Sydney - Dogs and Horses - EQUITANA - Sydney 2011


Written by Colin Seal

11/06/2011 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Sydney - Dogs and Horses - EQUITANA - Sydney 2011
What do Dogs have to do with Horses? Meet Colin in Sydney to find out! Jo and Colin discuss Equitana 2011 - Jo's Horse and Owner Personality decoder and how The Dog Line products can make life easier owning a dog around horses...

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Horse and owner Personality Decoder.

Thursday Nov 10 Till Sunday November 13

Most people who own a Horse own a Dog and we help make life easier owning a Dog around Horses. Meet us at Equitana in Sydney Nov 10 - 13 to hear about our Pet Barrier Dog Fence and how it can help. Find out more product reviews here.

Your Free Downloads... 200 copies available at Equtiana Sydney.

Nov 10 till Nov - 13.

The Dog Line will be at Equitana in Sydney Olympic Park Nov 10 - 13.

Click here... to visit Horse Personality to download your FREE copy of the Horse and owner personality decoder.

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I was very impressed to hear more about Jo's Horse and owner Personality decoder and how Jo can help people understand their own personality and that of their horse, to help them work with their horse while understanding them better and relate more to their personality profile.

We will be taking our Pet Barrier Dog Fence and other products to Sydney to show people how we can help them with any dog problems they may have. Particularly how to help train a dog around horses. Jo was very interested in the pet Barrier ad how it can help keep dogs away from certain areas so that horses do not become anxious about the dog and give them their own areas that are 'Dog Free'... click here to read more..

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Testimonial - Dogs and Horses.

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