More Citronella Bark Collar Reviews
Will Citronella help your pet barking problems? Or, is it your neighbor’s dog causing a disturbance? Getting a anti bark collar may be the best solution for you and your dog.

Most of the dog trainers suggest that dog owners should try some sort of anti bark device like a citronella bark collar. Take the time to review the features and possible effects of this device and find out what other people have to say about the product. It may be worth listening to their positive and negative comments. These can help you decide if this is the appropriate collar for your dog and needs.

Citronella Bark Collars

Take a look at the features of the innotek citronella bark collar one by one. This bark control system deters the unnecessary barking because of the harmless but distracting Citronella spray.  Actually, citronella oil is a colourless liquid that has a peculiar woody or strong lemon scent. 

Once the dog hears the noise of the spray collar, sees the spray and also smells it; it will distract the dog from the barking. The light receiver collar is comfortable for dog of all sizes with a neck size up to 61cm. 

Innotek Citronella Bark Collar Features

Citronella Bark Collar

  • Microphone Activated - nestled up against the dogs neck.
  • For medium and larger sized dogs
  • Easy to use and refill when needed
  • Bark spray Control unit with adjustable Nylon collar strap
  • Correction Spray (Citronella) odur and scent
  • Weatherproof unit but is generally safe on dogs in the weather
  • 6-Volt Alkaline Battery (RFA-18-11) which can be turned off
  • Instruction Manual and dog training guide included.


How Does it Work?

This innotek citronella bark collar features with a sound detector which acts in response to the sound of the barking dog (near the voice box) by discharging the citronella apray. The spray mist effect will teach your wooly pal not to bark. How is this accomplished? 

Your dog won't be harmed you can be assured that the dog is not harmed. It simply gets a mild irritant which can prove to be effective in managing unwanted barking. it's a distraction to the dog away from the barking stimulus. given at the right time and often enough the dog will learn a new habit as far as barking goes.

Dog Bark Collar Attributes

The innotek no bark citronella collars are resistant to water and extreme weather conditions. The whole package includes an adjustable collar with anti-spray mechanism, six volt alkaline battery that lasts from four to six weeks, one citronella refill canister, and training manual with complete instructions. The spray device contains 25 sprays before being refilled. Each flask can be used at least 10 times which translates to 250 sprays before requiring replacement.

Citronella Spray refill replacements

These cylinders can be bought separately from The Dog Line. The bark collar spray refill. The best thing about this collar is that you can use it for dogs of sizes from the med to the largest species. However, small canines need a smaller collar for a tight fit. There are testaments that the tool is effective and with a success rate of more than 85 percent, it may be worth acquiring this citronella bark collar. 

What about a citronella bark collar for small dogs?

PetSafe have recently added the Elite small dog bark collar.. Designed for small dogs and gives a finer spray of citronella - it is also sound activated but is a waterproof collar (Small dogs are closer to the ground) being a smaller unit it is successful on small dogs and does not look out of place.


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