How to deal with a Neighbour's Dog Barking ALL Day.

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Barking dog complaints keep our shire rangers and Animal management teams VERY busy - and yes... they are at times the 'meat in the sandwich'. 

We won't get into what constitutes nuisance barking right now. But, what happens when the shire is called about a nuisance neighbours dog barking all day and gets a complaint, what steps or processes would they recommend you take to solve the issue.

Leave your comments below - they are very welcome - let me know how you have tackled barking in the past - and what your shire says... my question is... Q. How much barking is too much barking. Leave a comment below.

Here are the key points to read.

1. Keep a record of the barking times and reasons...Click Here
2. Approach your neighbour about the dogs...Click Here
3. Write a nice and polite letter...Click Here

4. Use a discrete Ultrasonic bark deterrent device.s...Click Here

Watch the video on the ultrasonic bark deterrent...   Click Here

Here's a letter to a neighbour - {module_literature,i,161843}

What are the Rangers doing about barking dog complaints?

They are trying to find a happy medium for all concerned both the dog owner and the person complaining about the barking dog. We all know that dogs do bark... and the last thing the shire officers want to do about a barking dog complaint is to have to penalize someone for creating a noise nuisance or to take a dog away. (I may have come across too strong in my last email - sorry guys) anyway... If you find a way to reduce the dogs barking down to an acceptable level then everyone will be happy. 

And that really is the key... finding a way to reduce the barking to an acceptable level - and being able to decide exactly what is an acceptable level of barking. A few constituents and states have put a figure on it and I would love to hear all of the metrics that each state uses to decide if a dog is barking too much... email me if you would - 

What is the first thing a shire will tell you about a neighbours barking dog?

Answer - have you asked them to stop the dog barking all day and have you let them know when the barking is occurring so they can work out why.

A dog barking is like a natural, normal sound we hear every day and some can easily ignore it. But if it lasts for hours and in an unholy time of the day then that’s a different story. Imagine waking up several nights to a barking dog which seems to have no plans of stopping. The irritating sound and the lack of sleep will make you go insane. And it’s the neighbour’s dog!

You can try a few things before banging on your neighbour’s door. I find that ('generally speaking') the dog owner is quite unaware of any barking problems... and would like to do the right thing. you can then help by letting them know if their efforts have been successful or if the barking noise is still a concern.

And that could boil down to the fact that people hear barking dogs differently - some may find it extremely annoying and others may not mind the noise or not even notice in the slightest.

1. Keep a record of the barking noise.

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This is great information for a dog owner... repeat... this is GREAT INFORMATION... (and also the Local Shire would love to see it if it gets to that) a dog owner will be able to match up the barking with their movements and routine to see exactly what they need to tackle.Deal with your neighbor's dog barking

You may even be able to let the dog owner know any added info - like this is when kids are coming home or this is when you are not home... or some other external factors are affecting the dog that the owner can take care of... (you may even need to get some neighbours to do the same - but let's hope the neighbour will take care of the barking before you need to go to those lengths)

Become part of the solution to barking the barking problem.

What if you have young kids or are a shift worker and only need the dog to be quiet at certain times of the day? You could become part of the solution to the problem and be actively involved in helping to retrain the dog by monitoring the results. it all helps.

2. Approach your neighbour and the barking noise.

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Try talking to your neighbour. Tell him or her that his dog is causing you problems. Do this in a calm and respectful way - after all, you may have lived next to each other for many years and, at the right time... you could bring up the barking noise issue in general conversation during 'over the fence chit chat'. Obviously the last thing you want is a catastrophic fight with your neighbour so be tactful and respectful if you plan on doing this face to face.

 A word to the wise...
Do not approach your neighbour about the barking dog when you have just been woken up at 2 am by his dog barking.
You may not be in the best of moods and your neighbour may not respond at his most reasonable tone. So, pick your moment.

3. The good ole... "Anonymous Letter about the Dogs Barking" 

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Write your neighbour a letterDear Neighbour... I am just writing you this unsigned and anonymous note... Please stop your dog waking me up! .... yours truly Neighbour 'X'

Ok... so we are not up to the direct approach to the neighbour (i can understand that) If direct interaction is not for you, then try writing a letter. Again, be calm. Just state precisely what you want to say. Avoid being mushy. Be straight to the point.

I know, I know... here's the thing... do you sign it or do you not sign it... Well personally i would probably sign it... but it also depends on the neighbour i am dealing with or more precisely my perception of the neighbour and our conversational ability together.

You would be surprised at how many people call us at The Dog Line about how to stop their dog from barking and disturbing the neighbours all day, who has received an anonymous letter - and the way they would have preferred a knock on the door and they would have preferred them to sign the letter and let them know who they are.

As I mentioned above... if you are in a position to be around when the dog is barking you are in a position to help with monitoring the training and the results.

Another example of a letter being sent to their neighbours. - {module_literature,i,161842}

4. Use a discrete Ultrasonic Barking Dog Deterrent. 

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These devices have been very effective in certain situations... an individual dog in a yard with not a lot of intense reason to bark should be put off their barking dog habit all day by the use of a good product along these lines. These units emit an 'ultrasonic noise' that is a distraction to the dog. We can't hear it (and neither can your neighbor) but the dogs don't like it... they soon learn that if they do not bark the horrid noise will not appear... 

Where we have had people say they are not too successful is when we come across multiple dogs in a yard.. or where dogs are kennelled and there is a lot of stimulus to bark and in all that noise and s=distraction the unit is not noticed.

If we can aim these units correctly and give the dog a very consistent message the is slightly uncomfortable for the dog then they will reduce the barking to when it is absolutely necessary. We hope.

Why? Well, it is what I call the "instinct to bark" the urge... the reflex. If you can give the dog a consistent and persistent message about the barking without destroying its personality (be careful what you opt for) then the dog will stop barking at normal neighborhood activity but will bark when it instinct and urge kicks in.

And no-one is really going to complain about that sort of barking are they? Are they?

And this is it, folks... What do you believe to be a normal level of barking - who decides this and what is the low down on barking in your city?

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