Barking dogs the biggest noise nuisance


Written by Colin Seal

06/02/2010 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Recent headlines regarding barking dog complaints showed just how annoying barking dog noise can be. The Department of Environment and Conservation compiled data collected from 117 local councils in 2007/08 which showed almost 7000 complaints were received about barking dog noise. All other noise-related complaints totaled 4721 in the same year. The number of complaints regarding barking dogs was similar for the previous year.

Top Ten Noise Complaints 

  • Dog barking -Click here to read about our dog bark control collars
  • Radios/stereos and house parties
  • Construction noise
  • Bird noises
  • Power tools or workshops
  • Musical instruments
  • Air conditioning units
  • Trail bikes or off-road vehicles
  • Hotels, pubs, and nightclubs
  • Industrial activity

An article published in The West Australian newspaper on May 26, 2009, stated that the owners of nuisance dogs can be fined up to $4000. Visit the main blog here.

Colin Seal from The Dog Line has found that dogs being left at home alone commonly feature in enquiries received for bark control collars. "Peoples' focus is usually on ensuring that their dog can still bark when it needs, but not to the point that it is causing a nuisance" Colin explained.

There are many barking dog collars on the market which are designed with different features to assist with most barking situations. Seeking advice on what would best suit a particular dog and the environment it lives in is essential to help retrain the dog.

by Liz Cook

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