How to Stop a Dog Barking Next Door


Written by Colin Seal

07/03/2012 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

How to stop a Dog Barking Next Door
One of my friends has been having a tough time with PetSafe Bark Collar in the neighbourhood. So... lets look at how to stop a dog barking next door.If you were to survey all the shires in the country, barking dog noise would rank No1 with the highest number of noise complaints, well above noisy stereos music and building noise. It's like slow water torture to some people (but just remember that other people will not find it so intrusive).

So here we get some inconsistency... one neighbour is 'going off his nut' and another neighbour 'couldn't give a toss' - about the same dog? Likewise... in your opinion the dog is not barking much at all but the person making the complaint is VERY DISTURBED... The problem may be happening during the day when no-one is home or around one side of the house - just under the neighbours bedroom window.

Stop a Dog barking Next Door

I urged my friend to take immediate action so her problems can be solved.

File a complaint with the shire and see if she can get a prompt response from the authorities.

It’s worth the effort since everyone needs to be at peace in his or her own house.

Get a Barking Dog Kit from The Dog Line

When you have filed your grievance with the shire, you can ask them to visit the neighbourhood to check this problem about barking dogs.

I suggest that you ask for the barking dog kit so they can send these to the homeowners who happen to own these troublesome animals.

You also obtain one of these kits for recording the excessive barking.

I also believe that an official letter from the shire will prove to be more effective in dealing with this nuisance.

This can be supported by some flyers or brochures to give more weight to your complaint.

Perhaps this move can motivate the shire to initiate a case file for individual residences so you can gather more materials for prompt action against these pet owners.

This information can be difficult to prepare since it also requires that there are two complaints coming from the same household and one from another home but this is necessary to enable the shire to take appropriate action.

All these will serve as ammunition for the shire to pursue their case.

If I lived in the same community, I may prefer to drive slowly down the streets and put a flyer in the letter box as I go. This way, the neighbours will know of the problem and be supportive of my cause.

The issue here is not the barking dogs alone but compelling the owner to take action immediately.

There is no problem about natural barking but to train the dog according to the appropriate level of barking.

The Need to Train their Dogs

I guess the problem with some dog owners is their failure to understand the need to train their dogs. Dog training is not all about frighten your pet or forcing the poor animal to follow exactly what you want. It has something to do with proper communications. Training your dog means that you will solve issues such as extreme barking, defecating inside the house or preventing the animal from jumping over the fence and running away. The barking dog kit or other useful tools may help you in this effort. Click here for more information.

If you know of someone who needs to know how to stop a dog barking, send them this way!

Here for you and your dog,
Colin Seal