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Dog treat winner.

Zimmy the Apprentice Hairdresser.

Zimmy Snuck away from the Dragon Lady and signed up as an apprentice for the afternoon.

Little did this poor lady know that Zimmy dog was up to no good and trying to bring back "The Mullet"

Run Lady Run - Zimmy is gonna give you a "mullet"

Zimmy has to hurry and get this one dried and groomed before she is sprung. Again!

Dog treat winner

Thanks to all of those who entered - and a big Thank-you to Zimmy Dog for sending in her latest photo's and putting up with a bit of Flack from a cat. 

Have you seen our latest Video on the Pet Barrier... Maybe it will have something to do with the next competition.

Devil Zimmy

Donna left us home by ourselves today, so I snuck in the house and found this outfit in the cupboard. When she finally came home I was sitting on the couch waiting for her. I barked Woof ... so loud, Donna jumped from the lounge to the kitchen with fright!... I got her a beauty! That Donna said "Zimmy, You're a cheeky little Devil...! " He he, I don't even know what a cheeky Devil is anyway, but I just pretended to. I'm getting better at getting that Donna back hey, lol Love Zimmy

Zimmy in wig

Who on earth is Cher?.. Donna sings, If I could turn back time... if I could find a way.. She put this thing on me head and said sing it with me Zimmy,... Donna seriously has lost that plot thing I think he he xxx Zimmy


Zimmy with scary cat painting

Like these funny cats me owner air brushed?  Crikey I ain't moving here, scared of these things. Are they still looking at me? ... Not game to have a look... They watchin me still ain't they?  Crikey they scary.... He said they're cats, funniest looking cats I've even seen he he Zimmy girl xxx

Zimmy's pooh joke

Got a joke...... There was a really, really drunk man, that walked out of a pub and slipped over on some dog pooh!.... 5 minutes later a sober man walked out and slipped over on the same dog pooh!.... The drunk man said, "I just did that" whilst laughing..... The sober man said back to him.. Ya dirty sod!..I oughta rub ya nose in it! ... he he lol xxx Zimmy girl

Health Ledger

Ok all my friends and anyone in the world!... Come Join ..The Dog Line. Be Zimmy's and everyones friend here!.. Its fun! They are so helpful with all kinds of advice and you can purchase great products.. Even rent to buy! we did that...They saved one of my dog's fate, true dinks ! :) Its fun!.. Its not that serious, except helping animals!!

As our Aussie Heath Ledger said as the Joker in Batman !!... " WHY SO SERIOUS ". he he.. My man owner Stu air brushed this pic free hand.. Yeah not bad Stu... Zimmy would have done better LOL xxx Zimmy girl

Zimmy's happy birthday message

Happy birthday to Bully Brown doggie, he is 2 today.  Crikey terrible 2's lol.... You've hit ya teens now Bully, so start acting like a man. You better put ya bowls away now, pick up ya clothes and take the bins out... Not allowed to pull the bins apart anymore he he... Happy birthday gorgeous Love Zimmy girl xxx

Zimmy's witch spell

Zimmy's potion... I stir so well... hear this all humans.  Be aware of my spell, be aware of my spell, STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY; I make a stand, now spread my charm right across our land.  I'm watching you my little prettyssssssssss  Zimmy dog xxx 

Zimmy is the Fairy Godmother

Ok, Zimmy the fairy Godmother is here to grant you all one wish... Wow what would your wish be? Love to you all Zimmy Fairy Godmother xxx

Zimmy & KT with remote training collar

Look what we got from The Dog Line, as we ordered it.. These are great! The white dog K.T prob would be dead without it as she would not listen to anything after 2 years.. She was given to me from others that never had time to walk her.  She is wonderful now.. She wears the remote and my human holds the receiver around her neck, I'm modelling it for her... I would not, put anything on my animals that would hurt them and tried this on myself.. If you've got an animal out of control or need help controlling it.. I swear on this!! Love Zimmy xxx

Find out more about the Big Leash Remote Trainer and other remote training devices here...

Silly me... my owner holds the remote and K.T wears the receiver collar geez Zimmy, get it right xx

Zimmy working out

Oh crikey, Jessie cat finds out tonight if she wins the comp to have a training session with Michelle Bridges.. She does need it, as her fluffy butt is getting rather large.. Told her she wasting her time as Zimmy already offered to be her personal trainer. Geeez Jessie, watch Zimmy in this Pic!! It's easy... get up of the couch!.. On ya bike! ...Now push the pedals Jessie! .. You doing it?! He he lol xxx Zimmy

Zimmy singing on Valentines Day

Kicking back,...Singing you all a Valentine's Dog Line friends......... We are family....I got all my animals and me.......we are family.....come on everybody and! . Crikey, getting old..forgot the words lol.. Love you all Zimmy xxxxx

Zimmy with rose on Valentine's DayHappy Valentine's Day everyone. I dont have one .. cos I never get time to find one doing chores!  Had a scrub,... brushed me hair,.. cleaned me teeth,..and tried to dress pretty......... Won't work Zimmy ...give up!.. Back to the boots tomorrow for me then lol Oh well.  Picked you all a flower anyway, and got a thorn in me paw for doing it! Love to all my Dog Line friends Zimmy xxxx

Happy Birthday Helen from Zimmy and family

Hey Dog Line, we sent this to Jessie cat for her owner Helen's birthday yesterday he he. It's me Zimmy and my family, we look like the Blues brothers, sisters gone wrong! lol love Zimmy xxx

Zimmy driving the jeep

zimmy in jeep

I'm going to pick Max up in me Zimmy mobile.. so we can go spread the word about saving pound and homeless dogs together...:) You ready yet Max?

Zimmy working with the wheelbarrow

I carted all the wood to the shed today in me Barra... I've got flames on my barra cos I move that fast!  Crikey the overalls were hot!.... , stuck to me legs he he. Wish that JACK the lumber dog was here to do it for me lol.... Love you all Zimmy dog xxx

Zimmy's dog family

This is my family of doggies. My mum Zoeby, Sheeba no relation, they are both 12 n half now. Zaphire is the dark one and K.T is the white one. The dog sitting on the right is a Doctors dog we minded for them whilst they were on holidays. It was a fab time then. 6 dogs and 2 cats, all ate together and played, was cute. Oh me Zimmy dog is in there as well. Can ya see me? he he xxx Zimmy

Ok, Where is everyone? Get ya butts back to The Dog Line and talk to Zimmy dog:( This is the only site we talk on, as I don't like facebook and will not add friends, it gets too personal and everyone wants to be ya friend.  Who can keep up with who is who? Not this doggie. Come on all you woofers and Pudda cats, come talk here, it's cool here. Where are you Jiggy, Jessie cat, Molly, Jack my lumber wood co-worker lol, Max mbb,Murph dog and anyone else? Come talk to me. Oh well I suppose you all have a life not like me who just did the vaccuming and turned it off.. Hopefully now I can go to bed! he he lol xxx C ya all soon. You better all get here soon. Ggrrrr, woof.

Zimmy's mess in yard

Look what I left to pay Donna back for making me do all her work!!! He he he, ha, ha, ha, sucker, sucker. Lol. I really don't look that proud of myself do I?   :( My face looks so ashamed :( OMG how embarrasing . But you know what!! Deep down I'm rapt, and laughing me butt off !! :) Cos now she has to do some work, to clean up for me for once Lol.

Good pay back Zimmy, Crickey that was clever of me hey? What you all think about that one? Ha ha blaaah ha I reckon. Zimmy xxx

Zimmy calling The Dog Line

Hi ya Dog line :) can you please phone Donna tomorrow after 11am or she will try to phone and talk to Colin. Yep she wants the big dog leash, waterproof, long distance one, and wants to add another collar to it? She wants to asks a question to help K.T a little more. K.T is getting it, but Donna is a little stumped with it. Crikey, K.T dog is just about listening and hearing now. Donna is a he he,. Im loving K.T on that thing he he. If ya dog don't listen, or pulls ya arms off walking, get a remote trainer, believe me as all my bruises are nearly gone lol. Call Zimmy ok, or we will call you, whichever. Ok I will call ya now again lol Love Zimmy dog xxx

Zimmy dusting

Oh thanks for the warning as my mum Zoeby will pull the new security door off Donnas house. She got a new door last week, and rushed home cos of thunder and found it totally off and laying on the back verandah. My mum Zoeby did it. I will be ok as I'm already in the house doing the dusting lol xxx Zimmy dog

Aussie Zimmy on Australia Day

Ok..., I got so in the spirit of Australia day. I kept running around all day with this sign in me choppers, and Donna kept yelling out to me, OUI, OUI, OUI!  We just laughed and laughed. I'm showing you all the sign now, so COME ON EVERYONE, answer me lol Love Zimmy the Aussie wonder dog xxx

Zimmy on Australia Day

Hi everyone at The Dog Line, Zimmy dog is back lol. We had a great Australia day :) I cooked Donna, Stu, the other 4 dogs, and 2 cats roast lamb on the barby! :) I did write a note on some paper saying "Hi DOG LINE" but the ink ran out in the pen darn it. Ya can just see it. Can ya see it ? he he. I was so hot cooking and I got to go to the river as a reward. I never even had to do the dishes, can you believe that!  lol Love Zimmy dog xxx

Zimmy pushing pram

Hey little Molly dog , come get in me pram! I will take ya down the street he he, Jack can come too, and we can fit his pet log in it as well if he wants hehe. Wonder if that Cashmere cat would come lol xxx Zimmy

Zimmy's sister Molly

Hi, I'm Jack's sister Molly.  He started to teach me logging the day I arrived (I'll find that photo). I was only a baby in this photo but I'm a big girl now! 5 months old. I just had my stitches out after my spey. I'm a brave girl and very very hilarious ! I have a new collar from Colin and The Dog Line and now that my op is all over, we are going to start doing some boundary dog training on the weekend. The collar keeps my brother Jack safe at home and it will for me too. (I'm also a S.A.F.E. pup ) :)

Jack loggingI'm Jack...  Zimmy, Are you impressed?

Jack water bowlPesky birds keep drinking outta my water bowl!

Lumber JackI'm a 'lumber Jack' and that's O.K. (For Donna and Zimmy)


Jack loggingI sleep all night, and I work all day !

Lumber Jack they call me !

Jack minding the shoppingJack minding the shopping !

Sheeba watching Zimmy on the chainsawGet up Sheeba dog and help me stack the wood! Get up! Get up Sheeba! Geezz ,Just cos Sheeba is nearly 12 , she never has to do anything around this place! I cut all the wood for our outdoor fire to keep her warm, and she don't even help me stack it! Thats' it!... Im gunna chainsaw the nagging slave driver, Donna's roses up! he he. That will pay her back for putting a saw in my paws He he xxx Zimmy

Zimmy chainsawingOh no Jessie cat! Was on me way to live at your joint but Donna caught me down the road and dragged me back home! She said I'm grounded, whatever that means? She made me cut 5 tonnes of wood today for next winter! That's it, I'm stuck here Jessie as Donna pulled the wheels of me trike:( he he. This pic is for Lisa, Jack and Molly xxx

Zimmy on scooterThat's it! I'm over the chores and on me way to live at Jessie cats house, yahoo. I'm coming Jessie, I'm coming and I will bring ya a fillet of fish from Maccas on the way he he. Hope I don't run out of petrol. I pinched the scooter of the boy next door whilst he's at work he he, don't tell him will ya he he

Zoeby with birdThis is Zoeby my mum again, with a girlfriend's bird we minded for 3 months. She never let it out of the cage, but we did! His name is Alf and he chewed all our skirting boards he he

Zoeby with mouseMy mum Zoeby who is 11 and a half. With Stuart Little our mouse R.I.P Little. Its weird hey, as I'm one of those chicks that jump on a chair if I see a mouse and scream, can't stand them! It's different when you have a pet one believe me :)

Zoeby & Sheeba Hey everyone, this is my mum Zoeby who is the doggie sitting up. The other dog laying down is my pretend Auntie Sheeba who is no relation of mine Zimmy girl.. They are Golden Retrievers and now both 11 and a half. That was our pet mouse Little in the pic on Sheebas head. We called him little, as Donna's man is Stuart. Little passed away to mouse heaven 2 months ago at the age of 3 and a half :( Donna cried as we all loved Little, mouse.  Little was the only male that lived here besides Stu, until 4 months ago. Donna's daughter Kirra's cat Charlie is living here now :) Stuart and Charlie cat are the the only males that live in the house now besides Donna, 5 female dogs and Donnas female Pudda cat :) Mad house here, but the cats own the place and the dogs love the cats :)

Zimmy packing bagsThat's it ! Packed me bags and moving out ! Im going to live at Jessie cats joint! I can't keep up with all the chores I have to do here! Oh dear, I'm not sure if I should go as I know I would miss my mum dog, my Auntie dog who is no relation, and my 3 half sisters. Can I take that first step outside the front door? Baby steps Zimmy, baby steps, you can do it! Should I stay, or should I go... I bet I won't get far down the road, anyone know the cabs number?  I will ride me scooter then! he he, love Zimmy girl xxx

Zimmy on JeepThis is my Jeep that Stu my owner man built for me and Donna. I drive it the most, and I picked Jessie cat up in in to take her to her wedding one day. Toot toot Jessie, Zimmy is here! It has animal pictures all over it as Donna loves animals, and Stu is a free hand air brush artist. Crikey it is a mean funny car. I only get to drive it once a month as I'm always doing their chores around here and just don't have the time he he. Love Zimmy dog xxx

KT, Zimmy's half sisterYahoo, mum is ordering the dog training collar for my half sister tomorrow, who is a pure bred golden retriever. Crikey she is a pulling out of control dog, not like like me, Zimmy 'the Lab/retriever wonder dog' he he. Lets so hope it works. Her name is K.T, we took her back from people that wanted her as a pup, but they never, ever walked her once. She was even so scared of water. It's hard as she lives with our other 4 dogs and has a pack mind. She is wonderful at everything, except walking. We have had her 2 yrs but she is now nearly 5. This a pic of her :)

Zimmy weldingNow they got me welding, have to go help Donna's man Stu fix the exhaust on her Jeep,I never get a break here he he xxx Zimmy

Zimmy on the phoneHello Dog Line! Hello, Darn phone has gone flat .Oh stupid me!  I'm dialing you on the remote he he. Can you please phone me back on Monday so we can order the remote trainer for my silly half sister, thanks love Zimmy xxx

Zimmy exercising

I tell ya what, this woman here is mad. I mowed her lawns, did her house work and she said, "Zimmy your legs and bum are too fat...get on the exercise bike," half an hr a day she makes me do it. Not my fault if she is too lazy to do her own work or walk me:( I will pay her back somehow !!

Zimmy taking a breakYahoo Yahoo!!!  The owner has me working back inside today after mowing her lawns yesterday, as it's raining. I'm getting a 10 minute coffee break :) Yeah, she is that tight hey, never even gave me a biscuit to dunk in me coffee, slave driving human she is!! Someone save me!!! Love Zimmy xxx

Zimmy mowing

Zimmy do this, Zimmy do that!  Zimmy is mowing the lawns again. A dog's work is never done around this house he he Luv Zimmy x

Zimmy doing the washingWell now Donna is being a slave driver to me, just because its her birthday and I did the dishes, she told me I had to hang up the stupid clothes those humans wear!! I'm going now to have a snooze, cos we are going out for dinner and I'm exhausted from being Cinderella!!!!

Zimmy doing the dishesIt's my owner Donna's birthday today :) she is 50!.. she said "Crikey Zimmy I'm getting old," so because she is now old, I surprised her with bacon and eggs for breaky and ate half the bacon he he and yep I did all the dishes for her lol

Zimmy with The Dog Line hamperYAHOO! YAHOO!  I got my hamper I won today,OMG so excited, thanks so much Colin and Family. I love The Dog Line, I won something. :)

Zimmy on the computer

C Colin, I'm Zimmy the dog hacker big brother is watching you! he he I know what your doing now... and what you ate today,!.... can you see jessie cat peeping up behind the key board? I have the puter on dog line watching you all lol

Zimmy's partyMy man owner and his mate celebrated new year with me and the other 4 dogs that live here. We had party hats and cake,. I think the men had too much of that brown drink in the bottles that make them all walk funny! Whats is that stuff in the brown bottles? he he Zimmy xxx

Zimmy New YearsHi everyone, happy new year, Crickey I celebrated until 12:05am. Not feeling so full of energy today,the other 4 dogs that live here were so scared of the fire crackers, not me Zimmy, I was too busy partying he he 


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