Coronavirus (COVID-19) The Dog Line Updates

As of 31/03/2020

Dear Friends,

We want you to know that we are still working very safely and shipping as usual. We are Following strict hygiene controls and have separated in to homebased teams.

We are an Australian Family Business - Employing Australians – We also support Australian Businesses… For example, Our Dog Fence Wire is manufactured for us in Australia. We will guarantee you the best price and support.

Please buy from Australian Businesses, where you know you can talk to an Aussie and the products are not shipped from overseas (Your money will leave Australia)

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When we first heard of the situation in china – we separated each individual work station and implemented strict handling and hygiene routines – no crossovers.

By Friday morning March 23 we had already started working from home for all calls and admin. Separating the team even more.

We are helping to flatten the curve together.

Thank you and Stay Safe always.

Colin Seal

The Dog Line

Frequently asked Questions

  1. Can pets get the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease?

    As of this time, there are limited evidences that pets such as dogs or cats are infected with COVID-19 and there are no evidence that pets with COVID19 can pass it to humans.

    Though we suggest, just for precautionary measures - always wash your hands with soap and water every after contact with your pets and if they kiss you anywhere its best to clean them with soap and water as well.

    If you or any one in your household is a person under investigation or monitoring for the coronavirus, it is best to let someone else take care of your pets first.

    If you have further questions, please reference the latest Government news

    Or check these links:

  2. What can I do to protect myself, my pet and prevent the spread of the virus?

    World health organization recommends the following to help prevent the spred and protect the people:

    • Regular Hand Washing and/or Sanitizing - Use Alcohol-based Sanitizer or 70% Alcohol to sanitize your hands. Wash thoroughly your hands using anti bacterial soap and water.
    • Maintain safe and social distancing - 1 meter (3feet) away from anyone who is sneezing or coughing (better yet distance your self from anyone and everyone)
    • Avoid touching any parts of your face - you're hands touches many different surfaces and gets germs, viruses and bacterias everywher, if you touch any part of your face it could then enter your body.
    • Follow proper respiratory hygene - cover your mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue when coughing or sneexing – throw the tissue away immediately and wash/sanitize your hands/flexed elbow.
    • STAY AT HOME - this is the best and most important step to prevent or spread the virus.
    • If you are feeling unwell:
      • Avoid any contact with anyone including your pet
      • Again, STAY AT HOME to avoid spreading what you have
  3. Can I still get a bark collar, training collar or dog fence from you?

    We know that our products are important than ever now as many pets will need to be trained and given freedom to still roam the property in this time. We will still continue to serve you as thoroughly as we can.

    We are stocked with all the products that you might need from us.

    If you are on home quarantine or practicing social distancing, please place a note on checkout under "Order Instruction" that you want to waive the signature on delivery and they can leave it.