How to Introduce a Dog Training Collar with Remote to your dog.

Let's get off to a good start and improve the results you will get right from the get-go. It doesn't take much to get ahead of the game and quickly see an improvement in your dog's behaviour. Introducing the Dog Training Collar with Remote to your dog correctly is certainly a good place to start.

Note: If you are under the guidance of a Dog Trainer for E-Collar training then certainly consult with them and follow their guidance. The points below are taken from my personal experience with using and advising people on Remote Dog Training Collars.

Each dog is different, lives in a different place and reacts to different things. So, I trust this will help you make a decision on how YOU want to proceed with your dog training collar... Of course, you can always give us a call to tell us a bit about your dog - Ph: 1300 843 364

How to introduce your Dog to a Dog Training Collar. Facebook Live - Feb 2023

My school of thought on this is that the less the dog knows about the Collar and for that matter you with the handpiece and buttons - The Better.

In the Next Video we look at What Level Should I train my dog on with a Dog Training Collar and Remote:

What Level To Use on Dog Training Collar

Don't try to fix everything all at once with a Dog Training Collar.

Start Small and get some good wins first, it's about rewarding the dog for the good behaviour. These wins will spread out fast and probably see you using the remote less and less. In this article on How to Use a Dog Training Collar in Australia, we go through some more specific steps and issues for dog training.

ET-300 MINI EDUCATOR® 1/2 MILE REMOTE E-COLLARIf your dog gets confused, shows any sign of stress or it is just not a good day fo you both. Then stop... come back latr after having a thiink about what was happening.

There is a term called 'Collar Aware' - 'Collar Wise' ... The dog knows the collar is on.

This may be unavoidable as dogs are smart... They may catch on that it is the Collar, the Controller (The Remote) or You that is pulling the strings. You may end up in a situation where the dog is obedient when the collar is on, and not so much when the collar is off.

But let's give it a try to see how it goes.

It is impossible to say if your dog will or will not become collar aware.

Dogs are smart - they figure things out quite often. These Dog Training Collars with Remote are a communication tool, I describe them as Attention Getters... it may be as simple as just distracting your dog from their focus and giving a command to get the results you wish for. And of course, then giving the reward.

Find your dog's MLA... The Minimum level of Attention.Educator ET-300 Dog Training Collar with Remote

In the next video 'What level should I use for a Dog Training Collar? I talk about finding the minimum level. This is the lowest level on the Dog Collar that will get your dog's attention. There are 3 main variables that will influence the dog's attention when it comes to the levels that we discuss in that video.

But finding this level will give you a good starting point. let your dog wander around (after the intro phase) and then step by step gradually increase the level to the point where the dog shows some (ANY) type of reaction.

We have different kinds of Dog Training Collars (Click Here for All Dog Training Collars):

Focus on one issue at a time... Please.

I have always said that a Dog Training Collar with Remote will not make a dog sit, recall or stay. But, what it will do is distract your dog (without them knowing it's you) and allows you to grab your dog's attention, give the command and then reward the result.

But let's just take one step at a time, as I said, build on those small wins. once you see an improvement there you can move on to another subject. 

You will also see a faster result in other areas once your dog gets the idea, understands more and is learning the ropes... It actually allows you to reward the dog more as the results are getting better and better.

Whoever said that an Electric Shock Collar is not a tool for positive reinforcement... Beats me????

How Long Can I leave the Dog Training Collar on my Dog?

I do say that I recommend leaving the collar on the dog and not using it and also not taking it off straight away. This helps to avoid the situation above where the dog is Collar Wise. This may contradict what you have read and heard. 

Dog Training collars have probes that need to rest on the dog's skin to get a connection.

if a collar is on the dog :

  • too tight
  • for too long,
  • is not checked regularly or,
  • the dog has a sensitivity/allergy to the metal in the probes

PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer - PDT19-16397Then they may be at risk of a sore developing (Pressure Necrosis - Pressure Sores). We have written more about this in this article - how to avoid pressure sores on my dog. You may find it written to say not to leave the collar on for longer than 8 hours, or 12 hours... but they often don't say why or what to do after that time is up.

If you fit the collar correctly and check for any signs of the above... (IE: being a Responsible dog owner and following a normal hygiene regime)

Then in my experience and in my opinion, you should be able to have the collar on the dog for extended periods. I am sure there are many people who own Radio Dog Fences that may only check the collar once a week or so.

Being aware of this... Is the problem solved... Simply moving the collar to the back of the neck every now and then, and checking daily will go a long way towards eliminating any risk of Pressure Necrosis.


  1. 00:00:05,120 --> 00:00:08,680 Don't expect that you're going to get a remote training collar and that it's
  2. 00:00:08,680 --> 00:00:10,580 going to fix all your problems all at once.
  3. 00:00:10,610 --> 00:00:11,740 It is a journey.
  4. 00:00:11,770 --> 00:00:15,900 When you're doing a remote training collar, don't go and try and fix
  5. 00:00:15,930 --> 00:00:19,060 everything all at once or you're going to confuse the dog.
  6. 00:00:19,080 --> 00:00:24,780 I do recommend not letting the dog know too much that it's the collar.
  7. 00:00:24,800 --> 00:00:26,060 Few schools of thought on this.
  8. 00:00:26,080 --> 00:00:29,400 I'm not saying mine is gospel.
  9. 00:00:32,960 --> 00:00:35,020 My name is Colin from The Dog Line.
  10. 00:00:35,040 --> 00:00:36,440 We're just going to have a bit of a chat
  11. 00:00:36,460 --> 00:00:41,180 about dog training collars and how to introduce them to your dog.
  12. 00:00:41,200 --> 00:00:42,300 In the initial stages,
  13. 00:00:42,330 --> 00:00:45,900 which is quite important, you'll find out a little bit more about that.
  14. 00:00:45,930 --> 00:00:48,580 Now, dog training collars fairly much work the same.
  15. 00:00:48,610 --> 00:00:51,540 The dog has a collar on with a receiver,
  16. 00:00:51,570 --> 00:00:54,140 you have a handpiece, which is called a transmitter.
  17. 00:00:54,170 --> 00:00:56,820 You have different levels of
  18. 00:00:56,850 --> 00:01:01,740 what you might call attention getters, so you might have a beeper tone
  19. 00:01:01,770 --> 00:01:06,130 of vibration and then there would more than likely be some sort of static
  20. 00:01:06,160 --> 00:01:09,770 correction option and levels where you can increase and decrease those.
  21. 00:01:09,800 --> 00:01:13,820 What I find is a lot of people know what they want their dog to do and they know
  22. 00:01:13,850 --> 00:01:17,840 the training, they've quite often been to training before and they know when
  23. 00:01:17,840 --> 00:01:20,770 to give the commands and the corrections and the rewards, etc.
  24. 00:01:20,800 --> 00:01:23,140 To however, they just need that little bit
  25. 00:01:23,170 --> 00:01:27,900 of an edge, particularly if the dog is off lead, so they can get the dog's attention.
  26. 00:01:27,930 --> 00:01:30,930 My general advice to people is start small
  27. 00:01:30,960 --> 00:01:35,060 when you're doing a remote training collar, don't go and try and fix
  28. 00:01:35,080 --> 00:01:37,620 everything all at once or you're going to confuse the dog.
  29. 00:01:37,650 --> 00:01:43,620 And also I do recommend not letting the dog know too much that it's the collar.
  30. 00:01:43,640 --> 00:01:45,800 And there are a few schools of thought on this.
  31. 00:01:45,800 --> 00:01:49,290 I'm not saying mine is gospel, but if you can put the collar on the dog
  32. 00:01:49,320 --> 00:01:52,460 and ignore it for a couple of days and the dog kind of gets used to wearing
  33. 00:01:52,490 --> 00:01:57,460 it, the theory might be that when you do go to use it, you can then find his
  34. 00:01:57,490 --> 00:02:01,290 minimum level of attention by increasing the levels very gradually.
  35. 00:02:01,320 --> 00:02:04,380 And when fitting the collar, if you put it on and leave it alone,
  36. 00:02:04,400 --> 00:02:06,420 then find the dog's minimum level of attention.
  37. 00:02:06,440 --> 00:02:07,570 When he's just sort of kicking around,
  38. 00:02:07,600 --> 00:02:11,340 not doing much, not interested in too much, and you notice that he goes, oh,
  39. 00:02:11,370 --> 00:02:14,980 that's a bit funny, that's kind of like your base starting level.
  40. 00:02:15,010 --> 00:02:16,610 The other thing you might read
  41. 00:02:16,640 --> 00:02:20,380 in the manuals as well is don't leave the collar on for longer than 8 hours.
  42. 00:02:20,410 --> 00:02:23,300 Some places, say places say 12 hours, that's fine.
  43. 00:02:23,330 --> 00:02:27,400 The reason for that is to make sure that you check the skin and ensure there's
  44. 00:02:27,430 --> 00:02:31,300 no irritation, which can be a number of different reasons.
  45. 00:02:31,320 --> 00:02:32,820 Either a dog might be allergic
  46. 00:02:32,850 --> 00:02:37,540 to a particular alloy in the probes,
  47. 00:02:37,560 --> 00:02:40,580 or you've left it sitting too tight in the wrong position to the subject.
  48. 00:02:40,610 --> 00:02:46,540 What I would then do is I would go and focus on one small issue at a time
  49. 00:02:46,560 --> 00:02:49,820 and I wouldn't be letting the dog know that it's me pushing the button.
  50. 00:02:49,850 --> 00:02:51,940 But if you do decide that it's recall
  51. 00:02:51,960 --> 00:02:55,340 and you push the button and get the dog detention and you distract the dog,
  52. 00:02:55,370 --> 00:03:00,540 you recall the dog, you're relying on your reward to then reinforce that behavior.
  53. 00:03:00,570 --> 00:03:04,820 So something strange happened when I didn't learn, when I didn't respond,
  54. 00:03:04,850 --> 00:03:11,540 and then when I did respond, I got a lot of reward from the owner, basically.
  55. 00:03:11,570 --> 00:03:16,200 So don't expect that you're going to get a remote training collar and that it's
  56. 00:03:16,200 --> 00:03:18,180 going to fix all your problems all at once.
  57. 00:03:18,210 --> 00:03:19,610 It is a journey.
  58. 00:03:19,640 --> 00:03:21,320 I don't know whether you should give a dog
  59. 00:03:21,350 --> 00:03:25,860 a beeper first, get back to me with your thoughts of vibration.
  60. 00:03:25,880 --> 00:03:27,300 And then if they're not paying attention
  61. 00:03:27,330 --> 00:03:30,300 to correction, you've got to find what works for your dog.
  62. 00:03:30,330 --> 00:03:34,260 And if you're guided by, if you have had some dog training classes
  63. 00:03:34,290 --> 00:03:37,610 with a dog trainer, you can also ask them their opinion as well.
  64. 00:03:37,640 --> 00:03:40,220 But if you put the collar on the dog
  65. 00:03:40,240 --> 00:03:43,340 and you don't let them know it's the collar and you don't let them know so
  66. 00:03:43,370 --> 00:03:46,780 much that it's the hand piece and you pushing the button,
  67. 00:03:46,810 --> 00:03:51,020 then you're probably going to end up getting a little bit more broader
  68. 00:03:51,050 --> 00:03:54,440 results as far as the dog paying attention in other areas.
  69. 00:03:54,470 --> 00:03:56,780 So you do get a spin off.
  70. 00:03:56,800 --> 00:03:58,700 If the dog is being taught in one area
  71. 00:03:58,720 --> 00:04:02,420 of obedience, you're going to get another area improving in obedience as well.
  72. 00:04:02,450 --> 00:04:04,300 So do give us a call.
  73. 00:04:04,330 --> 00:04:08,44 1300-THE-DOG, 1300-843-364. Happy to have
  74. 00:04:08,440 --> 00:04:10,610 a chat and talk about your dog and how we  can help.
  75. 00:04:10,640 --> 00:04:11,280 Cheers for now.