Don’t Wait For Nuisance Barking Complaints, Take Action!!!


Written by Colin Seal

07/25/2017 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Moving to a new neighbourhood can be challenging for our dogs… They will be in a new environment, the new scent, new surroundings, and new people. This can result in our dogs to vocalize because of the changes. The last thing we want is to disturb our neighbour and cause complaints and visits from the Shire Ranger.

Barking Dogs In A New Neighbourhood


Our dogs may bark or vocalize when they move to a new environment because they are in unfamiliar territories. This is very crucial for us owners because our new neighbour might not understand why our dog's bark and can complain about it. The last thing we want is for a Shire Ranger knocking on our door in a new neighbourhood because most of the time it will not be in our favor.

2 Barking Dogs With 1 Anti-Bark Collar

Robert came to us about his recent move to a new neighbourhood with his 2 dogs. He told us that one of his dogs is the Bark Leader, the other will just follow if the leader barks. So what Robert did was to buy a bark collar for his Bark Leader dog thinking that the other one will not bark as well.

My Dog is Calm Before, Why is He Barking Like Crazy When We Moved?

Moving to a new environment can be very stressful for your dog, being moved means that your dog will smell new things or see different surroundings. This can trigger your dog to bark or whine unnecessarily. I always suggest that if you’re planning to move, bring your dog with you when you are visiting the property in order for your dog to familiarize yourself when you move. Making it easier for your dog to adjust to its new surroundings.

Roberts Dilemma With His 2 Dogs…

Robert used our Dog Watch BT-7 No Bark Trainer for his Bark Leader, thinking that it would also stop the other dog from barking. He is satisfied with how the BT-7 worked on his dog and with the special feature of the Dog Watch BT-7 that has a bark counter. It only registers 6-7 barks per day.

He was surprised that his other dog took over and started to bark a lot, causing him to be worried about complaints about his new neighbours. Although there are no complaints yet, he doesn't want to get any or even a trip from the Shire Ranger.

Take Action To Prevent Nuisance Barking Complaints

We have to understand that it will be very hard for our neighbour to knock on our dog or send us a letter complaining about our dog barking excessively. Especially when they don’t know us. The worst case is they might just go directly to the Shire Ranger to complain.
What we have to do as responsible dog owners are to follow what Robert did with his 2 dogs. What he did is to purchase a 2nd Dog Watch BT-7 because he is very happy with the results from the 1st BT-7 that he got from us. He wants to prevent any complaints that his neighbour may have about his dogs.

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