How to Stop My Neighbour’s Annoying Barking Dog?


Written by Colin Seal

11/26/2012 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

I want to stop my neighbours dog from barking too much! There's a lot of Barking Dog Collars to stop dogs barking too much. The Dog Line understands how your next-door neighbours dog barking loudly and without letup can make your life quite miserable!

The question now is how to stop your neighbour’s barking pooch? We wrote a blog post about this here. It may be difficult to deal with it especially if the dogs bark at ungodly hours. What should you and your neighbours do to deal with this difficult task? Perhaps, the first thing to do is to determine what makes the dog bark without letup.

Consider these options:

The dog will definitely bark anytime it wants to. It is an entirely natural thing for them to do, just as it is normal for human beings to talk.

The problem comes along when dogs bark terribly and your objective becomes how to stop your neighbour's dog from barking too much. To know the reasons for this irregular action, here are possible causes given by dog training professionals.

Some dogs communicate their needs, anxieties, and illness through nonstop barking. Some breeds such as hounds and terriers are prone to incessant yowling.

Dogs do this to probe new territory or becoming familiar with their new homes. Excessive barking is a means of alerting their masters of imminent threats or the presence of strangers and other animals.

Isolated dogs bark more often than those living normal lives and enjoying regular exercise or playtime. Still, others, bark a great deal for the fun of it. Reward dogs with pawsome dog treat during training and exercise. View yummy dog treats here.

Dogs that have been wrongly rewarded for barking too much in the past are inclined to repeat this behaviour on a regular basis. Those pets that have not been taught the correct manner of socialization often resort to nuisance barking.

Your pets will bark when contained by barriers or fences. Dogs do this due to dullness and the shortage of mental and physical stimuli. For safe dog fences that you can use with your dogs, click here.

Here's a nice video I did that could help you with your dog problem:


Recommendations You Can Share with Your Neighbor when resolving unwanted dog barking

Advise your neighbor to purchase a highly-reliable PetSafe Bark Collar. The Petsafe Bark Collar is your best choice for automatically training any small dog.

Tell them to never shout at or scold the pet. Limit actions when giving attention that the dogs need.

If you scream, the dog may interpret this as joining in the barking thus making the barking spree worse. Instead, handle this behavioural issue through dog training and positive reinforcement. Use safe correct training techniques so you can relay to the dog that barking too much is not a good behaviour.

These are the simplest ways that you can suggest to your neighbours. Encourage them that a good night's sleep is all worth the sacrifices when training and correcting dogs from barking too much.

Hope this post has helped you get closer to solving unwanted dog barking in your neighbourhood!

Here for you and your dog,
Colin Seal