Review of the Sport Dog SD400

I will only have kind words for the Sport Dog SD400. I believe it is the favourite of many pet owners as well. For one, it has the basics such as a rechargeable battery for the collar and is well-suited for both outdoor and indoor areas. The fine collar is water-resistant and includes a back-up battery pack; easy to hear and visible wire alarm system; and of course the compact receiver collar.

Remarkable Features of SD 400

The Sport Dog SD 400 is full of features. 

The self-check boundary with 24/7 display system is quite unique. I took note of the single-conductor ground wire; wall-mounted transmitter for indoor use; boundary wire; training flags and support accessories; and, a complete installation guide for this electric dog fence. Find out more Dog Training Collar Reviews here.

It also resolves the issue of the muted warning beep of the collar. This has been made louder for the dog-trainer to hear. It is probably the most versatile trainer ever manufactured with several stimulation levels and perceptible dial. The small transmitter is just right since you can put it inside your pocket and carry it around.

Flexibility of the Sport SD 400

Yes, the Sport Dog SD 400 is very flexible. It can control a maximum of three dogs by simply acquiring additional collars. The soft-coat transmitter is convenient for the pet owner or trainer. The low but consistent stimulation levels with gradual enhancement capacity make it ideal for sensitive dog breeds. This will definitely match your training preferences. The Mode-1 system consists of an eight-level nonstop and eight-level quick stimulus one-dog collar with a non-stimulation sound button. This will enable you to modify the transmitter to fit with your training requirements.

Unique Transmitter and Collar

The Sport Dog SD 400 boasts of the water-resistant transmitter for underwater use. It is really ideal for retriever training. The heavy rechargeable batteries can last from three to five years. One of the features I like most is the low-battery detector so you will not be caught with a dead battery when you are outdoors. This unit also has a fixed LED battery charge indicator so you will know when the device is fully-charged.

The trainer has a distinct internal antenna mechanism; moulded case made of durable plastic material that can endure all kinds of tough training conditions; and dimensions that can fit even a 23” neck collar. 

You can utilize the lower stimulation controls to teach your pet the fundamentals of obedience and enforce easy commands. On the other hand, the higher levels are meant to overcome more difficult disturbances.

I give my thumbs up to the Sport Dog SD 400!


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