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Written by Colin Seal

02/04/2014 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

What about Bark Collars for Small Dogs
2 things about small dogs, they're cute... and some have BIG Barks. They can be the cause of many barking problems in the neighbourhood, even more than larger dogs. 

Once the barking increases and becomes annoying, you have to look at solutions such as the bark collar for small dogs. Yet, you should understand very clearly the principles of anti-barking implements. What can bark collars do for you? Which devices are acknowledged as the most effective among dog owners? These are just two of the numerous questions that have to be answered to widen your perception about anti-bark collars and controlling nuisance barking.

The Ideal Variety or style of Bark Collars

Bark collars for small dogs can help do the training for you and can be very effective if you get the right one. On the other hand, they can be quite damaging if you get one that is not well suited to your dog or it's the size.

It can be the collar that produces a slight electronic impulse, ultrasonic sound or citronella spray. It all depends on you and your dog and the preference. I always recommend looking closer at each bark collar first - the price will not necessarily be the best deciding factor.

One model may be ideal for you but not for other pet owners so get the one that will serve your purpose and seek advice about how they work and what they do.

What Other Small Dog Owners Say about Bark Collars?

We actually deal with many people who need help with their smaller dogs barking more than larger dogs. particularly if no-one is at home. getting complaints from neighbours is a common cause for people to call us to discuss the options. 

The feedback we get tends to say that the collar allows them to be the good guy in the training operation where the collar (the right bark collar or a small dog) will correct the dog for them and they can reward the good behaviour.

The ultrasonic bark collar has shown some good results otherwise, you may need to choose something stronger like the citronella version or a static correction collar.

Remember that size is always a major factor. As suggested by experts, make sure that the collar must fit well around the dogs’ neck. Keep in mind that the collar which is too small or too big may get in the way of the dog's ability to move around. 

The key is if you have a small pet, you should also get a smaller device. Hence, you will have to look for the smallest collar in the market if you happen to win one of the smallest dogs.

Bar Collar for Small Dogs Reviews

Examine online reviews of each bark collar. There are many collars that you can choose from. These reviews will certainly help you make a smart decision. Ask around as well from colleagues so you will eventually find the proper bark collar for small dogs.

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