The Dog Line Supports Adopt a Dog Organization in Australia

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The Dog Line is proud to support the rehoming of lost and abandoned dogs

Help save a life.

Look at adoption before buying a dog.

Hundreds of lost or abandoned dogs await a new home, sadly some may not make it. You can help save a life.

Before setting off to buy a new dog, we would encourage you to spend some time looking at the dogs desperate for a new family. Your local pound is a great start, Check our directory for dog refugee centres or visit SAFE (Saving Animals From Euthanasia), the great charity we support. 

Dog rescue and refuge centres can join our directory Here

The Dog Line has been supporting SAFE since 2004. A not for profit organisation that started in Australia’s North West, SAFE has established a network of foster parents to give temporary homes to Abandoned animals that face Euthanasia. From there a ‘forever home’ is urgently needed.

Dogs available for adoption at SAFE.. Click here.

How to become a foster parent.. Click here. 

I know you will be very surprised at how many really fantastic dogs are available for adoption. I am sure that if you walked around your local pound or dog refuge centre that the right dog will select you as their owner.

You could even avoid all the messy toilet training and find a great companion.

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Another fantastic organisation The Dog Line supports is Animal Rescue QLD Inc (ARQ). ARQ was started as a result of the flood-affected animals in South East Queensland in January 2011. They soon discovered that the existing shelters and rescue organisations in SEQ were overwhelmed with animals yet there were still people wanting to help and still many, many animals to help.

ARQ has helped many animals out of the shelter environment and into loving and caring foster homes also allowing additional time to search for the families that must be missing their pets.

The Dog Line recently donated $380.00 from our loyal customers and supporters to assist those still in need after the January floods.  In addition, we have also donated a Grounds Keeper Pet Barrier to help stop some of their foster dogs from escaping.  If you would like to help in any way please contact Mel or Simone on their website or as follows:

Foster Care / Volunteer Coordinator & Surrendering Information:

Mel - 0423 861 246

Animal Adoption Enquiries and Sponsorship/Donations

Simone - 0417 200 001

ARQ is a 100% no-kill organisation, working very hard to re-home these animals into new, suitable forever homes where they will be loved and cherished for the rest of their lives so please support them by visiting their website or Facebook page.

All the best in your search.