Why Rent a Dog Training Collar?

Advantages of Renting a Dog Training Collar
The Dog Line offers Rental Dog Training Collars for people who either only need them for a certain amount of time or for people who would like to try them out before deciding to completely buy the product and own them. The information in this article lays out all the things you need to know about why you would want to rent a collar instead or before buying.

Why would you rent a Dog Training Collar?

Remote Dog Trainer for RentIn the pursuit of serving people with the best and safest battery operated dog training systems in the market, it is not always that people would want to fully dive into the investment. For some people these products may only look high tech but ineffective. Others may say they come at a steep price. My mission with the Rent-Try-Buy program is to allow people to have access to these products and solve their dog problems effectively and safely without having to fully commit to the full retail price before finding out how effective they are with your dog.

The rental program includes the rental fee which is significantly cheap than most plus a security deposit which will be returned to you once you return the product. However, if you decide to keep the dog training collar that you rented, both rental fee and security deposit will be deducted from the final price you need to pay in order for you to own the rented collar. This ensures that you only risk a small amount of money if you feel unsure of the results our training collars will deliver.


Advantages of Renting a Dog Training Collar


Top Quality Rented Equipment

The rented collars we provide are very high quality and come from a known and trusted brand. We do not give you faulty and low quality equipment. We ensure the best quality for the value of your money and for your dog’s safety.

  •  Weather Resistant Receiver Collar
  •  Waterproof – For Dogs that Love Water
  •  Approx. Signal Coverage of 100m
  •  10 User Selected Levels to Fit Your Dog’s Temperament
  •  Beep Button – Audible Tone Only
  •  3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Reasonable Rental Period

The standard rental period is 2 weeks + 3 free days for training which should be enough to start training your dog and see the results. You rent the system a bit longer if needed.

Cheaper Solution

The rental fee is very cheap at only $2.2 per day with a minimum of 2 weeks + 3 free days for training plus the security deposit which you will get back when you return the item.

While we would like to encourage purchasing the system and keeping it to enforce the training and result in long lasting or possibly lifetime effects in training, there are still people who might only need a couple of weeks to use the system to correct something minor.

Dog training is an exciting activity that builds discipline and is good exercise for you and your dog. Whether you have a have a dog as a pet or a dog that works the field, our dog training collars have been proven effective for a lot of happy customers. Be risk free and Rent-Try-Buy!

Here for you and your dog,