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Dog Fence Review

Learn about the importance and features of  Radio Dog Fences and electric dog fences in keeping your dogs and cats safe within your property. Know how you can safely prevent dogs from escaping and possibly hurting themselves and know how you can stop your dogs from digging in your garden.

Dog Fences and types of fencing

Each dog is different and an escaping dog can get in to danger. Read our Blog posts to find out more about dog containment and contact us for a chat about getting the right electric dog fence to ensure your dog stays safe.

How do I fix and repair broken Electric Dog Fence wire?

Jay TDL - Friday, April 06, 2018

If you are ever wondering how to join, fix or repair broke Electric Dog Fence Wire, then check out this step by step guide. Firstly for a electric dog fence kit, get a wire that is TUFF, and can cope a bit of abuse from the natural elements like the heat of the australian sun.

Then you won't have to worry so much about how to repair a Dog Fence Wire if it doesn't break in the first place. Depending on what dog fence wire you choose will have a direct effect how often you have to repair or fix your Dog Fence wire.

How do I Fix and Repair Broken Electric Dog Fence Wire?


It's pretty simple, If your Dog Fence Wire breaks – your dog escapes.

Having a Good Quality wire is the best way to go so that your Electric Dog Fence will not fail when it breaks or get worn out. If the Dog Fence Wire you're using for your Dog Fence is of low quality and breaks, your Dog Fence will stop working and your dog can escape putting him in danger.

Step by Step guide on How to Repair and Join Broken Electric Dog Fence Wire

  1. 1. Strip the dog fence wire coating

  2. 2. Twist the ends together to join and repair the dog fence wire

  3. 3. Tie a knot close to the twist to secure the joined dog fence wire

  4. 4. Wrap with electrical tape for added protection of the join

  5. 5. Fold it over a couple of times to create some spare slack

  6. 6. Leave extra slack around the property for joins if you get a break in the dog fence wire


Just an extra tip, You can put the wire inside some PVC pipe to protect it from Lawn Trimmers.

How to Join and Repair broken Electric Dog Fence Wire

Step by Step guide on How to Repair and Join Broken Electric Dog Fence Wire

If by any chance your wire breaks and you need to repair invisible dog fence wire or if you want to extend the area that will be covered by the electric dog fence here’s our instruction on how to do it. First you would need to know where the break is, Click here to learn how to find a break in your electric dog fence wire. If the wire break is underground, you’ll need to dig up the wire first to expose the broken wire, or simply leave it there and run new wire.


If the electric dog fence wire is too short to re-join, you can use your test wire to make the connection. Once you are sure that the dog fence wire is operating correctly, return it back to the area where it’s supposed to be.

  1. 1. Strip the Dog Fence Wire Coating of the Broken Wires

  2. Step 1: Expose a little bit of Copper Wire Core

    Using a wire stripper or your handy pliers gently crimp around the HDPE coating of the wires you are connecting and very gently strip off the housing.

    If you break a couple of strand of the 7 strand copper core, don’t be too concerned. If you break more than 2 or 3 it would be best to start again it may take some practice.

  3. Strip off an inch or a couple of Centimetres of insulation on each end. It might be a bit difficult to do so because our high density polyethylene coating is really sturdy. Then twist the exposed copper strands on each wire so it won’t look messy.

  4. 2. 'Butterfly Twist' the 2 Broken Wires To Repair and Fix the dog fence

  5. Step 2: Butterfly Twist the 2 dog fence Wires

    Having exposed the copper cores of the 2 dog fence wires we are joining together we need to overlap the 2 exposed copper wires and butterfly twist them, you can also use the pliers to tighten the twist of the 2 wires. You can also cut of some loose ends to tidy it up a bit.

  6. 3. Tie a Knot near the twisted wires to strengthen your dog fence repair

  7. Step 3: The secret - Tie a Knot near the twist

    Our real secret in joining and repairing the dog fence wires is tying a knot at the end, getting it as close to the copper as possible. This ensures that if anything pulls the joint the connection we just made will not break apart. It is generally the key to make sure its not going to pull apart easily.

  8. 4. Wrap The Exposed Ends Of the Repaired Wire In PVC Tape

  9. Step 4: Wrap The Exposed Ends Of The Wire In Tape

    Now we need to wrap our newly made joint with electrical tape... start just a little bit past the knot we made and wrap it in one direction all the way to the end. I usually keep going past the repaired dog fence wire ends a little bit, then folding over the excess tape back and then wrap it back to the other direction and seal it off.

  10. 5. Make a Fold or 2 to create some Dog Fence Wire slack for future Joins and Repairs

  11. Step 5: Make a Wire slack for future purposes

    If you ever get another break in your invisible dog fence wire you need a slack in the system, so what we do to ensure that we have enough dog fence wire if ever there will be a breakage is fold over the pair of wires we made, then get just a piece of the wire and fold it back again, use the pvc tape again to hold our wires together and now it will look straight and we have a slack in the system for future use

We Opted NOT to Use Gel Joiners to Repair the Dog Fence Wire

Remember you are running a radio signal - Not Electricity. You simply need to create a connection to the copper core of the dog fence wire to continue to transmit the radio signal.

Gel Joiners tended to fail after a while and sometimes people would use electric spade joiners. These would also often fall apart and disconnect.

Our video on How to Join or splice a broken radio dog fence wire explains a simple way to repair your system that will last for ages. 

Should I Bury the Electric Dog Fence Wire Or Have An Above Ground Dog Fence

If you have to bury your Dog Fence Wire and it breaks - it is a LOT HARDER to find the break and fix it. You can leave your dog fence wire above ground but make sure it can withstand the Australian Sun and the elements.

We have opted for a very tuff coating for our dog fence wire (HDPe High Density Polyethylene) as well as a 7 strand copper core for the wire... Why?

Because it can sit on the fence or above ground and withstand the sun and not break down. Most Electric dog fence wires is PVC and only UV stabilised - our wire has a HDPe coating which gives it a 20year UV rating. We come across a lot of people who have had their dogs escape because the wire keeps creating faults and they are forever having to fix the break in their dog fence wires.

There is no need to bury our wire - just leave it sitting on the fence with a few precautions built in to ensure it does not break.

Using a good dog fence wire with a good strong and solid core, helps to maintain the integrity of the signal.

What Is The Best Wire for an Invisible Dog Fence 

Dog Fence?

Make sure it has a 20 year UV rating and can stay above ground. 

Our Top Rated Dog Fence Wire is so durable you can even leave it hanging on the fence, lay it on the ground, cover it with mulch, bury it around your lawn or tunnel it under a concrete driveway. The Radio Signal from the transmitter expands out of the copper core of the dog fence wire. The wire is actually the aerial or the antenna to the transmitter so using dog fence wire with a good strong and solid core, helps to maintain the integrity of the signal.

Low quality and thin wire does not offer you a good base for the signal and can lead to Radio Signal Bounce. Wire damage and broken wire are the biggest cause of concern for Electric Dog Fence owners. We use an FM frequency so you can also have our wire on a metal colorbond fencing and near metal sheds.

  • • 7 Strand 1mm Copper Core – Extremely Reliable

  • Petsafe Anti Bark Control Collar - PBC 102

    Our Dog Fence Wire is made up of 7 strands of 1mm copper wiring as its core. Having a multiple thick copper core ensures that the wire we are providing would be strong and durable. This also gives the FM radio frequency signal a sufficient pathway to travel on.

  • • High Density Polyethylene (HDPe) Coating

  • Our wire has 2mm thick High-Density Polyethylene(HDPe) Coating that protects it from light to medium damage. Not only that, it also helps prevent our electric dog fence wire from breaking down in the Australian sun. This ensures that our Dog Fence Wire will last and will keep your dog sufficiently protected for several years.

  • • 20 Year UV Rating for HDPe Coat

  • Does our dog fence wire need to be buried? No. Our wire is not just UV stabilized but its UV rated, you do not need to bury the wire anymore just leave it hanging on your fence. Our electric dog fence wire is protected from the unforgiving UV rays of the sun for 20 years. You do not want to get wire that will easily get damaged or baked by the sun's heat and UV rays.

How Much Dog Fence Wire do I Need?

How much electric dog fence wire should I get?

Our Electric Dog Fence Kits usually come with an initial 100m of dog fence wire unless stated otherwise. For some kits, the transmitters are capable of covering more than what the initial 100m can offer you. This means you will need to get extra wire to be able to cover more area. Below is a table that shows how much wire you need for your property’s size.

Area in ACRES

Wire (meters)

How many extra rolls of dog fence wire to purchase?


























































To check how much dog fence wire needed, click on the link down below to download our chart:

How much electric dog fence wire do I need ?

If you are still having a hard time repairing or extending your dog fence wire give us a call on our 7 Day Hotline 1-300-(THE-DOG) 1-300-843-364 or for questions / inquiries do not hesitate to CONTACT US

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