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  • Canicalm Ultrasonic and Vibration Bark CollarCanicalm Ultrasonic and Vibration Bark Collar
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    $85.95 //
    Product description:The Canicalm Sonic Bark Control Collar features both Ultrasonic and Vibration as a means of distracting your dog when they bark. With proper training, nuisance barking is the least of your problems. Get it here!

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    Canicalm Ultrasonic and Vibration Bark CollarCanicalm Ultrasonic and Vibration Bark CollarCanicalm Ultrasonic and Vibration Bark CollarCanicalm Ultrasonic and Vibration Bark Collar
    Canicalm Ultrasonic and Vibration Bark Collar

    Canicalm Ultrasonic and Vibration Bark Collar

    AU $85.95
    RRP AU $97.00 Save $11.05
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    Canicalm Sonic & Vibration Bark Collar

    The Canicalm Sonic & Vibration Bark Collar is carefully made for small and sensitive dogs with barking issues. This collar does not give stimulation to your dog but corrects your dog through ultrasonic sound and vibration. Its contact post is also designed to suit small dogs and sensitive dogs not to mention the adjustable vibration detection that you can adjust making your training effective and get quick results.

    Canicalm Ultrasonic and Vibration Bark Collar Review unboxing

    Canicalm Sonic & Vibration Bark Control Collar Features...

    • • 3 Modes of Stimulation for Sensitive Dogs
    • • Adjustable Bark Detection for Different Bark Volumes
    • • Collar Stimulation Activated through Dogs Vocal Cord Vibrations
    • • Easy Access to Power and Stimulation Selection via Magnetic Key
    • • Sound Notification for Low Battery
    • • Up to 12 weeks Battery Life
    • • Manufacturers Warranty of 2 Years

    What's in the Canicalm Sonic Package?

    • • Canicalm Sonic Bark Collar
    • • 1x Lithium Battery ( 3-V CR2450 )
    • • x1 Magnetic Key Tool
    • • ItContact Post to suit your Dog
    • • x1 Screwdriver
    • • Owner's Manual

    Detailed Descriptions of Canicalm Sonic's Features...

    Stimulation Modes Designed for Small and Sensitive Dogs

    If you have a small or sensitive dog where static stimulation is not necessary then Canicalm Sonic is what you need. The stimulation that your dog will receive will be either Vibration only, Ultrasounds only, or Vibration + Ultrasound this is just enough for small and sensitive dogs to stop being to focused at barking and let them learn that barking will be associated for them to be distracted.

    Customisable the Bark Detection for all Bark Levels

    This feature is perfect for you not to take away the bark from your dog but to teach him that nuissance barking is not allowed. With Canicalm Sonic you can adjust the sensitivity of the bark detection post to Low, Medium, High for more personalized training to your dog the way you want them to behave.

    Canicalm Sonic Activation through Vocal Cord Vibration

    With the Canicalm Sonic we detect and activate the stimulation from your dogs vocal cord vibration. This makes sure that the stimulation will be given at the right time depending on the sensitivity set on the collar making sure that you effectively train the dog to eliminate nuisance barking.

    Magnetic Key to Access Modes and Power Button

    This feature will give you peace of mind when it comes to the collars setting being changed accidentally or the collar being turned of by accident. With this Magnetic Key those accidents can be prevented because you can only change the modes and switch the collar on/off by using this key.

    Safety Shutdown to Prevent Over Stimulation

    The Canicalm Sonic will shutdown for 15 seconds before restarting by itself if the collar gets activated for 5 quick successions, this is to prevent too many stimulations that you dog will receive at a certain time for the training to be positive for your dog.

    Battery Life to Last up to 12 Weeks

    Battery life is very crucial in this device as it can assure you that Canicalm Sonic will be working properly. With its 1.3 V CR2450 Lithium Battery this device will last up to 90 days before replacment.

    2 Years Manufacturers Warranty

    We want to make sure that your Canicalm Sonic is free from factory defects that's why there is a 2yrs manufacturers warranty to make sure we got you covered.

    Unboxing the Canicalm Ultrasonic and Vibration Bark Collar Review




    Correction Modes

    Ultrasonic & Vibration

    Activation Mode


    Correction Levels

    3 Modes

    Water Resistant


    Dog Size

    Small to Medium


    52g (Battery Included)


    64 x 30 x 25 mm

    Strap Size

    17 - 55 cm

    Canicalm Sonic & Vibration Bark Collar Fact Sheet

    Canicalm Sonic & Vibration Bark Collar Fact Sheet

    3 Progressive Training Levels

    Adjustable Bark Detection Sensitivity

    Vocal Cord Vibration Activated

    Magnetic Key Access Stimulation Modes


    The Canicalm Ultrasonic and Vibration Bark control collar can be change into 3 stimulation levels in training your dog in reducing the nuisance barking. With your guidance and right selection of stimulations either be Vibration only, Ultrasonic sound only, or Vibration + Ultrasonic sound, it will surely be a successful training.


    Flexible bark sensitivity setting is a good feature that Num’axes Canicalm Sonic Bark control collar is offering. You can choose from low, medium or high bark sensitivity. Depend on the intensity level of training to match the character of your dog.


    The unique feature of Canicalm Ultrasonic Bark Collar is the vibration sensor activation. The device will only be activated by the barking of your dog and nothing else. You can be confident that no over correction will happen during the training of your dog.


    No accidental changes of settings or power on/off of this Sonic Bark Collar because you will need to use a magnetic key to access the control. To guarantee the safety of your beloved pets.


    We always think about the positive and safety training for your dogs, so the Canicalm Sonic will shut down for 15 seconds before restarting by itself if the collar gets activated for 5 quick successions.


    If used on a daily basis of 12 hours and with 24 triggers a day, it will last for 90 days. This battery uses power of 1.3 V CR2450 Lithium that is heavy duty and can last long. So it will be a great saving both for money and effort.


    The Canicalm Sonic Bark Collar strap has the length of 64cm and width of 20mm that is comfortable fit for the neck sizes from 17cm to 55cm that is safe to use for your pets that are hyper active.


    Sonic Anti Bark collar is covered by a 2 year warranty to guarantee best quality product for your dogs.

    Canicalm Sonic Bark Collar Manual

    Canicalm Sonic Bark Collar Manual

    Recommendation to achieve the best results

    The key factor to achieve best results in the product is through dog owners supervision.
    It is best to observe your dog while he is not used to the collar or until you are satisfied with the settings for your dog.
    Do not interfere with the collars stimulation when your dog barks. Let the dog learn that the stimulation is associated to its bark.
    As soon as your dog stops barking then you can praise the dog or offer treats in order for the dog to pick up that he will be rewarded for a good behavior.
    Check all causes of your dogs bark as it can be caused by behavioral problems.

    Battery Installation

    - Unscrew the battery cover with the supplied screwdriver.
    - Remove the battery cover.
    - Insert the Lithium Battery ( 3V CR2450 ) as indicated under the battery holder (See diagram 2).
    - A beep sound will indicate that the battery was properly inserted. Immediately remove the battery if no beep sound was emitted after installing the battery. Check the polarity before inserting the battery once again. If you still do not hear any beep sound, check the function by switching the collar on and off.
    - Insert the little pin at the bottom of the cover before placing the battery cover back. (See diagram 3).
    - Retighten moderately the 2 screws.

    Inserting the strap

    - slide the strap at the side of the case (See diagram 4)
    - put the slide buckle on the strap
    - fasten the quick-snap buckle to the free edge of the strap

    Switching On the collar

    In front of the collar place the magnetic key close to the white mark for about 1 second.
    If the collar has been switched on then a beep sound corresponding to the mode selected will be heard such as 1, 2 or 3 beeps.
    By factory default the collar mode is in mode 3 for Ultrasonic sound + Vibration.

    Switching Off the collar

    Put the magnetic key close to the white mark in the collar for 1 second.
    The collar has been switched off if you hear a long beep.

    Shifting modes

    By default, the collar is set to mode 3 ( vibration + ultrasonic sound )
    Place the magnetic key in the white mark in the collar until you select the desired mode.
    The collar will remain beeping from 1-3 beeps indicating the mode selection if you continue to place the magnetic key in the white mark
    Remove the magnetic key if you hear the beep of your desired stimulation.
    The collar automatically memorizes the mode selected even if the collar is switched off or on.

    Number of beep sounds heard when switching modes



    ultrasounds only



    vibrations only



    ultrasounds + vibrations

    Bark detection sensitivity

    Changing the bark detection sensitivity makes sure that the bark is being recognized and prevents unwanted detection. By default the bark detection is set to maximum so make sure that the sensitivity is enough but not too sensitive.

    To adjust the detection sensitivity to the barking strength of your dog, you should proceed as follows:
    - Remove the 2 screws from the battery cover with a screwdriver.
    - Remove the battery cover.
    - Carefully turn the setting screw according to the sensitivity you desire (See. Diagram 5)
    Caution: the adjustment system has a stop for the minimum sensitivity and a stop for the maximum sensitivity. Turn carefully and without forcing with the supplied screwdriver.
    - Put the battery cover back in place taking care to insert first the little pin at the bottom of the battery cover (See diagram 3).
    - Retighten moderately the 2 screws.

    Battery maintenance

    NUM’AXES strongly recommends use of the same kind and same brand of batteries as those included in your new purchased product. Other brands of batteries may not be compatible with the product and may not work properly.
    You can contact NUM’AXES to purchase the same kind of batteries or seek from your local distributor.

    If the battery is weak to function then a beep sound will be emitted.It is specified in 2 ways :
    - When powering the collar on: a series of close beep sounds + number of beeps are indicative of whatever operating mode the device is set up with.
    - When powering the collar off: a series of close beep sounds is emitted
    When the battery is too weak, the product automatically switches to safety mode where it is out of good use.
    When used during training, which the device is used more and for longer period of time, the first battery may have a shorter life than that of the replacement ones.
    To replace the battery do the following steps:
    - By means of a screwdriver, remove the 2 screws from the battery cover.
    - Remove the battery cover.
    - Take out the dry battery by using the supplied magnet (magnetic key) or by tapping briefly to lose it in place for easy removal.
    - Insert the new battery (See § Fitting the battery).

    Changing the sensor

    There is the long and short bark sensors included in the package. It is designed to achieve a firm fit on your dogs neck to have enough contact with the skin for it to work correctly.
    For example you were using the short sensor and you are to use it on a long haired dog or any other circumstances that it is not enough to reach the neck, simply remove it and switch with the long one provided in the kit.
    When changing the sensor, avoid pressing on the threaded rod, it could result to damaging the components underneath. A fair manual screwing is enough (do not use any key). If you screw the sensor too much, bark detection is likely to be inefficient.

    Putting the collar to your dog

    To achieve the best result from the collar the strap should be adjusted for the sensor to touch the dogs skin.
    - When it is too loose, the collar will not operate properly and may cause skin irritation due to repeated rubbing when moving around the dog’s neck.
    - When it is too tight, the dog may choke and have difficulties in breathing.

    Checking the device if it works

    - Turn the collar on (set collar on mode 3 and begin by checking operation of ultrasounds and vibrations).
    - On a rough surface, slowly rub the sensor over (change the detection sensitivity if necessary).
    - Make sure the collar emits ultrasounds and/or vibrations (according to the chosen configuration)

    IMPORTANT: after being activated 5 times in quick succession, the collar will automatically go into safety mode for 15 seconds, before restarting itself normally.

    User’s precautions

    - The collar should only be used on dogs over 6 months old.
    - Before using the collar, it is important to have your dog checked by your vet to ensure that a bark limiter is safe for your dog.
    - The collar is water resistant but not waterproof.
    - To avoid accidental triggering, the dog should not wear a medal, metallic collar, or any other kind of collar together with the bark limiter collar.
    - Battery removal is advised when not in use for a long period of time. Never leave a discharged battery in the collar.
    - Keep the collar out of reach of children.

    Colin's Review

    "You get more here... vibration at the same time as sonic - You can switch to Sonic bark collar only OR Vibration Bark Collar only. The adjustable sensitivity means you can change the vibration detection to reduce the number of times it may activate."

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