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    Dogtra IQ No Bark CollarDogtra IQ No Bark CollarDogtra IQ No Bark CollarDogtra IQ No Bark Collar
    Dogtra IQ No Bark Collar
    Dogtra IQ No Bark Collar

    Dogtra IQ No Bark Collar

    AU $147.00

    RRP AU $190.00 Save $43.00

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    Dogtra IQ No Bark Collar

    The Dogtra IQ Anti Bark Collar is designed to be used on dogs from 4kgs. It features 10 user-selected stimulation levels for flexibility and a vibration only level for easier training. The learning vibration system uses vibration stimulation as a warning before a vibra stimulation is delivered which teaches your dog to stop barking when it vibrates. This also allows the vibration only setting to be used for dogs that have been trained successfully. It uses conductive plastic posts as the contact points which decrease the chance of skin irritation from prolonged use but it doesn’t mean you can leave it on your dog for days.

    Dogtra Bark Collar Features

    • • 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
    • • Best for Dogs from 4kgs
    • • Completely Waterproof & Submersible
    • • Plastic Contact Posts
    • • Learning Vibration System
    • • 10 Programmable Stimulation Settings
    • • Vibration Only Setting
    • • Detachable & Adjustable Collar Strap
    • • Sleep Mode to Save Battery
    • • Uses 2x CR2032 Batteries

    What’s included in the package?

    • • Dogtra IQ No Bark Collar
    • • Adjustable Collar Strap
    • • 2x CR2032 Batteries
    • • Owner’s Manual
    • • Step by Step Training Guide

    In depth with the Dogtra IQ...


    The Dogtra IQ No Bark Collar is a high quality collar covered by a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.


    The Dogtra anti bark collar is built to be completely waterproof and submersible so you can keep training your dog while on the beach or if your dog likes to take a swim in the pool once in a while.


    The plastic contact posts on the Dogtra IQ No Bark Collar are conductive. This decreases the chance of skin irritation when left on for extended periods of time. Despite that feature, the collar must still be taken off after 8 hours of use.


    The collar features 10 user selected static pulse stimulation settings for flexibility. It also features a vibration only mode best for training and for dogs that have been successful with eliminating their nuisance barking habits. The learning vibration system is a feature where the collar vibrates before each static stimulation to help train the dog.


    The included collar strap is completely adjustable and detachable. Changing out the batteries or cleaning the unit is much easier with the strap off.


    The Dogtra IQ No Bark Collar uses 2 CR2032 button batteries. It features a sleep mode that saves battery when not in use.





    Correction Modes

    Static & Vibration

    Activation Mode


    Correction Levels

    10 Static & Vibration Only



    Dog Size

    Small to Medium from 4kg

    Strap Size

    20cm - 50cm

    External Controls



    2 3v CR2032 Lithium

    Battery Status Indicator


    Bark Collar Weight


    Progressive Correction


    Collar Strap Material



    35mm x 25mm x 50mm

    Dogtra IQ No Bark Bark Control Collar

    Dogtra IQ No Bark
Bark Control Collar Fact Sheet

    With Plastic Contact Posts

    10 User-Selected Static Stimulation Levels

    Learning Vibration System

    Vibration Only Stimulation

    Plastic Contact Posts

    Reduce the chance of skin irritation with the conductive plastic contact posts on the Dogtra IQ No Bark Collar.

    10 Programmable Static Stimulation Levels

    The Dogtra IQ No Bark Collar features 10 static stimulation levels that you can choose from to suit your dog’s personality and temperament.

    Vibration Only Setting

    For dogs that are just starting out to use the collar or for dogs that have been fully trained and doesn’t require static stimulations any more, a vibration only option is also included.

    Learning Vibration System

    The Learning Vibration System activates a vibration stimulation before each static stimulation so you can gradually stop using static stimulations to train your dog.

    Completely Waterproof & Submersible

    Some dogs hate water but for the dogs that love it, the Dogtra IQ No Bark Collar allows you to continue training even if your dog decides to splash around in puddles and play under the rain without causing water damage to the bark collar.

    Uses CR2032 Button Type Batteries

    The Dogtra IQ No Bark Collar uses CR2032 Button Type Batteries. They are easily replaceable so you won’t lose time while training when your battery runs low.

    Sleep Mode to Save Battery

    When not in use, a Sleep Mode is activated to save your battery life. This will save you from getting extra batteries often.

    Designed for Small to Medium Dogs from 4kgs

    The Dogtra IQ No Bark Collar is designed to be used on tiny to medium sized dogs from 4kg and up.

    Dogtra iQ No Bark Collar Manual

    Dogtra IQ No Bark Collar Owner's Manual

    Steps to use the on and off and Intensity

    - The On/Off and intensity on the barking collar is used to switch the iQ No Bark Collar on and off, to pick out the intensity level and to test the no bark collar.
    - Set the On/Off and Intensity Dial to off, to switch off the iQ No Bark Collar.
    - When the dial is set on a pager mode (P), the dogtra no bark collar will only vibrate.
    - Level (1) is the lowest level of stimulation, while level (10) is the highest. On each respective level, a vibration is followed by the stimulation.
    - Set the On/Off and Intensity Dial when testing the Dogtra iQ No Bark Collar.


    In using the iQ No Bark Collar by dogtra, it is recommended to start with the lowest level. If the dog continues to bark, slowly increase the intensity level. Monitor the reaction of your dog to find the proper stimulation level.

    LED battery life indicator

    The LED indicator will flash for 1 second when the iQ No Bark Collar has been turned on, and every 2 seconds afterwards. If your dog does not bark for over 10 seconds, the LED indicator will automatically turn off and the iQ No Bark Collar will turn off and the dogtra iQ No Bark Collar will go into sleep mode to save battery life. It will reactivate when your dog barks and a vibration/correction needs to be made.

    Operation modes for no barking collar

    1. Non – stimulating Pager vibration mode
    - Turn the intensity dial to P.
    - When your dog barks, the iQ No Bark Collar will vibrate twice

    2. Stimulation modes 1-10
    - Stimulation levels from 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest level and 10 being the highest level.
    - When the iQ No Bark Collar is activated by the dog’s bark for the first time, the dogtra no bark collar unit will give a warning non- stimulating vibration followed by a correction at the specific level it is set on.
    - The iQ no bark collar has a preset delay of 15 seconds in – between corrections. Once the unit activates, it Will NOT activate again until 15 seconds has gone by. (The unit will reset to the warning non – stimulating vibration after 17 seconds of a correction if the dog does not bark.)


    - Turn the On/Off and Instensity Dial to (T), for the test mode. The LED indicator will flash once, and after 2 seconds it will continue flashing every 2 seconds
    - Activate the collar by making sounds directly into the mic. The unit should now vibrate twice. After waiting 15 seconds, repeat the test once more to verify that is fully functional.
    *The sensor may be sensitive enough when on a test mode, that it may activate easily by a quiet sound or tap.


    1. Insert the body of the iQ No Bark Collar into the barking collar strap with the On/Off Intensity Dial going in first.
    2. Pull the dogtra no bark collar strap from the opposite side of the on/off intensity dial over the rest of the body.
    3. Ensure that the barking dog collar strap is fully wrapped around the body of the Dogtra iQ No Bark Collar.
    * For video instructions on attaching the collar strap, please check the Video tab.


    - Unscrew the battery cover counterclockwise using a coin.
    - Insert the two batteries with the plus sides facing out.
    - Check to make sure that the rubber gasket is in place and scew in the battery cover clockwise.

    *When the batteries are not correctly placed, the LED indicator light may turn on, but the unit is no going to operate properly.


    A proper fit is necessary for the dogtra iQ No Bark Collar to work excellently. Both contact points must be in contact with your dog’s skin at all times for a consistent stimulation. A loose fitting collar can cause the contact points to rub against the skin and cause irritation.


    1. When is the advisable time to replace the batteries on my Dogtra iQ No Bark Collar?
    - If the unit is no longer activating or the LED indicator doesn’t turn on, the batteries may need to be replaced. Overall battery life will be dependent on usage. With the iQ No Bark Collar activating around 10 times a day, the battery will have an average life of about 2 weeks.
    - When cleaning the Dogtra iQ No Bark Collar, make sure the battery cover is tightly closed. Wipe down the unit with a damp cloth and some alcohol. Make sure the unit has dried of completely before use.

    2. My dog is not reacting to the Dogtra iQ No Bark Collar
    - Check the LED indicator light to see that the iQ No Bark Collar has enough battery life.
    - Tighten the collar strap around your dog’s neck if it is too loose and make sure the contact points are held firmly against the dog’s skin.
    - If your dog has a thick or long coat, you may need to trim the hair on your dog’s neck, so that both contact points are touching the dog’s skin.
    - The intensity level may be too low for your dog, Increase the stimulation, starting from the lowest level, until your dog responds, usually by a neck movement, head shaking, or looking over the shoulders. The response may be very subtle.

    3. My dog has a skin irritation
    -This may be due to an improper fit of leaving the collar in the same location for an extended period of time. If your dog exhibits signs of skin irritation, consult with the veterinarian.
    - Once the dog’s skin returns to a normal condition, continue to use the collar to check your dog’s neck each time you use the dogtra iQ No Bark Collar unit.

    Colin's Review

    "Designed to be a good fit with smooth contact points moulded to fit very nicely - we've not had a lot of experience with this one and the pre-corrction vibration has yet to prove itself to me as effective."

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