Barking Dog Collars - how they were first developed?

dog bark collarsDid you know, way back when Barking Dog Collar training systems were first developed, they were quite big and inflexible as they were designed to be used in a hunting environment? Hunters needed to control dogs chasing wildlife or the wrong game. They generally delivered a large pulse and so got the nickname ‘Shock Collar’.

Developments have come about in more recent years through advancements in technology and design that has allowed the introduction of milder ‘static stimulation’ instead of 'shock collars for dogs'. These changes have resulted in systems that are far more flexible. The introduction of  Bark Collars for dogs that are adjustable with low levels of stimulation and ‘attention-getting’ tones or beeps were very well received by the trainer and the dog.

The safe and accurate training of the dog has clearly become the drive behind product development of these Anti Bark Collars.

The purpose of this system is always to improve communication and to never unfavourably affect a dog’s personality or cause any loss of spirit. When used appropriately, both the owner and the dog can benefit.

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