Posters for Vets and Shires


Written by Colin Seal

12/19/2012 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Posters for Vets and Shires
Barking Dog Poster here... Pet Barrier poster here...The Dog Line is strengthening its partnership with Veterinarians and Shires In our goal to help and assist every dog owner with any problems or issues they encounter, we reached out to Veterinarians, Dog Clinics and Shires to help us disseminate information about proper handling of unruly dogs.

We came up with easy to read posters that talk about two of the most known problems with dogs- escaping dogs and excessive barking. Check out more on The Dog Line Blog now!

You can download The Dog Line's posters here.

As the vet and trusted advisor to hundreds of dog owners, we know that you would get asked for advice on how to address problems such as barking and escaping.

There is nothing more devastating for a dog owner than the discovery that their beloved best friend is missing. And there is nothing more frustrating than the barking dog that has become the neighbourhood pest and cannot be controlled.

These are the two single biggest problems that keep our phone ringing every day with people wanting advice and solutions that work.

So, in order to offer some help and give some options, we have included two posters that outline some useful and easy-to-implement information that can assist with both these issues. The posters are perfect for displaying in your practice waiting room and we hope that you and your clients find them informative.

Put our Brochures on display

If you would like to download a copy of our poster to send as a mail-out please visit www.thedogline. If you would like us to send you some of our brochures to display in your clinic simply call or fax a copy of this letter back to us. If you use this information on your website then just add a link back to our site as the author.

We are 100% committed to doing everything we can to assist dog owners to have a stress-free relationship with their best friend and if there is anything we can do to be of service to you or your clients please call or email us.

We appreciate your support.

Your poster about Reducing Nuisance Barking Barking dog noise is the biggest form of a noise complaint in any shire. Helping people to understand what can be done to reduce unnecessary barking creates a more pleasant situation for everyone, including the dog. Our 5 easy steps poster gives your clients useful, practical ways that will assist them, their dog (or even the neighbours dog!)

Who is The Dog Line?

We help solve your client’s dog problems before they escalate.

For over 10 years The Dog Line has been serving thousands of Australian dog owners, providing advice, support and training products that help dog owners solve their problems so that they can enjoy a stress-free relationship with their best friend.

FREE Expert advice – 7 days

We offer dog owners a complimentary, obligation-free expert advice service 7 days a week. We have a broad range of products and offer our clients try before you buy options, a 12-month trade-in policy, free training guides, and videos, a 60-day return policy, and the best price guarantee to ensure that they get the very best solution for their needs.

Supporting Animal Rescue

We are proud supporters of many animal rescue groups and organisations and we work closely with many animal professionals and local Shire Rangers throughout Australia.

Looking forward to helping you and to help make owning a dog easier.

Here for you and your dog,
Colin Seal