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  • EYENIMAL Dog VideocamEYENIMAL Dog Videocam
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    $249.95 //
    Product description:Designed for hunting dogs, the EYENIMAL Dog Videocam allows you to record some of your best hunts so you can't miss that amazing experience.

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    EYENIMAL Dog VideocamEYENIMAL Dog VideocamEYENIMAL Dog VideocamEYENIMAL Dog Videocam
    EYENIMAL Dog Videocam

    EYENIMAL Dog Videocam

    AU $249.95
    RRP AU $279.00 Save $29.05
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    EYENIMAL Dog Security Cam

    Never miss out on your hunting trips and always keep the special memories with EYENIMAL Dog Videocam! The likely pair of engineered fastening systems of a collar for your dog and a cap for you allows you to capture the moment. Tough and waterproof to handle all kinds of situations, it can adapt to follow dog and master everywhere. The excitement, the run, the hunt - it's designed for your optimal hunting experience with your dogs.

    Dog Videocam Features

    • • 3 Modes of Recording ( Continuous, Moving, Stationary )
    • • Audio Recording Option
    • • Built in 4GB Memory
    • • Expandable Memory up to 8GB via Mini SD Slot
    • • Waterproof
    • • Up to 150Mins Battery Life
    • • DogCam Mount that can be Used in your Dogs Collar or your Cap
    • • 1 Year Warranty from Manufacturer

    What's in the box?

    • • EYENIMAL Dog Videocam
    • • Mount for EYENIMAL Dog Videocam
    • • Perforated Metal Cap for Sound Recording
    • • Eyenimal Dog Owners Cap
    • • USB cable for Charging and Data Transfer
    • • Owner's Manual

    In depth with the EYENIMAL Dog Videocam...

    Record only when you want to

    Eyenimal DogCam is truly a Dog Owners must have. Never miss a moment with your dog because you can set the recording option of the DogCam. You can set it to Continuously Record , Record only when moving, Record when Stationary these option is best for hunting dogs or if you are taking your dog outdoos where you want to see the environment from your dogs point of view.

    Audio Recording Option

    You can also record the audio of the video with the audio recording function in the DogCam you just have to change the cover in the DogCam but by recording audio it removes the waterproof function due to the microphone being exposed.

    4GB Memory for Long Video Recording

    We want you to enjoy recording your adventures with your dog that is why the Eyenimal DogCam has a built in 4GB memory that would let you record a lot of videos or a long video.

    Mini SD Slot for Memory Expansion

    The Eyenimal DogCam gives you the option of expanding the memory of the DogCam through its Mini SD slot. You can install up to 8GB Mini SD card so you wont run out of videos to record.

    Waterproof for your Outdoor Adventures

    Eyenimal DogCam wants you to enjoy recording moments with your dog that's why they made the Dogcam waterproof so you don't have to worry when you record anywhere your dog goes.

    Battery Life Built for Long Adventures

    Eyenimal DogCam installed a battery that would last for more than 2 hours with a single charge.

    DogCam Made Not Just for your Dog

    Eyenimal DogCam made the DogCam Mount that you can also put in the Eyenimal Cap that we included in the package in case you want to record your adventures with your point of view.

    Warranty from Factory Defects of 1 Year

    Eyenimal DogCam got you covered from any factory defects for 1 year so you can have your money worth when it comes to the products quality.







    Length 84mm / Diameter 26mm



    Battery Life

    Up to 150 minutes

    Dog Sizes


    EYENIMAL Dog Security Cam Fact Sheet

    EYENIMAL Dog Security Cam Fact Sheet

    3 Selections of Recording Modes

    Optional Audio Recording Feature

    Movement Detection Feature

    4GB Internal – Micro SD Expandable Memory


    It is a great experience to watch what your dog can see in its point of view. Then, the Eyenimal Dog Videocam is the best video camera to use because of its unique feature of 3 selections in what recording mode you will use. You can choose Continuously Record, Record Only when moving and Record when stationary (not moving). This is good to use for the hunting dogs, or even just for nature adventures.


    To complete the experience in how your dog can see, hear and react to its environment, an audio recording functionality is also available to use while recording the video. Because of the microphone being exposed, it is important that the Eyenimal Dog Videocam is in a water free environment.


    Setting the mode selector to Position #2, this will activate the movement detection feature in which the video camera automatically stops recording if your dog stops moving or if it’s on standby. A good feature that saves the battery life in the Eyenimal Dog Videocam.


    Now you will not miss any moments with your pet because Eyenimal Dog Videocam has an internal memory of 4GB and a Micro-SD slot that you can expand the memory of the camera for longer video recordings.


    The Eyenimal Dog Videocam has a rechargeable battery that you can use for 2 hours and may extend up to 3 hours depending on the recording mode you selected for the video.


    We like you to also enjoy recording of how you see the world in your perspective. When you have bonding moments with your pets or even with your family and friends, the Dog Videocam would capture the best moments for those special events. So a CAP is included where you can put the camera as a gift from Eyenimal to you.


    EYENIMAL delivers one of the best quality Dog Videocam that is why this product has one year warranty for factory defects.

    EYENIMAL Dog Security Cam Manual

    EYENIMAL Dog Security Cam Manual

    First use

    It is necessary to fully charge the battery of your video cam before the first use (duration of the 1st charge: 8 hours).

    Charge of the battery

    To charge your product, the video cam must be necessarily turned off.

    To charge your product, proceed in the following way:
    - Unscrew the metal cap to the rear of the video cam.
    - Plug the line cord to the receptacle at the bottom of the video cam.
    - Then plug the line cord of the computer.
    - When the battery is charging, the indicator light turns red (the charge of the product takes approximately two and half hours).
    - Once the battery is fully charged, the red indicator light goes out to indicate that your product is completely recharged.
    - Disconnect the video cam from the line cord.
    - Disconnect the line cord from the computer.
    - Screw the metal cap to the rear of the video cam back on.

    Video Camera Fitting

    1/ Fit the video camera device on its mount

    To fit the video cam on its mount:
    - Open the video camera mount clamp
    - Attach the video camera in the clamp
    - lose the clamp

    2/ Attach and mount the video camera to a strap or the EYENIMAL® cap

    To mount to your dog's collar on the video camera:
    - Push the button in the direction shown by the arrow to open the cap.
    - Position the strap down flat in the mount.
    - Push the button in the opposite direction to close the mount

    This video camera device mount has standard straps with 25mm and a thickness of 2.4mm specially designed for use. We strongly advise you to use a polyurethane strap to prevent collar from moving around the neck of your dog. These straps can be purchased on you NUM’AXES local distributor or through our website.

    To attach the video cam mount to the EYENIMAL® cap:
    - By pushing the button in the direction shown by the arrow, open the mount.
    - On the right side of the cap, place the mount into the notch.
    - Push the button in the opposite direction to close the mount.

    3/ Angle the video camera as instructed

    When the video cam is fitted on the dog's neck or on the EYENIMAL® cap, remember to adjust the viewing angle by rotating the video cam mount upward or downwards.

    The indicator light on the top of the video cam must be directed upwards.

    Continuous Recording

    To continually record videos on your video camera, set its mode to Position 1 (see diagrams § Description). Hold the power button on the top of the video camera in for 5 seconds to start recording. As soon as the indicator light flashes blue, the video camera is recording.

    To stop the recording/turn off the video cam, hold the on/off button in for 5 seconds.

    Movement Detection Feature

    The mode setting is used only when your dog is moving. It automatically stops when your dog stops moving or when video camera is on standby.

    Set the mode selector to Position #2 to activate this movement detection feature of the device.

    Hold the power button on the top of the video recorder for atleast 5 seconds to start recording. The video camera is recording one the light indicator flashes blue.

    Hold the power button in for 5 seconds to stop recording and to turn the device off.

    Stationary Recording Feature

    This mode setting is used to only film when your dog is not moving or when on standby. Recording stops automatically when the video camera or the dog moves.

    Set the mode selector to Position #3 to activate this stationary recording feature of the device (see diagrams § Description).

    To start recording, hold the on/off button on the top of the video cam in for 5 seconds. The indicator light will flash blue: the video cam is recording.

    To stop the recording/turn off the video cam, hold the on/off button in for 5 seconds.

    Recording Audio

    The perforated metal cap can be used to record sound while the video cam is filming

    The video camera is not waterproof. If in case the video camera will be irreversibly damaged if submerged in water, the warranty will be invalid or voided.

    Recording sessions

    Sessions of recording shall be divided in 30mins.

    The video cam turns itself off automatically once memory is full. Thus, it is important to delete stored videos to free device memory and start recording again.

    The blue indicator light will flash quickly when battery storage is low.

    The device has 4 Gb memory capacity. adding a mini SD card (up to 8 Gb) in the location provided for this purpose (see diagrams § Description) will increase storage space.

    - Battery autonomy when recording continuously: up to 2:30.
    - Battery autonomy in "movement" mode: up to 3:10.
    - Battery autonomy in "stationary" mode: up to 3:10.

    The above periods are applicable only for best conditions and may vary with temperature, light and movement.

    View/Delete/Downloading Videos

    Plug your video camera device using the cable provided in the box to your computer. The video camera will be automatically recognized by the computer. Using your preferred media player, you can then view, delete or transfer video files on your computer.

    IMPORTANT: Computers may not detect the video camera on the 1st attempt. In that case, disconnect the USB cable from your computer and repeat the steps.

    Changing Time and Date

    In changing the date and time for videos, follow the steps below.

    1. Attach he video camera with computer or Laptop through the cable provided, then you can find a new added “Disk(X)” symbol in “my computer”.

    2. Open the directory of “Disk(X)”, then create a new text document by right clicking > New > Text file. It is important that the file is created in the “Disk(X)” folder and not in the “Video” folder.

    3. Rename the new text document to “set date”.

    4. Open the new Text document input the local time according to the following set form. For example: 12:09:01, 03, Jan, 2012 must be set like this: 20120103120901

    5. Now save the text document and unplug the USB cable. Then record a new video and re connect the video cam to the computer or laptop. Check if the video displays the correct time, if not, please set time again.

    Sharing your Videos

    Share your favorite videos of your cat or your dog with thousands of people all over the world. Edit your video and post it on

    Image rights and privacy:

    Publishing of images and videos without consent of the owner of the person concerned is strictly prohibited and is punishable by law. The publisher takes full responsibility and is liable for any violation and complaints that may arise.

    Cautions for use

    ▪ Never dismantle the camera as it void of nullify the warranty.
    ▪ Make sure the video camera is stored in a cool location, preferably completely discharged if camera is not used for an extended period.
    ▪ Do not throw your camera away with household trash (See § Disposing or recycling of your device at the end of its life).
    ▪ An adult supervision is strongly recommended for children. Keep the camera out of reach.
    ▪ The battery life will be reduced slightly in lower temperatures. We advise you not to use your camera below 0°C.


    Should your video cam stop working or develop an issue, first, read this user’s guide. Then, check the battery and that you are using the product correctly. Check the memory card is not full.

    In case of issues, proceed to “reset” the video cam by pressing the « Reset » button and holding it for 5 seconds (See diagrams § Description).

    You can also rapidly reformat the video cam memory as follows. Connect the video cam to the computer. Go to the "workstation" or "computer" menu, right click on the "mobile disk (X)" icon and select "format". Check the "quick formatting" box to start formatting.

    If the problem persists, contact your distributor or check out for customer care.

    Depending on the extent of the problem, you may have to return your product for service and repair.

    Colin's Review

    "Under Review - Call us for more Info."

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