PetSafe Little Dog Bark Collar Deluxe - Tiny and Friendly


Written by Colin Seal

08/15/2012 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

PetSafe Little Dog Bark Collar Deluxe - Tiny and Friendly
Tiny- Bark Collar for little dogs - Safe and easy on your dog PetSafe Lite Rechargeable Bark Collar for Small Dogs!

PetSafe Little Dog Bark Collar Review

Offers perfect bark technology for added safety.... With the PetSafe Little Bark Collar Deluxe, pet owners can now say goodbye to the times when they have to wake up in the middle of the night, apologize to annoyed neighbors and hope they don't get another one of those nasty letters.. There is no better way to stop your small dogs from barking.

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PetSafe Lite Rechargeable Bark Collar for Small Dogs

Designed as a Bark Collar for Little Dogs.

Yes, your dogs may be small in size but it does not mean that they are small in terms of bark. Remember that most of these small dogs can tend to have some sort of 'superiority complex' and barking is one of the ways they let you know it.

You may love your dog unconditionally, you may tolerate the barks but it does not mean that your neighbors will do the same with your dog. This is why PetSafe Lite Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar is for as its main purpose is to train your dog when to and when not to bark.

Benefits of PetSafe Lite Rechargeable Bark Collar for Small Dogs:

What is amazing about this PetSafe Little Dog Bark Collar Deluxe is that it works as described. The instructions that it comes along with is very clear and is very easy to follow. Perfect for dogs hose weight range from 3.6 up to 18 kg at most, this bark collar is similar to its bigger counterpart as it has 10 levels of automatic static stimulation so when your dog barks, they get to experience a harmless and painless static correlation where the intensity increases along with the barking.

Light Weight... Another thing about PetSafe Deluxe Little Dog Bark Control Collar is that it is lightweight so even if your dog is as small as a Chihuahua, your dog will have no problem carrying it around their necks. To put simply, it is enough to generate the needed static to train your dog but its compact enough that your dog can wear it as he plays with his toys and such.

Water Proof... This collar gets its power from a rechargeable battery and its power lasts for a very long time where usage plays a very important role. In some cases, the collar is so effective that after a couple of days or two of usage they put it away in storage in case of the bad barking behavior surfaces again and the battery works just fine. Continuous usage is estimated to last for a month or two. Another good thing about PetSafe Lite Rechargeable Bark Collar is the fact that its patented battery is easy to order should the need to replace it arise.

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