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    $139.95 //
    Product description:Capture every single precious moment of your cat or your dog. See the world in their point of view with the EYENIAML Petcam!

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    EYENIMAL Petcam

    EYENIMAL Petcam

    AU $139.95
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    EYENIMAL Pet Camera

    Discover you pets daily adventure with the Eyenimal Petcam. This is a great way to monitor your pet's day to day activities for you to know what they are up to when you are not around. It is also a great way for you to see thier world through their eyes and keep those memories as you grow old with your cat or dog.

    EYENIMAL Petcam Features

    • • 4GB Internal Memory for Longer Videos
    • • Audio Recording through Built in Microphone
    • • Battery Life up to 2hrs and 30mins
    • • Easy Video Transfer and Charging with USB Cable
    • • Water Resistant for Added Durability
    • • Manufacturer Warranty of 1 Year

    What's in the EYENIMAL Petcam Box?

    • • Eyenimal Petcam
    • • USB Cable for Data Transfer and Charging
    • • Instruction Manual

    In Detail with the EYENIMAL PetCam...

    Storage Capaticy of 4GB for Longer Videos

    Eyenimal Petcam wants you to capture your dogs precious moments that is why they installed a 4GB memory that will let you record up to 150 minutes. Recordings will be divided every 30mins and the Petcam will automatically turn itself of when the memory is full to let you know when to transfer or delete videos from the petcam.

    Ability to Record Audio with Built in Microphone

    Eyenimal Petcam will also let you record you videos with audio to make you dog videos come to life thanks to its built in microphone.

    150 Mins Battery Life to Match its Storage Capacity

    Eyenimal Petcam will allow you to make the most out of your storage capacity that is why they matched the battery life to its storage capacity of 150mins recording time so you wont miss anything about your dogs day to day adventures

    USB cable for Easy Charging and Data Transfer

    You can easily transfer the videos to your computer with the usb cable that is included in the package and the same usb cable can be used to charge the petcam making it more convenient for you to charge while transfering the videos to your computer.

    Water Resistant to Capture your Pets Precious Moments

    We all know that you pet enjoys the outdoors or playing with water that is why Eyenimal PetCam made their product water resistant for it to withstand your pet playing in the rain or with your waterhose. As long as the PetCam is not submerged in water you are good to go.

    1 Year Manufacturer Warranty from Factory Defects

    Eyenimal Petcam got you covered for any factory defects for 1yr for you to have a peace of mind when it comes to your products functionality.




    Pet Size

    Cats and Small Dogs




    60 x 45 x 15 mm

    Battery Life

    Up to 150mins

    Data Transfer and Charging

    USB Connection

    Video Resolution

    680 x 480 Pixels

    Video Format



    Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, windows 7, Vista, MAC OS 10, Linux

    EYENIMAL Pet Camera Fact Sheet

    EYENIMAL Pet Camera Fact Sheet

    Built-in Mic for Audio Recording

    4GB Internal Memory

    Water Resistance for Protection

    USB Cable for Video Transfer and Charging


    A perfect way to capture and discover the behaviour of your pets when you are not around is to use the Eyenimal Pet Cam. It has a built-in microphone that records the sounds of the surroundings. You may hear funny moments or conversations as they interact with other animals or find out problem areas.


    This Eyenimal Pet Cam is using lenses with 680 x 480 pixels resolution. You can see clearly how your pets act and discover the places they are off to wander around.


    The Eyenimal Pet Cam is safe from water splashes because of its water resistance feature. Your pet and the camera is safe if they get wet from water spills or rain showers.


    Because each moment is very important to you and for your pet, the Eyenimal Pet Cam has a built in 4GB internal memory that stores longer videos for more memories and events.


    The Eyenimal Pet Cam has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 150 minutes of each video. Make sure to turn the camera off for faster charging time.


    A very convenient way to transfer and charge the Eyenimal Pet Cam is by using a USB cable wire. Just plug it in your computer and will automatically transfer the video files and view it. And it also charges while connected to your computer or laptop.


    Eyenimal is dedicated to deliver only the best quality pet cam that so this product has one year warranty for factory defects.


    In case the camera is lost, sticker identification is available at the back of the Eyenimal Pet Cam. Make sure to fill up with your name and contact details for easy return.

    EYENIMAL Pet Camera Manual

    EYENIMAL Pet Camera Manual

    Charging the battery

    - The device must be turned off when charging the batter. Initial charging must last for atleast 8 hours before use.
    - Remove the protection tab under your camera to charge the device’s battery. Using the cable provided, connect the camera. Make sure your camera is turned off when charging. It takes about 5 hours to get your battery to full charge. See to it that your computer is on standby mode or turned on when charging

    Sticker ID

    You should know that at the back of the camera, you can handwrite your name and contact details. You can fill them out for reference should your camera be lost.


    - It is recommended that pet owners must observe proper safety measures when using the product to prevent injury or strangling. The pets must be fitted with a safety or breakaway type collar that are made entirely of elastic materials. Metals and rigid type collars are prohibited.
    - Always check your pet’s collar making sure it fits perfectly so as it needs to be adjusted along as your pet’s growth.

    Fitting/Attaching the Collar

    - Slide the collar through the tab of the fastening clip to attach your camera to the collar. See to it that the camera is securely fitted on place. The fastening clip is 3/8 to 1.2 inch in size and 1-3 cm wide.
    - The collar must not be too lose nor too tight. It should be fitted perfectly or just enough for your dog’s safety and comfort. You should know if it’s properly attached when you can insert two fingers in between your dog’s neck and the collar. Then, you can adjust the angle so that the lens is vertical to the ground.

    Activating/Deactivating the Camera

    - Take off the camera lens’ protective plastic cover before using the camera.
    - Press and hold the power button located on the side of the unit for 5 seconds to turn on the camera. The blue light indicator will show up indicating the camera is active. Press the same button to start recording. You will know the device is recording when the blue light indicator starts blinking.
    - Press the power button briefly to stop the device from recording. Hold the power button for 5 seconds to turn the camera off.
    - REMEMBER: Press the <> only when your device is malfunctioning. It will reset your device back to factory settings. If the camera is unused to a long period of time, you will need to reset it.

    Session recording

    - The device’s memory capacity can only contain 2.5 hours of recording. Video sessions are divided by 30mins. The device will deactivate automatically when memory is full. Therefore, you need to copy and transfer video files into your computer or laptop before deleting them on the device for you to record again.

    Viewing/Deleting/Downloading Videos

    - Note: Turn off the camera before doing these three operations
    - With your personal computer or laptop, plug in the video camera through the USB cable provided in the box for it to recognize the camera.
    - After that, you can now view, delete and transfer recorded files using the media player you have on your computer.
    - NOTE: Incase your computer might not recognize your camera on your initial plug in, disconnect the USB cable from it, restart your computer and try again. Make sure you properly turned off your camera.

    Video Sharing on Social Media

    - You can publish or share you videos online or on any social media site. You can also post them on our official facebook page: and we would love to post them on our own website.
    - Note: Publishing of videos online must have prior consent of the persons appearing on them. Failure to do so is an act against privacy and therefore punishable by law. The publisher takes full accountability for any complaints that may arise.

    Safety Precautions

    - The camera is not waterproof. Never submerge or immerse the video camera on water or in any humid environment as it can cause potential risks for the user.

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