Thoughts on the Citronella Bark Collar


Written by Colin Seal

01/08/2013 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Reviews and Feedback Regarding Citronella Bark Collar
Research may show that dog owners prefer the Citronella bark collars more than the shock collars. The odor can be more tolerable than a discomforting stimulus. The citronella bark collar relies on giving the dog a certain amount of discomfort and distraction of barking.

Citronella Bark Collars and how they work

Although there are many types of bark collars, one of the most common is the spray or citronella collars. These are sometimes preferred by dog owners compared to electric bark collars. The citronella unit discharges a scent that can be likened to lemon grass. This is one distinct scent which dogs normally despise. For more Bark Collar Reviews, go here.

The Citronella bark collars are considered to be safe and effective.  It is not difficult to operate and you are assured that the bark collar will not cause any harm to your dog. Recent research about this specific collar pointed out that it can reduce annoying barking by more than 85%. 

If your dog starts barking, a short spray of natural citronella is given out. The dog finds this distracting and annoying to its highly sensitive sense of smell. In fact, the dog will not like the odour, noise and the feeling of citronella. This will definitely reduce their barking.

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