Why a Dog Barks - Is your dog a nuisance?


Written by Colin Seal

06/21/2010 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Why Bark - and when it's a nuisance?
All dogs bark in response to an internal or external stimulus. This is their way of communicating and to draw the attention of others. In fact, people treat dogs as their best pet or companion because of their ability to bark. Unfortunately, some dogs bark without any apparent cause. Some barking dogs can be considered a nuisance either to the dog owner or the neighbourhood. Also, remember that some people cannot tolerate barking dogs as well as others..

Have you ever run your fingernails down a blackboard at school? Some people don’t mind it and others absolutely hate it.. This is the same with nuisance barking. For more product reviews, visit here.

There are many proven and effective methods to stop barking dogs or at least control barking dogs.dog nuisance barking

Controlling the barking.

When a dog barks in response to an outsider coming towards his territory there is nothing wrong as long as the barking stops within a reasonable time. When the barking is nonstop, it needs to be corrected by appropriate methods.

The exact reason for this continuous barking may be difficult to identify. However, this will certainly help get to the cause of the problem and so help with the solution.

Here are a few things to consider.

  • Some dogs show a natural tendency to bark when they hear any unusual sounds or see any strange things or people whom they are not familiar with. They should, of course, remain quiet and calm in response to any regular noise activity. This can be put down to conditioning and what the dog itself feels is appropriate.
  • Isolation, separation, worry, and anxiety- all these factors may cause a dog to bark unnecessarily to draw the attention of their owner, or the neighbour. It may be best to seek advice if you feel this could be the case.
  • Many dogs bark without any outside cause and may just be showing their excitement and joy.
  • Some dogs simply bark for a while and then stop, which may be a way of showing their self-identity. They could just be saying “here I am” I’m on duty etc..

The Solution.

Whatever the reason for the barking, if you or your neighbours consider the level to be unacceptable - a solution should be found.

The objective is to help modify the dog’s behavior and retrain it to bark at an acceptable level to restore peace to your household – and the neighbourhood.’

Here for you and your dog,
Colin Seal