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  • Canicalm Premium Anti Bark CollarCanicalm Premium Anti Bark Collar
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    $150.00 //
    Product description:Get a premium dog bark collar at an affordable price. With state of the art features packed into a small package, the Canicalm Premium will help you train your dog's nuisance barking.

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    Canicalm Premium Anti Bark CollarCanicalm Premium Anti Bark CollarCanicalm Premium Anti Bark CollarCanicalm Premium Anti Bark Collar
    Canicalm Premium Anti Bark Collar
    Canicalm Premium Anti Bark Collar

    Canicalm Premium Anti Bark Collar

    AU $150.00
    RRP AU $160.00 Save $10.00
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    Canicalm Premium Dog Bark Collar

    Canicalm Premium is engineered for durability and performance. The Canicalm Premium is completely waterproof so it's ok if your dog plays when its raining outside or jumps into the kiddie pool. Accuracy is what separates the collar because you can change the sensitivity of the vibration receiver for you to let your dogs know when it is allowed to bark.

    Why the Canicalm Premium Bark Collar?

    • • 4 Adjustable Stimulation Modes for Easy Training
    • • 3 Bark Sensitivities for any Bark Level
    • • Fully Waterproof for Safety
    • • Safety Shutdown Feature to Prevent Excessive Stimulation
    • • Long Lasting Replaceable Lithium Battery
    • • 3 Way Clasp for Quick Release
    • • Completely Adjustable Neck Strap

    What comes with the Canicalm Premium?

    • • Canicalm Premium Waterproof Anti-Bark Collar
    • • Adjustable Nylon Neck Strap
    • • 1x 3V CR2 Lithium Battery
    • • 1x Test Bulb
    • • Long and Short Contact Posts
    • • 1x Screwdriver
    • • Owner's Manual

    Canicalm Premium Anti Bark Collar Detailed Features

    Adjustable Corrections to Suit your Dog

    canicalm premium stimulation levels

    Canicalm Premium offers a feature that will let you choose the correction that your dog will receive for the training to be effective, from Beep only to Beep + Low, Strong, Stubborn you will be assured that your dog will respond to stop nuisance barking.

    3 Bark Sensitivity Settings for any Bark Level

    From Low, Medium, High, you can adjust the contact post sensitivity to meet the personality of your dog so you can control what barks to allow for more advanced training.

    Waterproof Anti-Bark Collar for Versatility

    This collar is best for indoor, outdoor or working dogs because this collar is completely waterproof whether you are training in the field or your dog is outdoors you don't have to worry about water accidents at all.

    Safety Shutdown Feature

    The safety feature of this collar will activate after being activated by barks 5 times in quick succession. The collar will shut down for 15 seconds before it restarts by itself.

    Fully Replaceable 3V Battery

    The battery on the Canicalm Premium Bark Collar lasts long so you won't need to get extra ones every week. It's fully replaceable so you won't need to stop training as long as you have a spare battery on hand.

    Adjustable Nylon Collar Strap for Comfort

    The inlcued Nylon Collar Strap is fully adjustable so your dog can wear the Canicalm Premium Bark Collar with comfort. With 55cm of collar strap, this is best suited for Medium to Large Dogs




    Correction Modes

    Beep , Static

    Activation Mode


    Correction Levels

    4 Stimulation, 3 Bark Sensitivity



    Dog Size

    Meduim - Large


    70g (Battery Included)


    58 x 41 x 34.5 mm

    Strap Size


    Canicalm Premium Dog Bark Collar Fact Sheet

    Canicalm Premium Dog Bark Collar Fact Sheet

    4 Progressive Stimulation Levels

    Versatile Bark Sensitivity

    Whole Waterproof Collar

    Vibration Activated – Your Dog’s Bark Only


    The Canicalm Premium has 4 adjustable stimulation levels in training your dog in successfully diminishing nuisance barking. Even a headstrong dog will comply with these levels of stimulations: Beep only, Beep + Light, Beep + strong and Beep + Progressive static stimulations.


    Num’axes Canicalm Premium Bark Collar has flexible bark sensitivity setting where you can choose from low, medium or high, depending on the level of the training and to match the character of your dog.


    The unique feature of Canicalm Premium Bark Collar is the vibration sensor activation. The device will only be activated only on the barking of your dog and nothing else. You can be confident that no false correction will be given to your dog while on training.


    Whether you are training your dog indoor or outdoor, you are worry free because Canicalm Premium Bark Collar is fully waterproof. Air-tight sealed case for no single drop of water to damage this bark collar.


    The safety of your dogs is always our priority in our products. With Canicalm Premium, if the bark collar is being activated in 5 quick successions; the system will go into safety mode for 15 seconds and will restart automatically. This will guarantee you that no over correction on the training to our beloved pets.


    It will surely save you money and time to look for new batteries, because the first battery provided by Num’axes can last up to 3 months. The product is powered with 1 3-V CR2 Lithium battery


    NUM’AXES Canicalm Premium Anti Bark Collar has adjustable NYLON STRAP with the length of 64cm and width of 25mm that is perfect fit for neck sizes from 22cm to 55cm. This is comfortable yet safe to use for your dogs because of the easy, 3-way clasp for quick release of the strap.


    NUM’AXES Canicalm Premium Anti Bark is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for 2 years.

    Canicalm Premium Dog Bark Collar Manual

    Canicalm Premium Dog Bark Collar Manual

    Important safety and product information

    • This device should be strictly supervised if to be used by children 8 an up or people with sensory or mentally disabled. Maintenance and care should be done by adults.
    • Have your dog checked by a vet ensure that your dog is fit to use this collar.
    • Dogs with heart condition, epilepsy or agressive dogs should not use this collar.
    • Check you dogs neck for any irritation due to rubbing of the contact posts against the skin, remove the collar until irritations are gone.
    • Puppies 6 months and above that has basic training can start using this collar.
    • Start with the lowest level of stimulation and slowly increasing the stimulation to check which level your dog reacts to.
    • Seek advice from dog trainers or vets if necessary.

    Recommendations to achieve best results

    Best results are achieved through owners participation.

    Make sure that the settings on the collar is personalized to your dog and observe your dog while he is still not used to the collar or until you are satisfied with the collar settings.
    Do not interfere with the collars stimulation when your dog barks. Let the dog learn that the stimulation is associated to its bark. Offer treats or praise the dog as soon as he stops barking for them to learn that they will be rewarded for doing a good behavior.

    This collar will let you correct your dogs nuisance barking but also keep in mind that behavioral problems also cause your dog to bark.

    Turning On the collar

    - From the battery cover unscrew the 4 screws using the supplied screwdriver.
    - Take out the battery cover.
    - Check the battery housing for the polarity of the battery before placing the lithuim battery (3v cr2).
    - A beep sound will indicate that the battery was properly inserted. Immediately remove the battery if no beep sound was heard after installing the battery. Check the polarity before inserting the battery once again. Switch the collar on/off if there is still no beeping sound heard.
    - Return the battery cover.
    - Firmly screw the 4 screws back.

    Turning off the collar

    Uninstall the battery from the unit to switch the collar off.

    Switching modes

    By default the collars mode is set to mode 2 ( beep + light stimulation ).
    The battery must be ready for use before changing the mode.
    Remove the battery cover and look for the button to change the mode. Refer to the illustration above.
    Using the supplied screwdriver or any pointed object press the button to change the mode.
    Beep sounds from 1-4 will be heard representing the selected mode, keep pressing the button to go through the modes.
    When you selected your mode release the button.
    This collar automatically memorizes the mode selected even if you turn the collar off.

    The chart below indicates how the collar operates according to the mode you have selected:

    Number of sound beeps when switching modes





    Beep sounds only



    Beep sounds + light stimulations



    Beep sounds + strong stimulations



    Beep sounds + increasing stimulations

    Setting the barking detection sensitivity

    Setting the barking detection sensitivity is a very important operation to start with. In fact, this setting determines the accuracy of the product.
    It ensures detection of any barking but helps avoids unwanted detection. The detection must therefore be sufficiently sensitive but not overly sensitive.
    In the factory, detection sensitivity is set on the medium position (medium sensitivity).

    To adapt the detection sensitivity to the barking strength of your dog, you should proceed as follows:
    - Remove the 4 screws from the battery cover.
    - Remove the battery cover.
    - Carefully turn the setting screw according to the sensitivity you wish (See. Diagram 1 and 2)
    Caution: the adjustment system has a stop for the minimum sensitivity and a stop for the maximum sensitivity. Turn delicately and without forcing with the supplied screwdriver.
    - Replace the battery cover.
    - Retighten moderately the 4 screws.

    Checking/Replacing battery

    To check the condition of the battery, you have to press the button to change the operating mode. If the collar emits a continuous beep when you press the button, the battery is weak. Prepare to replace it. When the battery is too weak, the product works under safety mode, which means that it is out of use.

    Battery replacement requires a new and the same type of battery (3 volts CR 2 lithium battery). Follow the following steps:
    - Remove the 4 screws from the battery cover.
    - Remove the battery cover.
    - Take out the old battery.
    - Insert the new battery making sure that it is placed correctly following the polarity indicated on the battery housing (See Diagram 1). Once beep sounds are heard coming from the collar it is ready for use. If you do not hear any beep sound after battery insertion, take it out and check the polarity again before placing it back in.
    - Replace the battery cover.
    - Moderately retighten the 4 screws.

    NUM’AXES strongly recommends use of the same kind and same brand of batteries as those included in your new purchased product. Other brands of batteries may not be compatible with the product and may not work properly.
    You can contact NUM’AXES to purchase the same kind of batteries or seek from your local distributor.

    NB: Due to greater use during your dog’s training, your first battery may not last as long as replacement batteries.

    Changing the contact posts

    There is the long and short bark sensors included in the package. It is designed to achieve a firm fit on your dogs neck to have enough contact with the skin for it to work correctly.
    For example you were using the short sensor and you are to use it on a long haired dog or any other circumstances that it is not enough to reach the neck, simply remove it and switch with the long one provided in the kit.
    When changing the sensor, avoid pressing on the threaded rod, it could result to damaging the components underneath. A fair manual screwing is enough (do not use any key). If you screw the sensor too much, bark detection is likely to be inefficient.

    Fitting the collar

    The strap should be fitted appropriately so that the contact points come right into contact with the dog’s skin to ensure good barking recognition.
    - If the strap is too loose, the collar will not work properly. Moreover, it might move around the dog’s neck and repetitive rubbing of the contact points on the skin can cause irritation.
    - If the strap is too tight, the dog will have breathing difficulties.
    The strap is properly adjusted when you can insert two fingers between the strap and your dog’s neck.

    Making sure that the device works properly

    - Prior to checking, make sure that the collar is turned off (battery removed from its unit).
    - Place each wire of the neon test lamp between each contact points (unscrewing them lightly and the retightening them so as to pinch the test lamp wires).
    - Switch the collar on (turn the collar on mode 2, 3 or 4, as to be able to check the operation of beep sounds and stimulations).
    - Make a streaked object (ex: knife with teeth with sleeve out-of-the-way) slide on one of the contact points (Change the detection sensitivity if needed).
    - The collar will emit beep sounds and the test lamp will light (on mode 1, the test lamp will not light).

    IMPORTANT : after being activated 5 times in quick succession, the collar will automatically go into safety mode for 15 seconds, before restarting itself normally.

    Cautions for use

    - The collar is waterproof.
    - To avoid unintentional triggering, the dog should not have a medal, metallic collar, or any other kind of collar worn together with the bark limiter collar.
    - If the collar is not to be used for a long period of time, it is recommended to remove the battery.
    - Never leave a discharged battery in the collar.

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