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5 Fundamentals on How to Fix Your Dog’s Behaviour Problems

Alyzza TDL - Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Dog behaviour problems often cause most dog owners to abandon their dogs and even put them up for euthanasia - the RSPCA shows annual statistics which include dogs euthanised for behaviour problems.

The Dog Line has been working with clients, like yourself, for over 15 years now to prevent dog abandonment and euthanasia - we do this by educating people about the value of properly using high quality dog training collars.

We believe that this is how you fix your dog’s behaviour problems along with other fundamentals.

How Do I Fix My Dog's Behaviour Problems?

Dog behaviour problem - digging to escape

Here are 5 Fundamentals to Help You Fix Your Dog's Behaviour Problems:

The RSPCA shows their record of dogs euthanised for behaviour problems and for the last 5 years, behavioural issues has been the leading reason for dogs being put down… beating other reasons such as infectious diseases, other medical issues, legal concerns, and others.

So, it is crucial to educate more dog owners about fixing their dogs’ behaviour problems by undertaking a holistic approach to dog training.

The Dog Line believes in the positive impact, efficiency, and effectiveness of using electronic dog training collars in conjunction with reward-based training.

But first, let’s discuss a bit about bad dog behaviours.

Identify the Specific Behaviour Problem

Identifying the specific dog behaviour problem can be a great milestone in training your dog to acquire pleasant behaviours… because if you try to solve all the problems at once, things might just get even worse.

So, identify the single most problematic behaviour your dog has and start fixing that problem. Then, go on to the next dog behaviour that you can improve.

Take one step at a time.

Identify the Cause of Unwanted Behaviours

Dog behaviour problem - aggressionThe most common causes of dog behaviour problems are boredom, separation anxiety, and lack of proper socialisation.

Dogs who are bored often find ways to entertain themselves by scavenging and chewing things - these are also dogs who are determined to escape from your property especially if you miss to walk them out.

Some dogs even find entertainment from digging up expensive garden beds.

On the other hand, dogs who have separation anxiety are known to bark non-stop and even howl until their owners get back home - this is the most common reason for noise complaints in the neighbourhood.

Also, the aggression of dogs towards humans, other dogs, and towards different animals can be traced back to lack of proper socialisation when the dog was just a pup - this usually shows when dogs jump up on guests, chase cars and other people, and the chronic ‘mouthing’.

What You Can Do

Fixing dog behaviour problemFor dogs who are often bored and those who may have a bit of separation anxiety, we recommend giving them some interactive dog toys so they can play alone, especially if they are often left at home alone.

For dogs who lack proper socialisation, obedience training can be the next best thing to fix your dog’s behaviour problem.

So, how can you do obedience training? Read on to learn more.

Use High Quality Dog Training Collars

Fixing dog behaviour problems using electronic dog training collarsWhether it’s a dog fence collar to stop your dog from escaping or a bark collar to eliminate nuisance barking, or a remote dog training collar to train your dog for obedience commands… is important that you use high quality electronic dog collars to ensure your dog’s safety and to achieve the efficiency of fixing your dog’s behaviour problems.

Using high quality electronic collars for dogs can mean the difference between saving your dog from bad behaviours and making the matter worse.

So, it is best to ensure that you acquire electronic dog training collars from trusted manufacturers, brands, and distributors.

Dog Fence Collars for Escaping & Digging Behaviour Problems

Fixing dog behaviour problems using dog fence collarsEscaping is one of the most common dog behaviours that has become really problematic for dog owners and it is really dangerous for dogs.

Some dogs would even jump over expensive high fences or dig under them just to escape...

Have you tried paying hefty pound fees when the rangers caught your dog while he was on escapade?

How about paying a heap of vet bills because your dog got injured when he escaped?

Worse, did you have a dog who died when he bolted down the road and got hit by a car after escaping?

All these can be fixed if you can properly train your dog and reinforce his boundary within your property with the help of the best invisible dog fence system.

A dog fence kit that is complete with everything you need:

Bark Collars for Nuisance Barking

Nuisance barking is not only a dog behaviour problem in the household... it is also a problem of the entire neighbourhood!

So, before you get nasty letters from your neighbours about noise complaints, you better start training your dog to quit the bad habit of unnecessary and excessive barking - before the neighbours get the council involved.

There are 4 main types of bark collars:

We highly recommend static or electric bark collars to dogs with a more determined barking habit.

Fixing dog behaviour problems using bark collarsOn the other hand, Citronella spray anti bark collars are recommended to yapper dogs but are responsive to commands.

Spray bark collars are also commonly preferred by dog owners who are restricted to use electric dog collars in their state.

Vibration bark collars are best for small to medium sized dogs with sensitive temperaments as well as the ultrasonic anti bark collars (except to dogs with hearing difficulties such as senior dogs).

Remote Dog Training Collars for Obedience Commands

The proper use of good dog training collars can solve several problematic dog behaviours such as:

• Not coming when called (instant recall is very important especially in moments of danger).

• Not staying out when told to do so (the “sit” or “stay” command can really come in handy when there are guests around). Jumping on people.

  • • Pulling on a leash (teaching your dog to “heel” can prevent any aggressive situations during walks).

  • • Digging up garden beds.

  • • Chasing cars and people.

Now, it is important to remember that a remote dog training collar is not designed to punish dogs - it made is to help owners effectively train dogs with obedience commands and distract them from engaging in possibly dangerous behaviour.

Fixing dog behaviour problems using remote dog training collarsThe correction is intended to deter dogs from developing bad behaviours by making them associate the stimulation to the act (e.g. digging, pulling on leads, jumping on people, etc).

This method is even more effective if you reward your dog with treats, toys or play, and even verbal praise or pats if he diverts his attention from the problematic behaviour and follows your commands instead - such holistic dog training approach will surely deliver a tremendous amount of positive results.

Fixing Your Dog’s Behaviour Problem:

Always keep in mind that training your dog requires heaps of patience, understanding, studying the training guides, love, time, and effort.

Fixing dog behaviour problems with dog trainingElectronic dog training collars are manufactured to help you at least make the process more convenient and efficient - both for you and your dog.

Electronic dog training collars are manufactured to help you at least make the process more convenient and efficient - both for you and your dog.

Lastly, do not punish your dog with an e-collar and do not forget to reward your dog when he does the right thing - e-collar with positive reinforcement training, performed by a patient dog owner, can be the most effective way to reduce dog abandonment and euthanasia.

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