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COLIN SEAL - Managing Director

What are Bark Collars and What Do They Do?

Bark collars are like the flute for the three-headed dog in Harry Potter. No, it doesn’t let your dog sleep but what it does is control your yappy dog’s barking. Eventually eliminating nuisance barking, bringing peace and harmony in your home and neighbourhood.

A bark collar is commonly known as a shock collar, an electric dog collar or electronic collar, e-collar or zap collar... BUT not all bark collars use electric or static “shock” for correction or stimulation. There are some that use the Citronella spray and Ultrasonic as deterrents. Also, most bark collars will give you an option to set the stimulation into a tone-only or vibration-only mode - perfect for timid dogs.

Now, can these “shock” collars possibly hurt a dog? No, they cannot. Bark collars are designed to distract a dog from nuisance barking and not to punish nor hurt a dog.

Common Bark Collar Questions (We Have the Answers)

Control your dog’s nuisance barking with a bark collar

How Does a Bark Collar Work?

A bark collar controls your dog’s annoying barks. Eliminates the nuisance barking. Helps you get that good night sleep. Saves your relationship with your neighbour. If you’re reading this article, you may have had at least one complaint from your neighbour because your dog always barks or howls at almost EVERYTHING… Perhaps, you received that threat that your neighbour will kill your dog. Not good, mate.

Probably, you’ve been visited by the rangers for noise complaints… Whatever the reason may be... if you have a yappy dog, you need to get a bark control collar.

Bark Sound

The bark collar is primarily activated by your dog’s bark sound. Each bark collar has a built-in mini microphone that will detect your dog’s bark - then, the correction will be delivered. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the Electronic bark collar, the Citronella Spray, Ultrasonic or Vibration bark collars. All of them is expected to have that tiny, silly, microphone in them.

Vibration Through the Vocal Cords

Most advanced and new anti-bark collars in the market of Australia has this feature. Also known as Dual-Activation Technology - this is a sensor that listens to your dog’s bark sound AND feels the vibration from your dog’s vocal cords before it will activate the correction. This is perfect if you have more than one dog - the dog wearing the collar won’t get incorrectly stimulated by other external noises. Here’s your peace of mind… and your dog’s ensured safety (from overcorrection).

Get a comfortable bark control collar for your dog

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What Are the Different Types of Bark Collars?

There are mainly 4 categories of bark collars in Australia. I am proud to share that the bark collars we have here are cleared and tested by the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) - they are legally allowed to be sold in Australia.

1. Electric or Static “Shock” Bark Collars

This is the most common type and this is highly recommended for stubborn dogs that are usually sized from medium to extra-large. Now, please remember that there is no way a static shock bark collar can injure your dog or burn your dog’s skin... because the electric current released by this collar is ONLY at 0.01 amp - imagine being treated with tiny needle pinches by your physiotherapist. It’s not painful, it brings you NO harm but it sure is annoying. That’s why electric bark collars are most effective to strong-willed dogs - it’s a safe and perfect deterrent.

2. Citronella Spray Bark Collars

The Citronella spray bark collar is commonly chosen by dog owners who have timid dogs. Unlike the electric “shock” bark collars, this collar type is less invasive and is suitable for dogs that have a sensitive temperament. So, once your dog goes on a barking frenzy, a small amount of Citronella will be released to distract your dog - the scent is sweet and natural and can also calm your barking dog. PLUS, it’s an effective insect repellent.

3. Vibration Bark Collars

This vibration bark collar is also good for dogs that are timid or easily scared by other stimulations. The vibration distracts your dog from barking in a more gentle way. This is highly recommended for small to medium dogs with a sensitive temperament.

4. Ultrasonic Bark Collars

If you don’t want your dog to receive any static “shock” nor Citronella spray… and if you think vibration correction may not work for your dog, I highly recommend the ultrasonic bark collar - it releases a sound wave that is inaudible to human ears but can easily distract your dog… since dogs can better hear than humans, aye?

Click on each icon below to see the different types of bark collars and the testimonials from our clients...

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Are Bark Collars Illegal in Australia?

NO and YES - Electronic dog collars or bark collars are LEGAL in Western Australia, Queensland, Tasmania and Victoria... Unfortunately, if you are in New South Wales or in Australian Capital Territory, you won’t be able to legally benefit from bark collars or electric dog collars.

So, if you’re in NSW or ACT - you may not like this news… let’s hope their state legislation about shock collars will be amended soon!

Know if Bark Collars are legal in Australia or not

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Are Bark Collars Ethical?

The question if bark collars are cruel or not may be lingering on the back of your mind… That’s normal. After all, these electronic dog collars deliver stimulations to correct your dog.

The thing, though, is that these electric bark collars are not made to punish nor hurt your dog (Ya, you’ve heard this before - it’s simply the truth). These devices are made to eliminate nuisance barking which will then improve your relationship with your dog AND YOUR NEIGHBOURS.

Reckon you’ve felt that your neighbours, especially those who do not own dogs, are already quite annoyed about your dog barking and howling at things that are normal - like, kids passing by... or birds doing their thing… Reckon you’ve already got a visit from the rangers due to a noise complaint.

Thus, bark control collars help you to reinforce the right barking behaviour to your dog and make your life more peaceful.

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Can Bark Collars Cause Aggression?

No, they can’t. These behaviour-modifying collars are designed to reinforce positive behaviours. Aggression is definitely not one of them. The corrections or stimulations emitted by these bark collars are meant to signal your dog that his barking mania is not tolerated - by distracting your dogs - not hurting nor punishing them. Also, Citronella spray bark collars are very well known to calm a barking dog.

Please remember that the success of electronic dog collars are also because of healthy training habits - always checking your dog’s neck, cleaning the collar contact points, verbal and food rewards, a valuable amount of playtime and even a pat. Your dog’s aggression is mainly caused by pain and stress - if you manifest a healthy training habit and relationship with your dog, you’ll both be happy..

 Train your dog with bark control collars

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Bark Collars Pros and Cons

The advantages and disadvantages of bark collars are mostly subjective. Some people would say that they’re not good for your dogs and that the mere use of it is cruel… Funny thing is, most of these people have NEVER used a bark collar on their dogs - not seeing the other side of the coin. SO, here’s a simple overview based on an over 15 years of experience with dogs and bark collars.

The Bloody Cons

  • Learn more about Bark Collars Cons

    • Misuse and lack of care will compromise your dog’s comfort and safety

  • • Bad training habits will ruin your goal

  • • Choosing the less competent bark control product hinders success

  • • There’s just too many options! - you gotta know your dog more

  • • Little to no knowledge is difficult - do some (or more) research

The Lovely Pros

  •  Learn more about Bark Collars Pros

    • Gives you peace of mind - no more maniac barking from your dog

  • • Improves your relationship with your neighbours - no more noise complaints

  • • You won’t have to worry about visits from the rangers (no more all-day yapping from your dog)

  • • Improves your relationship with your dog

  • • Nail that good night sleep

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Where to Buy Bark Collars?

Buy from the best - do not compromise your dog’s comfort and safety by buying the wrong and low-quality products. Good thing is that we offer and recommend ONLY the best bark collars in the market of Australia.

To know which anti bark collar is best for your dog, it’s recommended that you get familiar with your dog’s temperament, environment, age and size... and get the trusted bark collars in Australia here (click on each icon below):

More Electric Bark Collars More Citronella Spray Bark Collars More Vibration Bark Collars More Ultrasonic Bark Collars More Facebook Bark Collars Testimonials

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If you have more questions or enquiries about Electric Bark Collars, give us a call on our 7 Day Hotline 1-300-(THE-DOG) 1-300-843-364 do not hesitate to CONTACT US

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