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  • DogWatch Mini Bark Collar BT-5 for Small DogsDogWatch Mini Bark Collar BT-5 for Small Dogs
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    $185.00 //
    Product description:AU $185.00 Looking for a bark collar for small dogs? This is the newest DogWatch bark collar BT5 for small dogs that is waterproof with Bark Counter. Plus, vibration-only mode and 5 levels of static corrections that are best for both timid and stubborn dogs.

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    DogWatch Mini Bark Collar BT-5 for Small DogsDogWatch Mini Bark Collar BT-5 for Small DogsDogWatch Mini Bark Collar BT-5 for Small DogsDogWatch Mini Bark Collar BT-5 for Small Dogs
    DogWatch Mini Bark Collar BT-5 for Small DogsDogWatch Mini Bark Collar BT-5 for Small DogsDogWatch Mini Bark Collar BT-5 for Small DogsDogWatch Mini Bark Collar BT-5 for Small Dogs
    DogWatch Mini Bark Collar BT-5 for Small Dogs

    DogWatch Mini Bark Collar BT-5 for Small Dogs

    AU $185.00
    RRP AU $220.00 Save $35.00
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    DogWatch Bark Collar Mini for Tiny Dogs and Small Dogs

    This new bark collar from DogWatch will let you bid goodbye to your neighbours’ noise complaints. It has sleek, small and lightweight design made for little dogs. PLUS, the vibration-only mode for correction works best with your sensitive dog… while the 5 programmable levels of static stimulation will surely deter your stubborn dog from barking.

    DogWatch BT-5 Bark Collar Mini Review Unboxing 

    This newest dog bark collar in the market of Australia brings comfort to small and medium dogs weighing from 3.6 kgs to 22 kgs, with short hair or long coats. Indeed, one of the best barking collars for dogs.

    Why choose the DogWatch Bark Collar?

    • • 3 Year DogWatch Warranty for the Bark Collar
    • • 5 Programmable Levels + Vibration-only Mode
    • • Automatic & Gradual Increase of Correction for Better Bark Control
    • • Waterproof Construction
    • • Auto-reset Function
    • • Automated Safety Tech to Protect Your Dog from Over-correction
    • • Bark Delay - Best for Bark Control Training
    • • A Choice of 5 Settings or Automated Progressive Levels
    • • Bark Indication Counter
    • • LED Battery & Status Light Indicator
    • • Quick Switch Technology
    • • Replaceable Long Lasting Battery
    • • Interchangeable Probes for Long Haired Dogs

    What’s in the DogWatch Bark Collar box?

    • • DogWatch Mini Bark Collar Unit
    • • Adjustable Collar Strap
    • • 3V (1/3n) Lithium Battery
    • • Contact Posts for Short Haired Dogs & Contact Posts for Long Haired Dogs
    • • Owner’s Manual
    • • Training Guide Manual

    Details of the Advanced Features of DogWatch Bark Collar Mini


    Your DogWatch Mini Bark Collar unit is absolutely covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for any factory defects - do not forget to register the bark collar for this guarantee. .


    This dog anti-bark collar can be programmed up to 5 different levels of static stimulation to suit your dog’s (stubborn) personality. It is best if you will identify your dog’s recognition level of the static stimulation for best nuisance barking control result. However, if you have a sensitive dog, you can set the correction level to vibration-only mode - enough to deter a more timid dog.


    This is one of the best barking collars for dogs that will mostly do the bark training job for you - as your dog continues to bark excessively, the intensity level will go higher and higher than the programmed level that you’ve set for your dog. The harmless static levels are 1 - Low, 2 - Medium Low, 2 - Medium, 4 - Medium High and 5 - High. .


    This feature of the DogWatch Bark Collar Mini is intended to NOT over-correct your dog, as well as serve as a better function for the bark control training. If your dog goes on a barking episode, the harmless static stimulation will increase one level higher - efficiently stopping your dog from his/her nuisance barking… but if your dog barks again, he/she will not get stimulated by the high level where the bark collar left off - it will reset back to the recognition level you have programmed the bark collar to, this happens after 3 minutes of barking inactivity.


    This stop dog barking collar features this safety technology for emergency purposes and to better protect your dog from overcorrection - if your dog gets stimulated for 10 times within a 15-minutes time frame (which is waaay too much), the bark collar will stop delivering the static stimulations for 15 minutes.
    This kind of barking frenzy rarely happens and in most cases, only happens in moments of danger - that is why you shouldn’t aim to completely stop your dog from barking, just eliminate the nuisance barking.


    Not all bark collars have this feature for bark control training. This is also called “the bark forgiveness” delay. So, whenever your dog barks, the bark collar will not deliver the static stimulation immediately - allowing your dog to bark for 3 seconds before it will emit the correction. This has been rated to be a great training technique because dogs can better associate the barking habit to the stimulation, if they get corrected after barking and NOT during barking.


    That’s right. This barking collar for dogs will tell you how often your dog barks in a day especially if you are not around - this will also help you identify how your dog behaves and set the appropriate level for the correction. To view the information recorded by the Bark Counter, you can look at how the Status Light flashes when you turn the bark collar off./p>


    The DogWatch Bark Collar Mini is designed with the LED indicator for the battery life and the Bark Counter. So, for the battery it’s pretty simple; the LED blinks GREEN every 30 seconds if your battery is OK and if the bark collar is turned on. But if your battery is low, you’ll see the LED flashing RED. See? Easy peasy.
    Now, for the Bark Counter of this bark collar: when you turn the collar OFF, you’ll see the status light flashing - 2 flashes means the stimulation has been activated for 1 to 5 times. 3 flashes = 6-10 activations. 4 flashes = 11-15 activations. 5 flashes = 15+ activations. Cool, aye?


    This bark collar for small dogs advanced feature, “Quick Switch”, gives you the peace of mind of properly turning the bark collar on or off (to save the battery) without having to waste a second of your time trying to figure out if you’ve pressed it long enough.
    It’s pretty simple, as it should be (haha) - for Quick Switch OFF, just do 3 fast presses and you’ll see the Status Light flash Red/Green and will display the Bark Counter activations. For Quick Switch ON, do the same 3 fast presses and the status light will flash Green.


    DogWatch Bark Collar Mini is powered by a replaceable 3V (1/3n) Lithium battery which is rated to last up to 6 months of regular use. Now, your second battery will definitely last longer than the first one as your dog gets trained to eliminate nuisance barking and adapt to bark at acceptable levels.


    Having a waterproof bark collar definitely adds to your peace of mind. Good thing, the DogWatch Bark Collar Mini is completely waterproof and submersible. So, you can leave your dog around the pool area, or in the yard with the sprinklers on, without barking at anything or anyone unnecessary. Indeed, one of the best bark collars for small dogs.


    Whether you have a long haired dog or thick coated dog, the kit comes with both Long and Short probes that can be interchanged.

    Unboxing the DogWatch BT-5 Bark Collar Mini Review



    BT-5 Mini

    Correction Modes

    Static & Vibration

    Correction Levels

    5 + Vibration & Auto



    Dog Size

    Small to Medium


    43mm x 29mm x 18mm

    Weight of the Collar

    23 g


    Replaceable 3V (1/3n Lithium)

    Battery Status Indicator


    Progressive Correction


    DogWatch Bark Collar Mini Bark Trainer for Small Dogs Fact Sheet

    DogWatch Mini Anti Bark Collar for Small Dogs Fact Sheet

    With Bark Indication Counter

    15 Total Levels of Stimulation

    Vibration or Static Stimulation


    Check whether your selected setting is effective by determining the number of barks with the Bark Indication Counter when you get home and change the level accordingly.


    The DogWatch BT-7 features 5 settings with 3 automatically increasing levels within each setting giving you a total of 15 levels to train your dog’s nuisance barking.


    You have the option of fully progressive stimulation or one of the 5 settings available. This allows you to find the perfect level or setting to eliminate your dog’s nuisance barking.


    You can use either Static Stimulation or Vibration Stimulation to train your dog. Vibration is recommended when training the dog how the bark collar works or when your dog has been trained with Static Stimulation but needs a soft reminder every now and then with a short vibration.


    Stimulations last for 2 seconds per activation on lower levels and about half a second on higher levels for better and effective training. This can be compared to a long growl from a mother and a short strong bark to train your dog.

    DogWatch Bark Collar Mini No Bark Trainer Manual

    Key Features

    • 5 adjustable settings, including vibration
    • Automated progressive levels within each setting
    • Bark-Counter helps you monitor barking activity
    • “Bark forgiveness” delay allows appropriate barking
    • Auto self-test at each setting 
    • Lightweight, waterproof design 


    Select the Contact Posts that provide the best skin contact.
    • Short posts work well with short-haired dogs.
    • Long posts work best with long hair or thick coated dogs.

    Screw the posts securely into the Bark Collar. Always check that the posts are tightly screwed on the collar.


    To turn “ON” the Bark Collar, rotate the dial clockwise from ‘0’ (off) to your desired setting. This can be done using your fingers or with coin.
    Each time the unit is turned ‘on’ and each time the setting is changed, the Bark Collar vibrates briefly and the status light will illuminate. This is an auto ‘self-test’ to confirm the Bark Collar is working.


    The Bark Collar has 7 settings.
    Vibration Setting and Settings 1-5:
    The intensity of the vibration or stimulation for each level gradually increases as the dog barks.
    After 3 minutes of no barking, the Bark Collar automatically resets to the lowest intensity for that setting.

    Progressive Setting
    ‘P’ Setting begins with vibration only and then automatically changes to progressive stimulation (from Low to High) if the dog continues to bark. The Bark Collar automatically resets to vibration after 3 minutes of no barking.

    O ‘off’
    V Vibration only
    1 Low
    2 Medium Low
    3 Medium
    4 Medium High
    5 High
    P Progressive


    Make sure that the setting is in the off (‘0’) position when fitting the bark collar.

    For the product to be effective, the collar should be properly fitted.
    • The collar strap should be directly behind your dog’s ears.
    • The collar should have a snug fit. The contact posts should be able to detect the dog’s bark and should be able to send the vibration. Contact posts must always touch dog’s skin.

    The Bark Collar should be positioned at the center just below the dog’s chin. If the collar is too loose, or if the collar is placed away from the center of the neck, the bark may not be detected and the dog may not feel the vibration or stimulation at all.


    1. Turn Bark Collar “on” and set it to the lowest setting - either Vibration (‘V’) or Low (‘1’).
    2. Put the collar on dog’s neck (page 7).
    3. To determine the appropriate setting that fits your dog, you need to observe your dog’s barking activity. When your dog barks, look out for some response from the dog such as a head shake, ear twitch, change of expression and be keen on any change in the pattern of barking.
    The sensation felt from the collar should be just enough to distract the dog from barking.

    ● There is a brief moment ‘bark forgiveness’ which delays the collar activation, so you can expect that the response of the dog will not be immediate.
    ● The vibration or stimulation gradually increases (for each setting) as the dog continues to bark
    ● The response should only be subtle and not very obvious.

    4. If you do not notice any response from the dog after several minutes of using the collar, change the setting to one level higher.
    5. Allow your dog to bark again with new and higher setting. Keep an eye on his response, the way you did with the first level. Repeat step until you observe that the dog is responsive to the correction felt.
    INCREASE THE SETTING ONLY one level at a time.


    Once you have already found the appropriate setting, keep the Bark Collar on during the day or whenever you feel the dog is most likely to be barking excessively.
    We recommend removing the Bark Collar at night (or for at least several hours daily) to prevent skin irritation and to allow the dog to rest.

    Give your dog time to associate the vibration or stimulation with his/her barking.

    When the Bark Collar is properly set; most dogs will eventually figure out that the sensation/vibration is relative to his barking and he will soon realize that it stops when the barking stops as well. Some dogs learn this quickly; while others take some time.

    If your dog’s barking does not improve after a while; you need to adjust the settings to a level higher.

    If after a reasonable period with the collar the dog still continues to bark excessively; then the setting might be too low for your dog. You need to increase the setting to one level higher.

    This product is not intended for dogs with a history of aggressive behavior. If in doubt, consult a qualified professional before using this product.


    The Bark Counter is a feature that provides information on how often the collar was activated. This helps you track your dog’s progress especially if you were out for the day.
    To view the Bark Counter, Look at the led Status Light when you turn the Bark Collar “off”.

    To View the Bark-Counter
    • Turn the settings to ‘off’ position. Watch the LED Status Light as you turn the Bark Collar “off”.
    • As you turn ‘off’ the Bark Collar, the led Status Light will flash if it was since the last time you turned it ‘on’,
    • The number of flashes represents the number activations as described below.

    2 Flashes

    1-5 Activations

    3 Flashes

    6-10 Activations

    4 Flashes

    11-15 Activations

    5 Flashes

    15+ Activations

    • Turning ‘off’ the Bark Collar automatically resets the Bark-Counter.

    If the collar always indicates that it has been activated for a number of times (for the time period monitored), you probably need to adjust the Bark Collar setting one level higher.


    If the Bark Collar does not seem to be working or if does not show any sign of progress or improvement:
    • Check that the collar is turned on. Once the device is on, the LED Status Light should flash green. 

    If your dog is not responding to the Bark Collar or if dog still barks even while Bark Collar is on:
    • Make sure the collar fits well on your dog. (see: Fitting The Bark Collar, Pg. 7)
    • Tighten the collar strap if it is loose.
    • Adjust the position of the Bark Collar; it should be on the center of the dog’s neck.
    • Make sure the contact points should touch your dog’s neck.
    • Increase the Bark Collar setting. (see: Finding Appropriate Setting, Pg. 8)

    Colin's Review

    "The Dog Watch Mini Bark Collar is probably one of the most advanced Electric Bark Collars for small dogs I have come across so far. A choice of Vibration, Set Electronic levels or Progressive increase is great for all bark training needs. Have a look at the Bark Counter so you can adjust levels. Remember to only increase by 1 level at a time."

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