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  • PetSafe SPT-85 Spray Commander Remote Spray TrainerPetSafe SPT-85 Spray Commander Remote Spray Trainer
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    Product description:Buy an effective way to communicate and successfully train your dog with the Petsafe SPT-85 Spray Commander Basic Spray Trainer Kit. The Petsafe Dog Training Collar is an entry level citronella spray remote trainer that comes with a water-resistant remote transmitter and a waterproof spray Citronella receiver collar.

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    PetSafe SPT-85 Spray Commander Remote Spray TrainerPetSafe SPT-85 Spray Commander Remote Spray TrainerPetSafe SPT-85 Spray Commander Remote Spray Trainer
    PetSafe SPT-85 Spray Commander Remote Spray Trainer

    PetSafe SPT-85 Spray Commander Remote Spray Trainer

    AU $193.49
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    PetSafe SPT-85 Citronella Spray Remote Trainer (Currently Out Of Stock) 

    Check out the most effective Remote Systems of PetSafe here:

    Effectively communicate and successfully train your dog with the Petsafe SPT-85 Spray Commander Basic Spray Trainer Kit. The Petsafe SPT-85 Spray Commander is an entry level citronella spray remote trainer that comes with a water-resistant remote transmitter and a waterproof spray Citronella receiver collar.

    With just a push of a button, it's remote transmitter sends a signal that activates the receiver collar to spray and to command your dog from up to 85 meters away. The kit’s spray receiver collar delivers safe citronella spray stimulation to distract the dog from the undesirable behaviours and helps correct and redirect them --- making it a more trainanable dog and a better-behaved pet. Comfortable for your dog and easy to use, the remote spray is best suited for dogs over 3.5kg.

    PetSafe SPT-85 Remote Trainer Features

    • • 2 Levels of Citronella Spray Stimulation Plus Tone Only
    • • Water-Resistant Remote Transmitter
    • • Waterproof Citronella Spray Receiver Collar
    • • Up to 85 Metres Signal Range
    • • For dogs over 3.6 kg
    • • Lightweight and easy to use
    • • 3 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty

    What's in the PetSafe SPT-85 Box?

    The PetSafe SPT-85 Remote Trainer in Detail...


    The remote trainer kit has been designed with 2 levels of Citronella spray stimulations that serve as a correction you can associate on your dog's training and in learning new commands without the leash.The 'tone only' mode is set when you’re still trying to get your dog used to the system and reinforce training.


    Durable and water-resistant, the PetSafe Citronella Spray Trainer’s remote handheld transmitter is designed for flexible indoor and outdoor use but not fully submersible so it's advised not to drown them in water. On the other hand, the Citronella spray receiver collar is completely waterproof and is built to help train your dog while splashing water in the pool, playing under the rain or running beside the shoreline.


    The Citronella Spray Trainer's remote transmitter sends a signal to activate your dog’s spray receiver collar for up to 85-metre distance. It is best suited for pet dogs being trained for unwanted behavior whilst giving them space to run and exercise around your property.


    The SPT-85 Commander Citronella Spray Trainer by PetSafe is designed for dogs weighing over 3.6 KG. It comes with an adjustable receiver collar strap perfect for stimulation, control and your dog’s comfortable breathing.


    Lightweight and comes with ergonomic Citronella spray receiver collar, your dog’s secured not to get skin irritation with the collar even when left for extended periods of time. However, it is advised that the collar must be taken off after 8 hours of straight to let your dog's neck breathe.


    The remote trainer's kit collar strap from is adjustable and detachable. Changing out the batteries or cleaning the unit is much easier with the strap off.




    Correction Modes

    Citronella Spray

    Correction Levels

    2 Levels of Spray + Tone


    Yes (Receiver Collar) No (Remote Transmitter)

    Dog Size

    Small to Large




    82mm x 65mm x 20mm

    Strap Size

    Up to 56cm

    PetSafe SPT-85 Citronella Spray Remote Trainer Manual

    PetSafe SPT-85 Citronella Spray Remote Trainer Manual

    How does the system work?

    The PetSafe® SPT-85 Spray Commander™ Basic Remote Spray Trainer kit consists of a Remote Transmitter and a Spray Receiver Collar that is used to distract the dog by redirecting its misbehavior or learn how to obey commands. By pushing the button of the remote transmitter, it will send signal that activates your dog’s Receiver Collar that can reach up to 85 metres away. With 2 levels of spray stimulation and a tone-only feature, your dog will quickly learn the association between its behavior and your training. Your pet will behave better in no time.

    Key Functions

    Remote Transmitter: A water-resistant unit and will transmit the radio signal to the Receiver Collar.
    Button 1: A tone is being delivered.
    Button 2: Delivers a short, one-half second spray stimulation to your dog.
    Button 3: Delivers a long, one second spray stimulation to your dog.
    Continuous Spray: By pressing continuously and releasing either Button 2 or Button 3 to deliver spray stimulation longer than one second.
    Tone: Use the Tone (Button 1) for reinforcing good behavior. Again, timing is critical. Praise or treat your dog immediately following the Tone. By pressing and releasing the Button 1 to deliver 2 short beeps. Then continuously press and release Button 1 for consecutive audible beeps.
    Battery Cover: It will enclose the battery
    Loop: the wrist strap attaches is located.
    Receiver Collar: Waterproof collar that delivers spray or Tone on a signal from the Remote Transmitter.
    Refill Port: where you can refill the spray liquid.
    Keeper: Holds the end of the nylon collar in the same location.
    ON (l) / OFF (O) and Battery Cover: It covers the battery and the button which is used to turn the Receiver Collar ON (l) and OFF (O).
    Spray Nozzle: It is where the spray emits the mist to your dog’s snout.

    In Preparing the Remote Transmitter

    How to insert the Battery?

    1. Remote Transmitter must be held face down. In removing the Battery Cover, gently pushing the lower door, and slide it down.
    2. Place in the 6-Volt Battery.
    3. To replace the Battery Cover through positioning the top edge then pushing up until it snaps in place

    Preparing the Receiver Collar

    Threading the Nylon Collar and placing it to the Receiver

    1. From the nylon collar, remove the Keeper. Through the loops of the receiver, pass the nylon collar. On the nylon collar, put the Keeper back. The Keeper’s curved edge of the should be facing inward.
    2. Feed the free end of the nylon collar of the buckle from the back to the front Into the slot. After that, through the outside slot from the front to the back thread the free end of the nylon collar. And then thread the Keeper, free end should now hang on the outside.

    How to insert and remove the Battery

    1. In removing the Battery Cover, into the Battery Cover, use a coin into the slot and turn it towards the open position.
    2. Put in one 6-Volt Battery in Receiver Collar with the positive end towards the bottom. Put back the Battery Cover by turning it to the OFF (O) position with the use of coin (2D).

    How to turn the Receiver Collar ON and OFF

    After the battery has been installed, turn the Battery Cover to the ON (l) position using a coin. Turning the Receiver Collar OFF will extend the battery life when not in use.

    Note: To confirm that the batteries are installed properly and the Remote Trainer is working properly, press the Button 1 on the Remote Transmitter. You should be able to hear the Tone from the Receiver Collar. You may have installed the batteries backwards if you do not hear the Tone. Make sure the batteries in the Remote Transmitter and Receiver Collar that it was oriented properly. If still no Tone can be heard, get in touch with the Customer Care Centre.

    Fitting the Receiver Collar

    Please follow these steps to ensure proper fitting:

    1. The Receiver Collar must be turned OFF (O).
    2. Your dog should be standing comfortably to start with (3A).
    3. On your dog’s neck place the Receiver Collar close to the ears. Underneath your dog’s neck, centre the Receiver Collar. Make sure in the front of the receiver the PetSafe® logo is upright (3B).
    Note: To ensure and effective that the spray reaches the dog’s snout, it may be necessary to trim the neck hairs along the path of the spray for long-haired dogs. Never shave the pet’s necks as it will increase the risk of skin irritations.
    4. Make sure that the Receiver Collar fit snugly, still loose enough to allow one finger to fit under the nylon collar (3C). For several minutes, allow your dog to wear the Receiver Collar then recheck the fit. Continue to check the fit again after your dog becomes more comfortable with the Receiver Collar.
    5. Trimming the nylon collar by doing the following:
    a. Using a pen, mark the desired length of the nylon collar. Allow some length for growth if your dog is young or grows a thick winter coat.
    b. Cut off the excess strap after removing the Receiver Collar from your dog. The Receiver Collar should be taken off after 12 hours out of every 24- hour period. Skin irritation will shows if the Receiver Collar is left on too long. For additional information about skin irritation, please refer to page 3.
    To guarantee a proper Spray Pattern for the Remote Trainer so it can perform properly, the Spray Nozzle must be positioned correctly and with a clear path from the Spray Nozzle to your dog’s snout. Please follow these following easy steps:
    1. Make certain that the PetSafe® logo is on the front of the receiver and it is upright. The Spray Nozzle must be angled out and pointing up towards the dog’s snout.
    2. It will be needed to trim the neck hairs along the path of the spray for long-haired dogs to ensure that the spray reaches the dog’s snout to be effective. The Receiver Collar must always be refilled before each use for best performance. Shaving the pet’s neck may increase the risk of skin irritation, it should not be done.

    How to Fill and Refill the Spray

    1. Take off the Receiver Collar from your dog’s neck and turn it OFF (O).
    2. Make sure that the Refill Port is clean.
    Note: The receiver will become clogged and malfunction if any dirt or debris enters the Refill Port when refilling. With a damp cloth, wipe it clean and dry.
    3. Grip the Spray Canister upright and then firmly press the nozzle down into the Refill Port in refilling the oil. Hold the Spray Canister for 15 seconds and remove it.
    Note: You may need to press harder to complete the seal if spray leaks out.
    4. Then you may turn the Receiver Collar ON (l). The Receiver Collar must always be refilled before each use for optimal performance,.
    Note: Do not make any refill of the Receiver Collar while your dog is wearing it. It may damage the fill up valve in doing so.
    Never to puncture or incinerate the Receiver Collar or the spray canister. Exposing the refill can spray to extreme heat or store at temperatures above 113°F can cause explosion. Make contact with the Customer Care Centre or visit our web site at in locating a retailer near you.


    • Your pet may become confused if you move too fast with training. We should eliminate one’s misbehavior or teach obedience command one at a time.
    • Always be consistent. Do not hesitate to give your pet spray stimulation with each misbehavior they incur.
    • As few sprays possible must be use to train your dog to avoid overcorrection your pet.
    • It is recommendable that you restrict your pet from situations in which he is misbehaving unless you can supervise him. However, setting up a situation as for a training session can hugely improve your chances of success.
    • Never let him see you prepare the Remote Trainer to make sure that your dog does not make the connection between you and the Remote Trainer. Either for the first try or for subsequent use of the Remote Trainer. Keep your dog away while you preparing the Remote Trainer in refilling it or change the battery.
    • Always make sure that the Remote Trainer is always ready to function, each time your dog displays undesirable behavior. Always check the Receiver Collar daily to ensure it contains enough spray that has to be refill.
    • Wait for 20 minutes after you put the Receiver Collar around your dog's’ neck before the training session begin so that your dog doesn’t associate wearing the Receiver Collar with the exercises.
    • Always use a separate non-metallic collar to attach a lead and never fasten a lead to the Receiver Collar. Never use the Remote Trainer to correct or eliminate any form of aggressive behavior. If you are unsure if your dog is aggressive, please consult your veterinarian or certified trainer.

    Teaching your Pet the Tone (Button 1)

    Notice: Ensure that the the training session is out of the hearing range of other pets in because they will be affected by the Tone. Spend 10 to 15 minutes per day for 2 or 3 days to your pet create the association of the Tone with reward and praise before using the Remote Dog Trainer to train your pet. You can accomplish this by doing:

    • Pressing the Button 1 (Tone).
    • Releasing the Button 1 (Tone) and immediately reward your pet with verbal praises, petting, or a small food reward. Spend only 3 to 5 seconds on the reward training.
    • Wait for a couple of minutes and to repeat by pressing Button 1 (Tone) and then following with praise. Change the rewards to avoid your pet from looking for a specific type. The training is complete when your pet obviously looking for a reward when your dog hears the Tone. If your pet reaction is fearful or hiding to the Tone, redirect its attention to a more simple and appropriate behavior, such as the “sit” command.

    How to use Spray Stimulation (Buttons 1 and 2)

    You should control the timing and how long of the spray being delivered to your pet. The Button 2 delivers a short, one-half second spray stimulation from the receiver collar. While the Button 3 delivers a longer, one second spray stimulation to your dog. By pressing and releasing the buttons to deliver continuous spray stimulation more than one second when needed in training. It is very important to that you only press the spray button only when your dog is exhibiting unwanted behavior or not obeying the learned commands. Release the spray button right away as soon as your dog has stopped the unwanted behavior or is obeying a command. And then praise your dog immediately.

    Notice: The training must be used consistently along with the command you are trying to teach your pet for all of these training methods to be more effective. Please check our website at to download the detailed Training Guide for this system that teaches the basic obedience commands and in how to eliminate the unwanted behaviors.

    You will learn how to use the Remote Trainer in teaching your dog these following basic commands:

    • Sit
    • Come
    • Stay

    And you can eliminate the following unwanted behaviors like:

    • Jumping over the fence
    • Digging the ground • Chasing things
    • Nuisance barking

    Most Commonly Asked Questions:

    What is the age of my pet before it can use the Remote Trainer?

    For at least 6 months old and you pet is old enough to be able to recognize basic obedience commands such as “Sit” or “Stay”.

    Will my pet have to continue to wear the Receiver Collar after my pet has been trained and has been obeying my commands?

    Probably not necessarily, however, you may need to reinforce training with the Receiver Collar from time to time.

    Is the Receiver Collar waterproof?

    Yes it is. Be sure to keep the area free of dirt and debris when replacing the battery.

    Can I use the Remote Trainer to stop aggressive dogs?

    We do not recommend any of our products to be used on aggressive dogs. If you are unsure that your dog is aggressive, please consult your veterinarian or a certified trainer.

    Do I really get exactly 85 metres of signal range with the Remote Trainer?

    The range of the Remote Trainer will change depending on the terrain, weather, vegetation, as well as transmission from other radio devices.

    Does my dog’s nose need to be hit by the spray mist?

    No need to. The spray is very fine and will only creates a mist in the snout region.

    How to Troubleshoot:

    What should I do if my pet does not respond when I press Buttons 1, 2, or 3 on the Remote Transmitter?

    Either your range has reduced from the first time you used the Remote Trainer or the battery(s) may be very low in either the Remote Transmitter or Receiver Collar.

    The Receiver Collar does not turn ON (l).

    Check the battery status with the LED light indicator and replace the Receiver Collar battery if it is already empty.

    What if the the Receiver Collar is not responding to the Remote Transmitter?

    Call the Customer Care Centre and ask for assistance.

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