Dangerous Dog Collars

The weight of the dog will dictate - what size Dangerous Dog Collar (width) you will need.

  • Small - dog weight: less than 10kgs (Collar MINIMUM Width: 15mm) - OUR collar is 15mm width & 47.5 cm length

  • Medium - dog weight: 10kgs up to 20kgs (Collar MINIMUM Width: 25mm) - OUR collar is 25mm width & 56.8cm length

  • Large - dog weight: 20kgs up to 40kgs (Collar MINIMUM Width: 40mm) - OUR collar is 50mm width & 68.5cm length

  • Extra Large - dog weight: more than 40kgs (Collar MINIMUM Width: 50mm) - OUR collar is 50mm width & 86cm length 

When your dog is considered as a Dangerous Dog or Restricted Dog by your state, one of the requirements you would need to have is a Dangerous Dog Collar

A dog that is declared restricted or dangerous is required to wear a collar with red and yellow stripes - to be carefully identified. 

Our Dangerous Dog Collar is designed to comply with each state legislation requirements.

The collar is made out of a super strong PU Polyurethane coated with a Reflective-Fluoro material, that is specially designed to handle all dangerous dogs and restricted dog breeds and sizes. 

Dangerous Dog Collars are only to be worn by Dogs that have been declared Dangerous by a Local Authority. The Dangerous Dog Collars are for display purposes only as a warning sign. They are not recommended to be used to secure/Tether a dog or used as a collar for leading a dog. 
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As you choose a collar for your dog, consider the weight of your dog first, as required by your state legislation - (NSW)(WA),(VIC), and (TAS) - so you can get the right width... and then decide for the collar size that passes the requirement of your state legislation. 

Click your state and learn specific information about the Dangerous Dog Act.

Western Australia Dog Act Victoria Dog Act Queensland Dog Act