or Euthanising a dog?

So next time you you are having a chat to people about barking dogs and they mention the words 'barking - problem - surgery' in the same sentence then get them to call us. They can start with Renting a bark collar Rent Try Buy then purchase and then they can even trade in if they need to find a different solution. See Mission Accomplished here..

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Here for you and your dog,
Colin Seal