Winners - Holiday Dog hamper


Written by Colin Seal

10/11/2011 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Meet the Winners
Facebook Holiday Dog Hamper competition. Thanks to everyone for entering - it was great to see so many people getting into the holiday spirit and including their pet. :) Thanks to everyone for entering our Holiday Competition, once again we had lots of fantastic entries and when the judges woke up they faced a hard decision. See our Facebook album here...

Meet The Judges - Sleepy lot!

Congratulations - Lots of top entries.

This one attracted a lot of comments on our album... We really loved the look of total focus on Kirov's face - despite the cold... :) Go here for more product reviews at The Dog Line Blog.

One Hamper to LanieCat. Please PM your details to the BossMan.

Krissii - Kahlia the Xmas Pudding cat.

I think this one amazed us cause the cat was still long enough to get the photo.... And she looks so Regal.

Just goes to show you why a dog is a little girls besty! aye Annelise?

Thanks for Lending your Facebook page to Annelise Sara! I am sure she will share a pig's ear with you for that. :)

Think about what Jethro is feeling in the moment of this photo - Well done Vanessa.

A 12 yr old dog running excitedly up a beach (see the footprints) smelling the air, feeling the sand in his toes, chasing the birds and just feeling great. Endless sand, water, sunshine, and warmth.

I think this really captures the' holiday dog' theme of the Competition. Love it.

This is just too cute that the judging panel had to give a commendation for cuteness. :)&

A nice little gift pack for this one - Oh and one more for a special entrant...

A stubby holder and a treat pack for JC. Off for a wintery holiday.

Well, thanks everyone - another comp is coming soon so look forward to seeing some great times with you and your lovely pets.


Here for you and your dog,
Colin Seal