How Does the PetSafe Elite Bark Collar for Small Dogs Work?


Written by Colin Seal

06/22/2018 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

This is how the PetSafe Elite Little Dog Bark Collar works - it mainly brings back your good night sleep and that peace in the neighbourhood by eliminating your yappy little dog’s nuisance barking.

Meet Simba and her PetSafe Elite Little Dog Bark Collar


Simba is a maniac - DO NOT let her looks fool you... If she gets the chance to be off the property and run down the street, you would think she is a pack of wild hounds. I recently did a home visit to chat about how the PetSafe Elite Little Dog Bark Collar would help reduce Simba's barking (and also settle her down).
Simba needs to calm down and reduce her nuisance barking. Good thing, the PetSafe Elite Bark Collar for Small Dogs teaches Simba to bark at acceptable levels - before this, she was like a pack of angry wolves!

Got Questions About the PetSafe Elite Bark Collar for Small Dogs? We Got You Covered!

In my meeting with Simba, it’s such a good thing that I brought the PetSafe Elite Small Dog Bark Collar with me. At first glance, you really couldn’t tell that this little 'darling' was causing so much grief. Anyway, after a few weeks of complaints from the neighbours and warnings from the shire, Simba’s owners called us - after showing the great features of this bark collar, they decided to go for the PetSafe Elite Little Dog Bark Collar which really was a great fit for their little dog.

With the PetSafe Elite Bark Collar for Small Dogs, it is designed to be very small but packed with technology and features to help retrain a dog to bark appropriately. Not only is it small but it gives very light static corrections - it is an electric bark collar and it learns the most effective levels for the dog to reduce the barking.

Those Little PetSafe Bark Collar Features

These are some of the great features of PetSafe Bark Collar for Small Dogs:

1. Compact and lightweight bark collar.

Remember that you are using this bark collar for small dogs. You don't want them to go around with something the size of brick around their neck.

The PetSafe Elite Little Dog Bark Collar is probably one of the smallest units that I've seen on the market which is a very important factor with small dogs like Simba.

2. Dual Activation Perfect Bark Technology - Sound and Vibration

The collar needs vibration and sound to activate. This is a great safety feature, if it doesn't get both at the same time it will not emit the static pulse.

If for example, your dog knocked the collar on the stairs or rubbed it across the brick pavement, the bark collar will not get accidentally activated since it also needs the bark sound at the same time - this bark collar is only sensitive to the vibration of your dog’s vocal cords.

3. The Amazing Temperament Learning Feature

It's pretty incredible that they can get this sort of technology into such a small bark collar. As your dog barks, the collar will learn which correction level stops the dog from barking the most. So, the next time your dog goes on a barking frenzy, the static correction will automatically land on your dog’s “recognition level” - leaving out the ones not needed.

If you want this bark collar to re-lear your dog’s temperament, you can then reset the unit by adjusting the battery to start the learning process again.

Once the collar has a record, it can be reset. If you turn it off and then on again, the small LED test light will turn to orange and it will then flash green five times - this indicates that it has reset to zero memory and will start learning again.

4. Waterproofed

The unit is waterproof which is pretty cool as there is the sound detector which is basically a microphone.

5. Replaceable Battery

The batteries of this bark collar are rated to last up to 6 months of regular use!

So, when you change the battery, simply grab your trusty set of keys, turn it in the off position, turn it the triangle, the battery pops out and that is the lid to the collar and that is the battery. When you get a new battery, you put that one in the bin and then get a new one, this gives you new o-rings that keep it waterproof.

How Will my Small Dog React to the PetSafe Elite Bark Collar?

Simba and Colinif your dog has never experienced any form of automatic correction nor any form of 'static pulse' so remember that when you try it, your dog will get a surprise, this is only to be expected.

You don't want your dog running around the back garden going BARK-BARK-OUCH, BARK-BARK-OUCH, so do control the situation.

You can put a harness on your dog and hold it so your dog doesn't run away. Then you can control the situation... more details on the training is included in the guide we supply with the bark collar.

So, the main aim here is to help your dog recognise that when he/she barks, the slight static pulse signals that he/she has to stop barking. In summary, you are watching out for the surprise factor and allowing your dog to learn gradually.

How do I Test the PetSafe Elite Bark collar for Small Dog to make sure it is working?

When testing the collar, you need the sound and the vibration. You can get a wooden surface and blow into the sound detector as you rub the probes along with the wood very gently, you'll see that little red flash. That means that the collar has activated and it's also learning the levels as well. Another safety feature is that it has a delay factor...

Another safety feature is that it has a delay factor... it's not going to go off multiple times - if your dog goes BARK-BARK-BARK, it's not going to go UP-UP-UP. It will allow your dog to have 3 or 4 barks before it activates the harmless static “shock” correction.

How do I turn the Bark Collar for Small Dogs off?

When turning the PetSafe Bark Collar off, you simply turn the battery to the off position and you can keep it and bring it out when you need it. The Temperament Learning system will still remember the levels.

One thing to look out for is that if the bark collar remembers that your dog stops barking at level two… but all of a sudden your dog seems to get the idea that level two is not so significant anymore, then you have to reset the bark collar and relearn your dog’s temperament and eventually change the “recognition level.”

The Proper Fit of Bark Control Collar for Small Dogs

When you're fitting this collar, make sure it is snug on the dog's neck so that it will pick up the vibration from the vocal cords when baring. The little yellow tag means that you shouldn’t use this collar with a lead to pull your dog around because you will end up letting the two probes dig into your dog’s neck, causing it to tighten which is not good. A proper fit is really important.

How Do I Train my Dog with the PetSafe Bark Collar?

PetSafe Small Dog Bark CollarNow, my tips on bark training to get effective long-term results will be included in the package. The training guide will come as treat for you if you get this particular bark collar or the other dog training collars that we have.

PetSafe Elite Little Dog Bark Collar is best for your small dog, it will NOT appear as a bulky box hanging of your dog's neck. It’s very safe as well. I like the temperament learning and the warranty as well read that on the sheet.

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